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  1. I hope all is well.....were the mini model power hammers in the shop?
  2. I watched alec steele's latest video and after watching it, it took me 10 minutes to tune my hammer in so the tup doesn't hit the top plate anymore!!!
  3. Practicing social distancing!!! Nothing like a little surf fishing.
  4. The frame is what I'm interested in copying!!! Blacksmithing is a hobby that I have kinda went overboard with. As of now I dont have a website. I'm not real tech savvy. The shop is coming along slowly. It seems to be a constant disaster. As for heat in the shop, I kinda like the cold. I've always wanted to move to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where it seems to be a nice cool temp during the summer and sub zero temps 6 months of the year. Here is all the stuff I have for my hammer build. https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/topic/37305-350-lb-power-hammer-build/
  5. If you dont mind I might use some of your designs in my BIG air hammer build!
  6. What size flat stock did you use for these spring fullers?
  7. In trying to figure out just by the picture how to go about mounting one of these to a machine? Maybe some more pictures would help?
  8. Forged a ball peen hammer from a chisel plow tine.
  9. Just an observation. When running my venturi burner I have the pressure quite high....like 20 psi or so. I have a feeling if you increase the pressure it will have a better venturi effect and will run better. At 5 psi it's not enough pressure to push the propane and air into the forge and its igniting in the burner tube which is why I recommended the 30 psi regulator. Try cranking up the pressure to around 15-20 psi.
  10. Yup that would be the problem. The wind is disrupting the venturi effect. This happens to me when I have the garage door open. you can make a wind block but as long as your outside a breeze will do that. You will find a sweet spot where it will run good. Glad to see you have it running!!!
  11. Made some modifications to my top die of the hammer. The top die has a hole drilled and tapped to be able to bolt on various tooling. I off set the tooling so I can have a bolster next to it to drive the drift in rounding hammers.
  12. A 2 inch forced air burner will outperform 2- 1 inch venturi burners. As far as gas savings my big forced air forge is a gas guzzling monster.
  13. If I could have 4 hammers all running. A self contained a pneumatic and 2 mechanicals all set up with different dies I would be happy!!! I would love a 300 lb chambersburg!!!
  14. Ironically it leaves a lot of ash but it is somewhere between oak and pine as far as forging. I really like pine when I want to weld and oak and ash for normal forging. I can weld with any charcoal I just prefer pine for it.
  15. Looks like some good stuff!!! Being a collier is fun isnt it. There is something relaxing and rewarding about it!!! I made a batch of ash charcoal this morning.
  16. I forgot to mention moving my 9 foot tall 2000 lb press I had to get into my garage and stand up between the rafters by myself. And now I'm prepping to move a 3800 lb block of steel into the shop for another power hammer build.
  17. Drilled and tapped a hole in my top die to be able to bolt on tooling. I will use a saddle system for the bottom. In debating if I wanna drill and tap another one. Anyang hammers have 2 through holes in there dies for this reason. I got the idea from this video.
  18. I did some more forging and the blade is about 31 inches long. The tang is way too long and it weighs 28.2 ounces. This is a different blade style from the oakeshott typology. This one will be XVIa.
  19. When I went to the store yesterday before the lockdown went into effect the meat department was virtually wiped out. What everyone was passing up was the whole Turkeys. I bought the biggest one. Figured we can eat on it for several days. Plus turkey makes me tired and maybe I can sleep all this away!!! I wanted to get some burger but I guess it was the first thing to go. They did have all kinds of plant based meat products though . They say if you could choose one food to live on for the rest of your life you should choose dog food. It has all the nutrients you need to survive.
  20. Your lucky it was only 500 lbs. I had to jockey my 3000 lb power hammer off a pallet and across the shop to where it sits now.
  21. That link to the pipe dope (pipe thread sealant) should help you with that. You really shouldn't need it on the compression fitting though. Teflon tape works but any little strand that gets in the line will plug up the jet.
  22. Cut up and split some Ash for axe and hammer handles.
  23. 5 lbs of kast-o-lite 30 from wayne Coe is about $30 shipped.
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