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  1. I was thinking it looked like the hood of a truck.
  2. We also did a lot of grinding on titanium and the dust from titanium is a lot more combustible than steel so they wanted the downdraft table because it sucked all the dust into a water basin under the table and has its own self contained dust collection system.
  3. I have a $150 3m full face mask and i can still smell some of the grinding. I worked at a shop that had a down draft table like these https://maxcleanair.com/collections/downdraft-tables We didn't even need to wear masks but i still did. The owners son didn't though. I guess he trusted his life and health in a $10,000 table.
  4. Im using the vulcan now and i have a 112lb mouse hole that is missing the heal and kinda beat up and a 175 lb vulcan that is really beat up but i am saving for a Nimba gladiator 450lb.
  5. After a couple months of using could you give us an update or short review on what you think of the anvil and its features.
  6. I started with a 40lb section of rail that wasn't mounted properly and was about 10 inches too low. With major lower back problems i was to the point of just quitting until i found this forum and found some things that Geoff Keyes was talking about how to use a rail properly and it helped a lot. Then a real good friend of mine gave me a mint condition 100lb vulcan that i absolutely love. Even though vulcans get a bad reputation if they are treated properly and not abused they are fully capable of lasting a very long time. As for the Kanca it is definitely a lifetime anvil.
  7. Awesome!!! You will notice the difference the first time you hammer hot steel on it.
  8. So after paying my bills for the month i had a little extra money for some kydex kits but im kinda short on getting the thermoforming foam. Has anyone made a press using a different foam with a ceramic fiber blanket as a heat barrier. I could probably come up with some more money but as of now im trying to figure it out without it. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I haven't done one yet because I also don't see a reason for one but i will be following this to see what is said about the topic.
  10. I frequent the library quite often. I know a lot of people think they can find everything on the internet which blows my mind on how much bull s?&t there is on the internet. But my local library's don't have it available. I haven't looked it up to buy bit it is something i want to get my hands on someday It always drives me nuts when people call me Germy Blaahm
  11. I have 2 other anvils one is a really nice vulcan #10 and weighs around 96 lbs and i have a beat up old mouse hole that has the heal broke off and a nice chunk missing from the horn and weighs about 112 lbs. Probably one of those anvils that got destroyed by the union soldiers at the end of the civil war lol just kidding. But i have that because i have quite a few friends that like to try there hand at the craft and i would rather them beat up an already beat up anvil than my nice vulcan that is pron to edge chipping and things like that. So i didn't really need to buy this one but at a little
  12. I forgot to thank Geoff for this link also and Alan for all the great info on how they achieved the weld in the casting!!
  13. Well with the fact that i did win this anvil what's the chances of successfully repairing the face using the link Owen Bush was kind enough to supply for me?
  14. Sorry Geoff for the misspelling its kind of like my name. Everyone seems to think its pronounced Bl-aahm when its really Bloom there isn't very many of us with the last name Blohm and when you see it we are almost certainly related some how. There is no backing out of the anvil now I already won it last night. And as for handling an anvil that size and that hot i posted a link to a video that showed guys forge welding a top on an anvil and i was going to make a set up like there's for 2 guys to lift it. As for casting im going to build another addition onto my shop that is going to
  15. I won this anvil for $177 plus tax and buyers fee should be right at $200. I have a question that im hoping some of our super administrators or Geoff Keys sees this because i cant find anything on the internet and i haven't made it to the library to do any kind of research but how did Vulcan and Fisher anvils achieve a weld in the casting? And after achieving a weld how was the face heat treated? I know that vulcan faces are pretty damn hard because i had a direct miss hit to the face of my 100lb vulcan with a 4lb hammer and the hammer was uncomfortably close to rebounding into MY face a
  16. Very informative. For me it was going to be more experience than anything. I have been looking for a heavily damaged anvil to try this with even if i destroy it in the process but if it isn't going to be possible with a vulcan maybe i will try to find another anvil for a candidate. I still might try to win it and use the info supplied by you Owen and use my welder to repair it. Here is a link so you guys can have a look at the anvil i have been talking about. http://www.jnjonlineauction.com/detail.asp?id=705262&n=6984GZ-OLD-ANVIL It appears to be a very early vulcan wit
  17. It might be a couple months before i am prepared for the task but it will definitely be video taped and posted in the tool and tool making section for everyone's amusement.
  18. Ok i was wrong. They stock 416 ss though.
  19. Man that looks awesome. My first try at san mai stainless was a disaster. Havent tried since. I think you just convinced me to give it another run. As for 420 ss in Canada im not sure but it is readily available at my local supplier called Harbor Steel in Muskegon, Michigan.
  20. I forgot to mention that this anvil is not a cheap china cast iron anvil im trying to make useable. It is a 150lb vulcan that the face is shot. I am thinking of using D2 tool steel for the top because it can achieve up over 60 rockwell hardness not that thats what im going to achieve. And i think im going to build an induction forge to heat gust the top and let the base be a heat sink to help cool the top quickly. The reason for using air hardening steel is to eliminate the risk of cracking or even exploding results that might happen with trying to quench cast iron. Im just trying to figure ou
  21. I wanna try to forge weld a top on an anvil I found a good candidate and if I can get my hands on it I'm going to get a few of my brave Buddy's to wield a few sledge hammers. It may be stupid, definitely crazy but it is something I have my mind set on doing. Hopefully I can accomplish it and be the second forge to weld a top on an anvil in the United States since the 1960's!!! If not then it may be a couple hundred dollars down the drain and a lesson learned from the school of hard knocks.
  22. I also came across those 2 links in my searching and found them very informative. Thank you. I also found this to be interesting. https://youtu.be/eA_Pw5mlf2U
  23. Is it possible to forge weld steel to cast iron. I know Vulcan and fishers had cast iron base with tool steel face but that weld was done in the casting. Has anyone done it or tried and failed even on a small scale nothing like trying to weld a new top on an anvil?
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