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  1. I know you probably don't want to but i wanna see what gibberish this maniac has to say. Can you post up a link?
  2. Us michiganders can be very uncivilized when facing ninjas like you guys. We turn into barbarians like Conan. From what i hear his foam sword was better than foam Excalibur and any foam samurai sword ever made in China! Where is this fluffy fella?
  3. I might start a topic of building my addition. I thought it would be boring and its been kinda a slow process but i think i will share then everyone will have an idea of how it will be set up and i can have some input from some very experienced smiths helping with ideas of how, why, and where things should be and there reasonings behind there ideas.
  4. What is the stuff you can buy at walmart made with? A little bit of everything maybe?
  5. My first fully finished knife was made with black locust handle and steel tig welding rod for pins and so far it is holding tight with no shrinkage it was very bulky and hard to shape with the steel pins but none the less is a very functional recurve bowie. I have not stabilized any wood it is something i have plans on doing once my addition on the shop is finished and i have a workspace of my own to work in. I have acquired so many tools and benches, saws, compressors and everything else i could get my hand on in the last year I have completely ran out of room because i have to share
  6. Im sure i can try it first. He is a good old guy and he doesn't have to lift a finger other than to grab some cash. We are doing all the work and what im getting is just left over we already cut. He was going to try to sell it for fire wood but he doesn't wanna cut it up for one and for 2 it has a lot of thorns and for 3 he is to busy drinking beer.
  7. I have a very reliable source of cheap black locust tops and some decent sized chunks for cheap. I was wondering if it would make good charcoal? I know it is very hard and is capable of making some good axe handles if you can find some straight pieces, it tends to grow crooked especial the ones that grow out on there own. When they are in a small forest of them they have a better chance of having some good straight pieces. But in this case all the good straight pieces have been taken and im left with the opportunity to buy what's left. Is it worth it? We have not came to a price yet but if its
  8. What's next lol...this is starting to get interesting
  9. I never would have thought to try, thanks again Geoff for some very useful information.
  10. It always means more when it was made for you instead of bought for you. I think he will like it!
  11. I upset some times when forging a drop point hunter or something similar to get some depth into the belly of the blade but if the stock has been drawn too thin it just bends. And it is something that needs to be done in a coal forge. A propane forge tends to heat the whole workpiece where a coal forge you can heat up sections of the blade.
  12. I've tried to find a video of someone using a set of these but i have had no luck.
  13. http://wheretofindrocks.com/collecting-copper-in-michigan/ Here is a link for a how to find copper in the upper peninsula. They have copper mine tours up there for anyone interested. The largest copper boulder found in the UP is 3,708 known as the Ontonagon boulder. There's a cool story that goes with it too. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ontonagon_Boulder
  14. Im about 7 miles from the silver lake sand dunes. Big tourist attraction but when you live here its just a big sand pit lol. The only thing i like about the dunes is hunting. I cant wait to go to north manitou. I've been planning for a few years and now this next summer im going to explore the island and camp for a couple days to make sure when i do go i am fully prepared for any kind of scenario i can think of. But i know when i get there i will have forgotten something! lol. Another trip i am planning and taking the kids with is going to the UP (upper peninsula) in search of copper nuggets i
  15. Thank you all for the responses i will look around for some of these items and give this kydex a shot.
  16. North Manitou island is awesome also. Next year i am heading to North Manitou Island for their annual deer hunt. 10 day hunt with no way back to the mainland. You have to bring everything you will need for the 10 days and you are limited to a 1 or 2 wheel hand cart. No bag limit and the deer you shoot doesn't affect your tags on the mainland. Do you live in michigan?
  17. Something like a pexto plate mounted in a bench?
  18. Picked these up at auction for $12 the picture doesn't do them justice. These things are huge!!!
  19. I think I have a few of these laying around the house. I know I have the tree stand mat but that's being used in the tree stand at the the moment
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