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  1. The reason for heat treating the face is because the original plan did not include the dies. And this was all done for less than $100. The only thing's I have had to purchase is the motor which was intended for a different purpose to begin with, the bearings, section of railroad track, spare tire and welding rod. As for the 5hp I'm going to build a 250lb power hammer in the future and that will use 2 of the 5hp motors so I have to get another one of those.
  2. I have plans to get rid of the entire anvil and replace it with 8 to 10 inch solid round and mill the hammer to accept different dies and do the same with the anvil. And when i do all that i will have it setup at a 45° angle to support longer work pieces. As of now i can work 24 inch pieces. The main reason for the build is for drawing out billets of damascus so when i started i didnt think about doing other things but now that i think about it the dies should be at 45°. The drive system is a spare tire clutch system. I have everything to finish the job but the only problem i have is for
  3. I didn't do the best documenting the entire build but I will give you guys what I got. The beginning. The hammer heat treat. I will be finishing up in the next few days and I will post some more pictures and a test video.
  4. The only way i would even consider buying this this is if it was cast steel. I have an iron anvil with tool steel face and even though it serves its purpose i would never buy another cast iron anvil for personal use. As for buying one for the kids the 50lb vulcan would be something to consider to teach them on. My 100lb vulcan is in near mint condition and if anyone is going to chip the edges its going to be me. And for the 4140 that looks like a good deal. Something to think about.
  5. There is a local machine shop that i used to work for tjat will mill the top for $100 and for the forge i have a pallet of fire brick and 17 boxes of 48"x300"x1/2" nutec max wool hps so the cost of the forge really isn't a problem and I like to do things like this but concidering that the anvil is already at $251 and when i checked it out today i put it on a scale and it is 95lbs so even if i got it for $300 and milled for another bill im at $400 then i still have the cost of the forge and propane. I think im going on a road trip and im going to get the 175lb anvil on the other side of the sta
  6. Would a rebound and ring test tell me if it is cast iron or steel? And i think i could heat treat it. I have seen someone do a similar task on the internet. Just check this out on anvil fire. Only I would build a propane forge big enough to fit the anvil. http://anvilfire.com/21centbs/anvils/making/Krzyszkowski-115.php What is the most anyone pay for this anvil. I wanna get my kids something thay can learn on!!! I already have a vulcan 100#er to match it. http://www.jnjonlineauction.com/detail.asp?id=654733&n=9549P13-ANTIQUE-VULCAN-ANVIL Or i could abandon both of these
  7. Yeah but there is potential and when its all done would essentially be an old/new anvil
  8. http://www.jnjonlineauction.com/detail.asp?id=654734&n=9550P33-HUGE-ANVIL
  9. jnjonlineauction.com just search anvil and you will find it
  10. There is and anvil on an online auction site and it appears to be a discarded anvil due to a defective casting. There is a line that travels from the back of the anvil by the base and goes accross the face, up the horn and down the front to the base. The face appears to three different heights and the tip of the horn is defective also. There is no visable markings. There is a notch out of the back base, not a square handling hole but a square notch. There is a hardie hole but no pritchel. It appears to be around 100 to 125 pounds and cast steel. Im going to check it out in person tomorrow and
  11. Check out Danocon's power hammer build and watch some of the final videos he posted and it vaguely showes his forge and that seems like a traditional japanese forge. Its really a neat set up he has. He is truly a talented feller. The title is Tire/Japanese Spring Power Hammer Build I found it by putting tire in the search engine and it was about half way down the page or it's in the tools and tool making section on the first page
  12. If you are interested in making a propane forge, type in "weed" in the search engine of this forum and you will see my post about the burner i made. It is really simple and it is possible to bolt on the flat stock versus welding it on. And as far as the forge chamber itself it can be made with fire brick from tractor supply instead of the kaowool. The best part of my burner is the fact that it only uses 3 parts aside from having to buy the weed burner. And you dont have to build a fire, you can work inside with good ventilation, no need for a blower, you stay fairly clean, and you dont ha
  13. Yes sir. I am not using a regulator just the needle valve on the torch. And this burner set up is fully capable of welding also. I have welded several times with it and had no trouble getting to temperature as long as you are hooked up to a 100lb cylinder or have a full 20lb and even then you are sucking so much from the tank it starts to frost and you have a huge loss in pressure when that happens.
  14. Ok i tried posting pictures directly from the camera and no luck. I will take it to the library and upload from there or I will make a YouTube video and post a link. Sorry for taking so long to post pictures but i have been a so occupied with building my power hammer I've lost sight of everything else. I will start another topic on that if i can figure out how to post pictures.
  15. So i got pictures of everything and now i cant figure out how to upload here from the gallery on my phone. Any help wiuld be appreciated. Otherwise i will attempt to post pictures directly from the camera.
  16. Sound's like you might be onto something. When i first looked into the cost of all the lining's and parts it take's to build a forge that would actually last a while and withstand the flux from welding and all the other things we abuse or forge's with and it just seemed like it was going te be endless, turns out i was right. But what your talking about here would be a great way for someone to get started. And maby, just maby it could turn into a realy money maker.
  17. So i have been looking around on the internet for info on people using a weed burner/roofing torch for there forge and people have been but with terrible results. I figured it out and decided to share with everyone here since nobody has shared there discovery if anyone has actually done this. First off you need a harbor freight roofing/weed burning torch. But you need the one without the igniter or anything similar that the bell/burner can be screwed off. 1 1/4 pipe 12 inches long. Threaded on one end. 1 1/4-2 inch bell reducer. 1 inch wide flat stock. Tools incl
  18. Hey there Alan, Any idea is a good idea until proven otherwise! I guess the fire brick is hard then. But i did get about 75 12"x12" fire board that is about 3/4 of an inch thick and a bunch of other sizes too. I got all of this from a place called Hawken Energy. It was an out door wood boiler manufacturer that just recently went belly up. And lucky for me it is anout a mile away from my house. So the day they had the open veiwing before the online auction i went there and took a stroll around. And came across the pallet of max wool. Then came auction time. Come to find it wasn'
  19. Thanks for the info. The fire brick is Insulating. The same stuff they sell at tractor supply for 2.49 a brick.
  20. I was just making sure it will hold up to the temps. Even if i have to replace it a little sooner than the HTZ i just picked up 17 boxes of half inch thick 48 inches wide and 300 inches long and a pallet of fire brick at auction for $80. So hopefully i have a lifetime supply of both.
  21. Has any one used the nutec max wool hps for there forge lining? If so what do you think off it? Dose it last? How much did you pay?
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