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  1. Thanks everyone. This will be my rivet hammer. Not sure if it will be able to replace my little french cross peen hammers though.
  2. Next is U-joints and CV axles. Then after I replace everything my wife will decide she wants something new and start the process all over again for the 5th time.
  3. Finally found time to finish the rest of the front end of my wifes truck. All new ball joints tie rods and stabilizer links. Alignment just got done. Now time to clean shop and get ready for @Alex Middleton to come and take Smurfette (my power hammer) for a ride.
  4. Even if I can save a couple sections and make a smaller multi-bar seax?
  5. A quick grind and a dirty etch to see what I'm working with.
  6. I have not cast the cannon yet. I have almost everything I need but the green sand and the materials to melt. I was going to start a topic on that soon. I'm thinking i might have to build a furnace big enough to fit 3 or 4 of my crucibles in at one time. Or buy a big enough crucible to make one pour. I have crucible tongs big enough for a really big crucible but they take 2 people to use. The also have a locking mechanism so I'm sure they can be used to pour also.
  7. What is the huge hammer in the back right of this picture?
  8. Made a new coal forge also. Here is the new and the old. I think the new will be much better. I'm working on a hood and the piping I need to run it inside.
  9. I have a buddy (or brother!) that has an uncle that isn't doing well and there putting on a benefit auction. So we decided to make a couple hatchets and were planning on an axe. This is one of them. The other is an integral handle hatchet.
  10. Doh.... I see what you mean. I'm working on getting a parts unit that has the rest of what I need.
  11. Here is a picture of the other side. I thought it looked complete but I honestly have no clue.
  12. I havent forgot or gave up on this project. I've still been gathering up all the materials needed. I just acquired what I needed to make the base plate
  13. Beautiful machine. Do you come accross massey clear space hammers often? What would shipping be like to the states for say a 300 lb tup machine?
  14. A few days ago or maybe even a week(?) I showed a wrought iron san mai bowie I am working on. Before it had a clip point and o didnt like it. So I cut a little tip off and forged it into a harpoon clip fighter.
  15. Forged my first sword. I'm going for a crusaders 2 hander. I still have more forging to do. Blade length is 28 inches Over all length is about 38 inches. As of now it weighs 44 ounces.
  16. Is it missing an important part? I'm bidding on another one that is missing the tensioner and the idler wheel that I can use for parts or even get replacement parts and get it running.
  17. Matt Stagmire uses a wheel like it to grind fullers in swords.
  18. I still havent made it to Grand Rapids to pick this up but I have been looking at pictures of this today and I realized that the wheel that's on it is a contact wheel. I originally thought it was 2 plates that securely fastened the wheel but that's not what it is. It appears to be a 1/2 inch wheel with a small rubber strip around it.
  19. I'm going to try and straighten this buffalo horn. Hopefully it works. It will look really nice on this blade.
  20. I pulled this out of the project in progress drawer of my tool box and ended up with this big ol' Bowie out of this material. It really is bigger than the pictures mak it look. I have a lot of work to do yet. I forged the bevels with the power hammer and have some hammer marks to work out of it. But here is another project progressing.
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