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  1. That's a top notch anvil. I would love to have one. Personally I would have already clicked the proceed to checkout button.
  2. Tar from roofing companies come in these kinds of pails but tar is nasty to remove.
  3. I'm really not a good smith. This leaf proves it. but I enjoy the rough and dirty style forging. I used this new hammer to make the leaf and its probably only the third leaf I've ever attempted to make.
  4. My nephew caught the biggest large mouth bass I've ever seen in person.
  5. The only thing I dont like about a bull pin is the lack of handle.
  6. I was going to mention bull pins also. I dont have the book but a friend does and I have to say it is VERY informative!!!
  7. I like a slight crown myself. But is all personal preference. Just make sure to radius the edges to not leave any hammer marks. This is my power hammer punch but I prefer the same grind on my hand hammer punch. and the slug it produces. This slug is from a 10 lb hammer billet. Smaller hammers produce a thinner slug. This is my hand hammer punch with an experimental grind. I really dont care for it.
  8. My tensioner pulley had a summer blow out. Maybe I will make a canister Damascus billet with all the bearings and spring?
  9. I've used several different ways of finish grinding the business end. I personally prefer a flat end about ¼ inch thick. It ends up shearing the slug out. I used a pointed one and didn't like it at all. It cut through and left some material in the eye. I will get pictures of my punches in the morning.a slight dome on it is definitely better than a sharp point. All my punches end up rounded off a bit after 2 or 3 hammers before touching up on the grinder. I'm using H13 steel for my punches though.
  10. Dont forge with your fly unzipped I didnt have an incident but I noticed some peculiar burns in my britches when folding my laundry
  11. Check this site out he has several hammers available. https://www.blacksmithparadise.com/power-hammers-and-most-recent-pieces-monster-anvils/
  12. Roughly 3500 lbs of perfect power hammer anvil. $300
  13. first hammer up for sale is a 3 lb snub nose cross peen. Price $70+shipping
  14. I ran my rusty for a couple years before the mild steel spring broke. I got a spring pack for it and then bought a new hammer. I never finished fixing the old hammer. I really like what you have done so far!!! I am planning on building something like the anvilfire X1 or like Geoff's hammer for a friend of mine.
  15. Just double checked and the dimensions of what I ordered and they are 3 ½" round x 2 ½" I was about to order the other one till I stumbled upon this one....oops
  16. And I heat treated this big hammer after a rough grind and then tempered it. Came out of the temper with a crack in one of the faces. I just ordered 2 ½ inches of 5 ⅜ inch round to make another.
  17. Thank you!!! I was having withdrawals!!!!
  18. @Alex Middleton came over and forged for a few hours about a month ago and he brought this 4140 die of some sort and left it behind....well today I started forging it into a BIG rounding hammer. I ran out of charcoal and I ran out of energy. This is by far the biggest piece if steel I've ever worked!!!!
  19. Viking camp axe Vs. maple And here it is after some grinding
  20. The bits seem easy enough to make. I have a power hammer. That would be all the machine I would need!
  21. In the 4 the picture I see a 3 ¼ stamp. Must be the weight?
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