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  1. I have ceramic fiber board that works excellent for forge doors. Maybe when you get to it you can give me an idea of the size door you want and I can weld something up and insulate it, that you can bolt on?
  2. Why is that anyway. I've always wondered!!!
  3. I would put money on that not being enough room.
  4. Here is a 4 lb type II hammer up for sale. I will make a handle for it tomorrow. PM me for price and details.
  5. That's helium tank should be perfect for the black beauty burner. Also I believe they use helium for welding shielding gas for mig and tig welders.
  6. I love hammer and axe making. Definitely wanna see pictures
  7. Maybe I should call mine an Americanized bladesmiths hammer
  8. Your probably right!!! I can make it like that but it wont have an angled handle?!?! Have a look a this http://islandblacksmith.ca/2013/04/why-you-need-a-japanese-swordsmiths-hammer/
  9. One slip with the power hammer caused me 25 extra minutes and 3 or 4 heats to bet it back!
  10. I will get some measurements today. I forged it down a bit. Everything is looking really good though!!!
  11. Who is in your sights as the next person to be interviewed?
  12. Probably not the biggest but definitely one of my favorites. This was 6 years ago. Back in my bow fishing days. Just a big ol nasty carp!!!
  13. Here is a better picture of the bark I will get a picture of the tree when I walk out back.
  14. Not sure what I'm doing with it but it looks like it's all welded back together. I wrapped it around a bar of wagon tire wrought iron. It's not a langsax but it will still become something interesting?
  15. I can make it just about whatever you want. At 3 lbs I can make a pretty broad face somewhere in the 2" range. I will get some measurements of the hammers I have on hand. I made 5 batches of charcoal yesterday so lots if forging coming this week.
  16. Nope.....I wish though it's a Husqvarna. We have quite a few Johnsred dealers around us. The owner of the chainsaw shop everyone here used to go to just passed away last summer. Really a Bummer because Gene was a great guy. His family owned a sawmill in town that went back to the mid 1800's and when the mill shut down he kept the property and opened a chainsaw shop. I hunt a lot of his property. Not sure what's going to happen to that. Hopefully I can talk to his sister and she will still let me hunt the properties!?!?
  17. I will get a picture of where it broke off the tree and a better picture of the bark. I wish we could see the leaves but I'm going to cut it down to start drying for charcoal before they sprout. It might be white oak. I split some known red oak and the this and it is different for sure.
  18. That was actually the first hammer of Type 3. I changed some order of operations and ended with that
  19. AWESOME thank you so much. The edge was still around 3/32 on an inch and I did plan on a bit more stock removal but the more I looked at it, it irritated me! I just wanted to start over. Once my son seen I broke it his face was priceless.
  20. The next sword will be forged from the rest of the railroad track webbing that Alex Middleton posted a picture of in The Way sub forum. There should be enough material left from what we cut Alex's hammer out of.
  21. I am going to order a contact wheel for my belt grinder like Alan suggested to replace the plastic OBM idler wheel I used to grind this fuller. I think it will help because the blade seemed to wanna jump around which make it hard to start. Once the fuller was started it wasn't too bad but still irritating none the less.
  22. I had to take a picture from a distance and zoom in and screen shot it to get a good enough picture
  23. I snapped it in half over my knee. There was quite a few things I didnt like about it. Fullers were off from one side to the other. Every attempt at fixing it resulted in it getting worse so heat treated it oil tempered and began tress testing it. I even put the tip in the vise ag grabbed the tang gave it a bend and let it go. It flailed about for a few minutes. After heat treatment it came out almost perfectly straight. I think i the oil temper wasnt quite hot enough but the amount of flexing it had before braking was impressive and the grain was quite fine. I'm having a hard time getting a p
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