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  1. When I went to the store yesterday before the lockdown went into effect the meat department was virtually wiped out. What everyone was passing up was the whole Turkeys. I bought the biggest one. Figured we can eat on it for several days. Plus turkey makes me tired and maybe I can sleep all this away!!! I wanted to get some burger but I guess it was the first thing to go. They did have all kinds of plant based meat products though . They say if you could choose one food to live on for the rest of your life you should choose dog food. It has all the nutrients you need to survive.
  2. Your lucky it was only 500 lbs. I had to jockey my 3000 lb power hammer off a pallet and across the shop to where it sits now.
  3. That link to the pipe dope (pipe thread sealant) should help you with that. You really shouldn't need it on the compression fitting though. Teflon tape works but any little strand that gets in the line will plug up the jet.
  4. Cut up and split some Ash for axe and hammer handles.
  5. 5 lbs of kast-o-lite 30 from wayne Coe is about $30 shipped.
  6. Some late night drinking and forging with my little brother yielded this big ass fighter. No particular design in mind just drinking and forging 1084 powder steel. Industrial band saw blade strips. Bed frame canister.
  7. Just ordered a 4 inch contact wheel without bearings. I will just get bearings from my local parts store and press them in myself. The other one I was looking at said it had sealed bearings but the picture showed they weren't sealed. I'm not going to pay the extra money and end up having to buy the bearings and swap them.
  8. I know my freezer, fridge, and cupboards are full my generator has gas. I have a hand crank blower for my coal forge. Not sure if my generator will run the power hammer though. Either way I'm set for a lock down. And if were quarantined to our home there is no other place I would rather be. And if we run out of food I live in one of the best spots in oceana county for shooting deer. we will all make it through this. I personally think it's being blown out of proportion but then again people are dying.......im not sure what to think.
  9. Conner if you lived closer I would donate all kinds of time to you. I know you have it in you. Your young and dedicated. Something I wish my kids had. That's why I've helped you so much and I hope some day you can do the same for someone who shows as much interest as you do!!!
  10. This is where the new sword is now. This time I started with a 2 lb billet instead of 3 to force myself to lower the weight
  11. Just ordered a 6 inch wheel and I'm ordering a 4 inch wheel in a while. The one I'm looking at doesn't have sealed bearings. Im going to message the seller and ask about it. Changing bearings is cheap and easy enough to change though!!!
  12. YES!!!! I convinced my wife to let me get a wheel or 2 for my grinder. I need to make sure whatever I buy the bearings need to have the same ID so I can use the same axle.
  13. I got a start on another sword. This one made from forklift fork. This material is way harder to move under the hammer than the railroad track. Less carbon and more alloy elements?!? I am looking at different contact wheels and I'm curious as to what the best diameter wheel would be for the fuller I'm after. The 2 inch worked but would have liked a little wider but I also want to try and make it as historically accurate as possible. Would a 4 inch be better. I will have to modify my grinder but I've been wanting to make it more versatile anyway!
  14. Maybe theh sold the rights to Hammond industrial? Looks very similar in my searches.
  15. Look into back stand grinders. Should give you a starting point. Looks to be a nice piece of machinery!!!
  16. Kinda like this. The first match fell through the bottom to the floor.
  17. I have ceramic fiber board that works excellent for forge doors. Maybe when you get to it you can give me an idea of the size door you want and I can weld something up and insulate it, that you can bolt on?
  18. Why is that anyway. I've always wondered!!!
  19. I would put money on that not being enough room.
  20. Here is a 4 lb type II hammer up for sale. I will make a handle for it tomorrow. PM me for price and details.
  21. That's helium tank should be perfect for the black beauty burner. Also I believe they use helium for welding shielding gas for mig and tig welders.
  22. I love hammer and axe making. Definitely wanna see pictures
  23. Maybe I should call mine an Americanized bladesmiths hammer
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