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  1. I got the new motor mounted on Clifford the big red press today. Tomorrow I'm going on a hunt for a pulley and V belts. (and maybe some red spray paint to paint the motor )
  2. That looks looks like a really nice hammer. The eye came out exceptionally straight and centered!!!
  3. Thank you gentlemen!!! I trimmed the excess bits of the edge bar off and forged out the tang some and then the wife got home from work. I will get more progress pictures and some more forging done tomorrow
  4. Yhis got put off to the side for a while because the edge bar i was trying weld on kept coming apart at the tip. I was looking at it closely today and decided to cut a section out of the end and forge welded it together that way and it worked a treat. Everything is looking good and solid now. I just need to forge it down a bit. Tomorrow I'm going to do a quick grind to get a dirty etch to make sure none of the tack welds are visible.
  5. 4140 and 4340? 4340 has a nickel content and should contrast nicely with the 4140.
  6. Well the doctor said my iron levels were low so I found a home remedy!!!
  7. If I had the $1300 I would have bought one. I even brought it up to my wife a time or 3 but was shot down every time. I wouldn't doubt it if he makes a double horn of sorts. There is enough demand for them. I'm not the biggest fan of the London pattern anvils but they are 100% worthy of being an anvil. As a matter of fact I am down to using my 100 lb Vulcan until my next shipment of anvils come in. The pattern hasn't effected the work that I do it just gets way hotter than my 426 lb anvil did.
  8. The ridged is a north german pattern. The refflinghaus is a south german pattern.
  9. I would "guess" what it is but I already seen the facebook post so it wouldn't be fair! Cant wait till it's done and see the finished project.
  10. One thing I did differently with this axe that I didnt do with the last one is make the poll area between a ⅜ inch to ½ of an inch wider and after everything was welded up a couple whacks with the power hammer brought it back to it's normal width which made a nice oval shape without the square back at the back of the eye.
  11. Thank you Oberu, I love the added difficulty working with wrought iron along with the pattern that comes with it. I havent worked it much with propane. My main fuel source is charcoal and propane as a backup. I personally dont like the maintenance that comes with a propane forge even though I have enough kaowool to last a lifetime.
  12. That was kinda my thinking as well Alan. I have been battling this one spot the whole time I was working this iron. I'm going to make some flux with cast iron drill swarf and hope for the best. I ran out of charcoal and I have basically bought all the royal oak lump charcoal from all the local stores. Now I have to go on a venture to find more. I havent been making any charcoal lately due to time restrictions and the heat.
  13. These look like they would be handy for forging in a latter pattern.
  14. I'm making another wrought iron axe. This one will be a bit bigger than the last. This started as a 4 inch wide wagon tyre. I cut 2 equal lengths that one ended up 32 ounces exactly and the other 32.2 ounces. I split them down the center to make 4- 2 inch wide pieces. I ground, stacked and welded them at the corners. I didnt weld on a working stick I just held it with tongs. I forge welded the 4 pieces together drew it out a bit and hot cut and folded it to make 8 layers. I'm not going for layer count just refining the wrought a little to make it easier to work. This wagon tyre is not very refined. Then I forged into a fairly uniform billet roughly 7 ½ inches by 2 ¼inches by ⅝ inch. And began the shaping. I did most of the forging from here with a striker. I had one area of concern at one of the set downs. but I pushed forward and it worked it really hot. Especially when I went to fold it. This is where I ended yesterday before the temps got over 90°f. Picked back up this morning but didnt get and WIP photos like I wanted and I havent been in the mood for making any YouTube videos so this is where I ended today. In this picture you can see the small delam I was fighting to keep together. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it yet.
  15. They are indeed addicting. But he lives in the right area to find good BIG anvils. I'm buying my anvils from over there and shipping them here to the states.
  16. I belive this type of anvil is called a Yorkshire pattern.
  17. Sorr to hear this Doug!!! This is why I'm upgrading my main shop anvil to 672 lbs. Let's see them load that up . But then there is the smaller anvils off the the side and the hand tools. All of which would be easy pickings.
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