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  1. I was going through the paperwork for these anvils and it turns out I bought 6 anvils not 5....
  2. But then again he gives me beef in exchange for little welding jobs so I do get to taste them every now and then.
  3. My neighbor has about 30 cows. That would be a 550 yard shot from my dining room table! Trust me....I've measured it!!!
  4. Crow hunting is fun. But they are hard to hit at 300 yards!!!
  5. It's been over a year of the pandemic and my anvils finally made it stateside!!!! 1085 kg of wonderfulness!!! I just need to plan a trip to Detroit to pick them up.
  6. Newest AR build is well under way. This one will be a .300 AAC Blackout pistol. I need to get a barrel, gas block, gas tube, and a bolt carrier group. I am also going to file a form 1 and pay my $200 tax stamp to build a suppressor. I am still unsure about using the tube hand guard. I think I'm going to order an M-lok hand guard and a 9 inch barrel. To get a sense of how long a 9 inch barrel is, this is a 9 inch hand guard that's on it.
  7. Based on the 45 gallon spray rig behind it I would say it's closer to 100+ lbs Its definitely a score!!!!
  8. That would be nice to carry. Some people would call my Grendel an "assault weapon" but at 13.2 lbs you would have to be Shaquille o'neal to use it in a tactical manner. I built mine as a bench gun. It has a full 1 inch diameter bull barrel up to the gas block and then its ¾ of an inch to the muzzle brake. When it comes to hunting deer sized game I really enjoy using my savage model 340 30/30 bolt action with open sights. It is dated to around 1958-1959. This one is my wife's AR I bought her for her birthday one year. It is a Great Lakes Firearms chambered in .223 wylde. Made in Sparta Michigan.
  9. WOW Gary that gun is amazing. Have you ever seen Mark and Sam after work on YouTube? There an Aussie couple and he shoots ELR. Its incredible what you can accomplish with a good machine shop and even better reloading shop. Here is the brake I bought and I really like it. This is the original brake I had on it and there is a substantial difference in recoil. This is the next muzzle brake I'm going to try out. https://www.grendelhunter.com/product/grendel-hunter-slanted-muzzle-brake-black/
  10. A little project I've been working on over the last couple months. Well I bought the lower receiver back in September of 2019 but just made a push to get it finished. If anyone is interested in the breakdown of the parts and what they all cost I can figure it all out and post it. I took 8 shots at this plate at 420 yards and was on target after three shots and hit 5 times. It is chambered in the 6.5 grendel.
  11. Just out of curiosity, what would you consider painfully expensive? For 385€ you could have something like this 60 lb beauty.
  12. I actually bought the very first anvil on that same page
  13. https://www.blacksmithparadise.com/recently-sold/2019-may/ This page about ⅔ of the way down. This is the closest I could find. Hardie is offset but on the opposite side. I believe yours is german and a bit older than this one here.
  14. We got a new puppy. He is ¼ Newfoundland ¼ great pyrenees ¼ husky ¼ Australian something? His name is Dozer.
  15. I built up a stash of charcoal. I might go and get more for a smelting run
  16. you can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.
  17. The only thing I can think of that might cause any issues is the C-clamp. I understand work arounds. I had to do a lot of tweaking to get mine to run right. What I am thinking it the C-clamp looks like it may have slid up a little and and is causing a little twisting action to happen.can we get a picture of the other side to maybe help do a further inspection?
  18. SOLD I have a set of tongs up for sale. Before I put them on Ebay I figured I would offer a deal here. Long round reigns that are good for gas forges. Made from 1045/1050 steel (1¼inch hex jackhammer bit?) that are set for 1½x¼ inch flat bar. I can adjust them to just about any size upon request. $35 + $12.50 shipping to the continental United States
  19. A pair of bladesmiths tongs. These are by far the best pair of tongs I've made to date.
  20. I forgot to mention that this is a double hood so i will be able to have 2 forges under it. I will use the forge I have now and I have everything to build another bigger forge.
  21. So I've been on the hunt for a suitable hood to get my forge inside before winter. This I what I came up with. It was a big hopper system of some sort. I got it inside and hung up today.
  22. I've been following this series on YouTube. I havent seen the final installment yet. I'm going to sit down and watch it now.
  23. I'm in a location that has/had big industries and lots of fab shops and machine shops that sell off a lot of equipment at auctions. Most of what I have came from an auction. I have eyed many of band saws but always seem to find something I need more or finances are tight. Eventually the right deal will fall in my lap or I will get a portaband.
  24. I made a second one. My hand for size reference. This one was made using Kinetic sand for my mold. The first one was made using a clay mold that still had some moisture in it which caused all kinds of defects. If I was to take my time and actually tried making a mold with real green sand I could see it working out nicely. The second picture is just a copper billet I cast and while still hot I took it to the power hammer. Tomorrow I will get pictures of some of the molds I have.
  25. I have a monster of an anvil (like 3800lbs) if you wanna go for a monster of a hammer?
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