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  1. My jaw hit the ground when i seen these pictures!! Awesome blade!
  2. That would be a great burner but you could build one for half that price. The only problem you have with building one is having to make sure the orfice (hole) has to be centered and pointing straight down the tube.
  3. Did you join this forum just to post your accusations against Niko? I see you just joined and the first thing you post is these rude comments! We are a different kind of forum here from what it looks like to me is you came straight from one of those fourwheeler forums or mechanic forums that people belittle other people because it makes them feel smarter or better than others. Hopefully this is all we have to listen to!
  4. Look in the bottom right in the side of the mountain. There is a few guys working a mine!!! Really cool Geoff thanks for sharing.
  5. https://m.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=18505996&KPID=14939044&cid=CAPLA:G:Shopping_-_Weed_Control_Products1&pla=pla_14939044&k_clickid=f6f9c1d1-caf9-4fa2-85f7-ac8d904e3755&gclid=CjwKCAiA6qPRBRAkEiwAGw4SdsIMHehWAAtfOxh1YND57az8KQK38FzhtfIWi_fRjNI8oovZ3M2zVBoC63cQAvD_BwE This was the weed burner i was looking for. Something like this would work better than the small torch. Not as hardcore as most of the weed burners but it is kinda expensive. Bud-K carried them at one point. I just won a couple torches on an online auction tonight i have to pick them up at
  6. We have been off topic for a while before you came in lol but we are trying to help him in the process.
  7. Good thing im not a full time mechanic! I hate working on cars especially newer ones. Like today a simple fuel pump turned into a nightmare because one line wanted to be a pain in the...
  8. They don't make them like they used to. What was wrong with the mechanical pumps on the side of the block? Oh yeah they can't be hooked up to a computer!
  9. Yes sir the wife's is a 2001 yukon w/5.3L and mine is a 1994 suburban w/7.4L. I had to do the fuel pump on by brothers 2001 k1500 last year and his ended up being a wiring issue to. Gotta love chevy. Still better than the chrysler pacifica my wife just got rid of. That thing was a death trap that looked really nice. Didn't quite get the fuel pump finished so the burner will have to wait another day
  10. I had to do a fuel pump on my truck last year. I was pushing my truck in the shop as the first snow was falling and now my wife's car had some major rust issue with the frame not a spot of rust on the body though .So about 2 weeks ago I bought her a new truck (had to rob money from my Nimba anvil fund ) and and now right before snow fall the fuel pump goes out on this truck. If it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at all!!!
  11. I have an entire pallet of wool if you need some to finish up send me a PM and we can work something out. Your only 40 miles away from where I'm located
  12. This is posted in the history section of the forum and yes it is a must watch video.
  13. I will have the burner done tomorrow. My wife's truck broke down so now instead of playing bladesmith I get to play mechanic. Why dose everything have to break just before the first real snow fall?
  14. It's a simple knee surgery so it shouldn't be bad. The bad one is his back. That's coming the beginning of the year. And my back surgery is going to be next year sometime. For now they wanna keep doing epidural steroid injections
  15. I will finish the burner on Thursday. I would do it tomorrow but I have to take my father in for surgery so it will have to be thursday. After it is all finished I will post a how to in the beginners place.
  16. So i built the body of the mini forge now i have to figure out how to post a picture from the phone. If i cant i will get to a computer later.
  17. My wife's phone dose the same. I don't have a phone or any other means of internet access hence the reason im on here kinda on and off. And i would post more pictures but i cant from the phone.
  18. Same here its nice in the sense you can make your own charcoal and you can have isolated heat and heat up just sections of a workpiece for upsetting and things like that but the convenience of being able to walk out and light the forge in the blink of an eye is awesome to have at your disposal.
  19. Even if i only help chris it will be worth it! I will post pictures here and im going to start a new topic under beginners place so it will be easier to find for other beginners or simply someone who wants a gas forge to compliment there coal forge.
  20. I think just for shits and giggles tomorrow im going to make a mini burner and mini forge just because i have all the materials needed and i can post a step by step how to.
  21. I didnt know about this kit i found a picture of something similar and copied it. It might have been this picture that i seen.
  22. I build my burners for around 20 bucks and now i have all kinds of brass and iron fittings that i won on an online auction so its just getting cheaper. As for a regulator the small burner i built used a normal house regulator pre set at 5psi. I have also won welding regulators on an online auction for anywhere between $3 and $15
  23. This is the exact same burner set up that i use works great and if you choose to you can add a blower on it, works like a charm!!!
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