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  1. I find the hardest part of making axes especially punched and drifted axes is getting the blade in line and straight with the handle.
  2. The camper is actually further away than the picture makes it look. This is today's work. The tank on my propane forge was running low and frosting up on me so I called it quits for the day. I have a plan for getting the eye straightened out.
  3. The wifey's axe is handled. She stuck it in the target with the first throw!!! I still have some work to do to the handle but I had to get a handle on my axe I dont have any photos of my axe on my wife's phone (which I'm using now) I will get a picture of mine when we get back home late tonight. As of now we are on a sparatic road trip to the thumb of Michigan right now we have 101 miles to our destination and its ¼ to 8 pm
  4. That wrought has some nice activity in the pattern. Should be really cool when it's done. I got my double bit axe forged today along with a single bit and an eye punched for another single bit. The weights are written down on the stickey note in order from to to bottom. The second axe from the top is my wifes axe I made yesterday and the third axe down is mine.
  5. If you need to do any heavy drawing out or anything of the sort your more than welcome to come use Smurfette!!! I'm planning on starting mine soon also. I need to make a few tools to accomplish what I wanna do. I will start a WIP as soon as I start!!!
  6. Looks like a seax to me Conner. Well done. I forged out another double bit axe drift this morning and now I'm punching an eye in a 1 inch by 2 ½ inch by 4 inch chunk of forklift fork for another double bit.
  7. It definitely is annoying but I wont give up that easy. I might work on this some tomorrow but I have a friend coming over to forge so I will probably work on another axe while i have a striker.
  8. Weve been really getting into axe throwing so I forged this 3 lb double bit axe for my wife. Im going to grind the top lug off and do a little more forging. This little hatchet was my second project for the day. I havent weighed it yet.
  9. There is a few areas of concern but I'm going to keep at it and hope for the best.
  10. I'm guilty of running my forge without a castable refractory over the wool. Ive found the forge gets quite a bit hotter without it. I have read that it will kill you in short order and I've also heard that it's nothing like asbestos and it's not as dangerous as it's made out to be. I'm not the safety nut some people are. I've lived my whole life on the edge. With that said castable refractory will save your kaowool from getting damaged and falling apart. I have to re-line my forge all the time but I have a lifetime's worth of blanket so it's not a big deal to me to forge weld in it and just r
  11. Something similar to H13 would make an excellent touch mark
  12. I've used black locust for knife handles. It is extremely dense but kinda plain in my opinion. It doesn't shrink at all and is very rot resistant. My buddy has a whole vineyard that he used un-treated black locust for his vine supports. I've been meaning to try it for hammer handles but havent gotten any more from my friend to try it. The lighter part of this handle is black locust
  13. I got the new motor mounted on Clifford the big red press today. Tomorrow I'm going on a hunt for a pulley and V belts. (and maybe some red spray paint to paint the motor )
  14. That looks looks like a really nice hammer. The eye came out exceptionally straight and centered!!!
  15. Thank you gentlemen!!! I trimmed the excess bits of the edge bar off and forged out the tang some and then the wife got home from work. I will get more progress pictures and some more forging done tomorrow
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