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  1. The way you grow up and the way you are taught has a lot to do with it. My dad always said if you have to borrow a tool more than one time you better go and buy one.
  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gear_Acquisition_Syndrome I figured this fit in the same category!
  3. The point is sticking out over the edge because the tip needed some shaping after that is done it gets moved back so the full blade is supported and the tip is not sticking over the edge. I probably should have taken pictures of it sitting back a little bit.
  4. I was working in our garage instead of the shop just because it is a little warmer up there when im not running the forge and i needed a simple file jig set up and this is what i came up with. The wood is a piece of black locust bit im sure any good hard wood would work. It has to be able to be compressed without damaging the wood to badly. And a vise like mine can be found for a fair price. I hate to say it but harbor freight has one also for around $70 mine is a lot better than harbor freights. https://www.toolfetch.com/hit-tools-14-v50sh-5-rotary-bench-vise-360-deg-swivel-with-scale.ht
  5. This is what i got at walmart today. Yoga blocks are $3 a piece and the ground cushion was $4.5 the yoga block is a lot stiffer than the cushion. We will see if they work. Will they hold up to 300°f.
  6. I picked this up at auction for like $29 or something like that.
  7. I agree with sam i wouldn't use them on hot steel. Sam you wouldn't happen to know of any videos of a set of these bad boy's in use? I will stick to using my crappy hammer and my hardie hot cut.
  8. https://www.anvilfire.com/FAQs/gloss_content.htm
  9. acquisititus ac· quiz' i · t ¯ i' tis, a. An obsessive need to acquire everything associated with one field of interest. Particularly afflicting Blacksmiths, Computer Geeks and other tool, hardware and software collectors. Origin, JOSHGREENWOOD, one of the first to recognize the symptoms in himself. JOCK DEMPSEY - March 27, 1987 Dose anybody else suffer from this debilitating disorder?
  10. I say its all on one!! By the looks of his website he should be able to take all the beating we can throw at him!
  11. As long as were on the same team she will be on your team. She stays pretty close to her daddy. Hell she spends more time in the shop with me than the boys do.
  12. I know you probably don't want to but i wanna see what gibberish this maniac has to say. Can you post up a link?
  13. Us michiganders can be very uncivilized when facing ninjas like you guys. We turn into barbarians like Conan. From what i hear his foam sword was better than foam Excalibur and any foam samurai sword ever made in China! Where is this fluffy fella?
  14. I might start a topic of building my addition. I thought it would be boring and its been kinda a slow process but i think i will share then everyone will have an idea of how it will be set up and i can have some input from some very experienced smiths helping with ideas of how, why, and where things should be and there reasonings behind there ideas.
  15. What is the stuff you can buy at walmart made with? A little bit of everything maybe?
  16. My first fully finished knife was made with black locust handle and steel tig welding rod for pins and so far it is holding tight with no shrinkage it was very bulky and hard to shape with the steel pins but none the less is a very functional recurve bowie. I have not stabilized any wood it is something i have plans on doing once my addition on the shop is finished and i have a workspace of my own to work in. I have acquired so many tools and benches, saws, compressors and everything else i could get my hand on in the last year I have completely ran out of room because i have to share
  17. Im sure i can try it first. He is a good old guy and he doesn't have to lift a finger other than to grab some cash. We are doing all the work and what im getting is just left over we already cut. He was going to try to sell it for fire wood but he doesn't wanna cut it up for one and for 2 it has a lot of thorns and for 3 he is to busy drinking beer.
  18. I have a very reliable source of cheap black locust tops and some decent sized chunks for cheap. I was wondering if it would make good charcoal? I know it is very hard and is capable of making some good axe handles if you can find some straight pieces, it tends to grow crooked especial the ones that grow out on there own. When they are in a small forest of them they have a better chance of having some good straight pieces. But in this case all the good straight pieces have been taken and im left with the opportunity to buy what's left. Is it worth it? We have not came to a price yet but if its
  19. What's next lol...this is starting to get interesting
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