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  1. Alan is right all that dust is explosive. I worked in a shop called kotzian tool and before all the cigarette bans in the workplace and someone let there lit cigarette go through the dust collector and before anyone could get to the dust collector room the whole thing was up in flames
  2. If you fire it up bring it up to temp real slow. Maybe run it intermittently. The slower it cures the less chances of cracks. In the oven put it on the lowest setting it will go and let it slow cook all day.
  3. A look at the cylinder I plan on using for this hammer.
  4. Picked this up at auction for $29 they sell new on ebay for $540 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hook-Eye-Commercial-Knife-Sharpener-Phone-Support-for-operation-available-/132291225063?hash=item1ecd2be5e7:g:FMMAAOSwAKxWYgRN the cord was dry rotten but I put a new cord on it and it runs great just have to order new belts and I have a nice commercial grade knife sharpener.
  5. Alan, you are right after running my 60lb this morning for a little while I started counting bpm and I'm running around 200 bpm I think. With some more adjusting I could get some more but I don't think I could ever get to little giant speeds with my mechanical hammer. I have never ran anything other than my hammer and I have never tried to count bpm until this conversation started. With that said I have no idea what this hammer I'm going to build will be capable of. I have worked with air cylinders a little bit but they have never lifted any kind of weight, just opening and closing gates on co
  6. They have a 30 inch stroke so would that put me over 100cfm? And i cant see myself running it at 120 bpm.
  7. Would a 10hp rotary screw 80 gallon air compressor that is pushing about 30cfm at 125 psi be enough to run one of these cylinders.
  8. As for the anvil i plan on getting a counter weight of a decommissioned excavator or loader. Not quite sure of the weight but i know its going to be heavy as hell. And as for the hydraulic press that is already a plan. And as for dangerous isnt just about everything involved in this work some what dangerous.
  9. I have 2, 6 inch bore parker air cylinders. My goal is to build a 300-400 pound hammer. Is this feasible with one of these cylinders? If i had to i would run both of these to make it operate faster. Hopefully my compressor can keep up.
  10. Wow very impressive!!! A lot of work went into building that.
  11. What size air cylinders to hammer weight ratios are you using on your power hammers? And another question. What is the biggest homemade power hammers you guys know of?
  12. Would probably be better suited as a tempering oven.
  13. Looks good. I was going to go with this design but chose the spring style but still used the spare tire for the clutch system. I am getting ready to begin my air hammer build. I will start a topic on that later.
  14. It dose indeed say clay forge before using but there are no cracks.
  15. So over the weekend I was driving down the road and came across a sale that just happened to be at my 2nd cousins house. It was tool galore vises, air compressors, welders and all the above. naturally the place was packed and it was the second day into the sale. I stopped in and as I as walking up to talk to him and the first thing that caught my eye was this... he was asking $75 but because it was staying in the family he sold it to me for $40. Now all I have to do is line it with refractory and fire it up. The blower works but in the event that it takes a crap I have a champi
  16. Yeah i can document it the best i can and i will share when its all done. We will be getting to it around the beginning of next week. We would start now but my friend has quite a work load to catch up on from when he was on vacation.
  17. I would upload pictures but my phone wont allow me to...but tomorrow i am taking the whole unit to my friend who owns and operates a starter alternator rebuild shop and is the smartest man i know. I would have done that right off the get go but he has been on vacation in the upper peninsula for the last week but he is back now and we will have this thing running in no time. But what we talked about today is the motor might be wired for high voltage when should be low. That was already wired to the switch and i didnt look at and should have. I didnt try running it without a belt because the mot
  18. Everything seems to be wired correctly but i am no electrician, but i was maintenance in a huge food processing plant. Everything was 3 phase but i never had to deal with a converter. It is really straight forward i dont really see where i could have messed anything up. The only thing i can think of is the starting load is to heavy so the converter is staying on thinking it is trying to start the motor. I am thinking of puting a idler motor in conjunction with the phase converter. If that dosent work then i am going to use a 5hp 3 phase motor i have and make my own rotary phase converter.
  19. I recently bought a kalamazoo 6x48 3 hp 3 phase belt sander. I dont have 3 phase power so i bought a 3-5hp static phase converter. I hooked everything up and it starts and runs but the start up light doesn't turn off on the converter and the motor begins to heat up and smoke. I guess my question would be is there too much resistance with such a wide belt that it needs to run off a rotary phase converter instead of the static?
  20. So in the next few days i have to make a decision on which anvil i want to get. NC tool 70 lb NC short sugar 70lb Nc big face 70lb I am leaning towards the short sugar. I like the square back and only the clip on one side of the horn. The ideal one would be the NC round horn but im a bill short on that one. I know they are a specialized anvil for ferriers but i have no real intentions of using it. I am buying this as an investment. My plan is to build another forge and sell as a starter kit on craigslist. The whole goal of my investment is to keep buying a bigger an
  21. So i won the 50lb vulcan for $125. When i looked at it in person it actually dosent seem as damaged as it looks in the pictures. The kids are thrilled and monday im going to pick it up and I'm going to cut a log down so it is the right height for them and we are going to have a day of fun with it.
  22. Well i didnt realize that the video was going to be a download should i post the video on YouTube and share the link? I have never posted a video to YouTube so any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  23. well everything works as its supposed to. I have a big turn buckle to put in to make adjustments to the hammer and then pour a pad and bolt it down. and I'm going to make some gussets for a little more support to the I-beam and anvil.
  24. Video of one of the first testing. Next will be with hot steel. WIN_20170622_10_56_01_Pro.mp4
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