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  1. I'm back at it. I'm skimming all the top stuff.
  2. I ran the metal detector over it in a plastic bag . I borrowed a metal detector from a friend. My brother found an old wrought spike with it a few days ago!!!
  3. I'm pretty sure it's gold. It sets off a metal detector as precious metals.
  4. So I deposited $2000 in my paypal account and now they locked it due to suspicious activity!!! Now there saying I might not get my money for 180 days!!! What the hell do I do? I have to pay for these anvils and now my money is locked up.
  5. Look what my wife found in this sand
  6. So the german spring hammer didnt have any info on how heavy the tup was. Just my estimation had it over 100 lbs. After looking over the info plate for the motor I see it says 50 kg in the lower right hand corner. This is exciting for me. I wanted something heavier than my 40 kg hammer.
  7. The Asian hammer is actually a german hammer. I'm planning on keeping it and getting rid of my presses that I never did anything with. I've never used a press for blacksmithing but I love my power hammers. I plan on building a more compact press for doing canister and mosaic work. Are you looking for a hammer?
  8. Were you able to get the plate out without messing up your new bed liner?
  9. I cant help myself anymore. The little wifey ain't too happy about the power hammers though.
  10. And 2 power hammers that will be shipped at a later date.
  11. Here is a complete list of all the anvils coming on the next pallet.
  12. Is it mustard patina and then stone washed? It's just mind blowing!!!
  13. This has me nervous about my hammer. I almost bought a 2 piece with the sow block separate but thought the 1 piece was easier to set up and have running faster. What brand hammer is this one? Mine is a TZ Runfa .
  14. I have talked to him on Instagram about my self contained hammer. I will look at his website. Thank you!!!
  15. So a self contained power hammer runs the tup from the air supply cylinder. Is it possible to use one of these huge air cylinders to supply the air to a smaller diameter cylinder? I'm asking because I'm going to help @ChrisBriggs build a power hammer and was thinking of trying to build a self contained hammer.
  16. I may sell everything I have to build the machine to pay for the new self contained. But then again I have had this dream to build a monster of a utility hammer!!!
  17. Well this project is getting put to the side. I'm buying another self contained hammer. This one will be a Kuhn though!!! This is in Austria and the owner is letting me pay payments!!!! $500 shipping. I'm paying $4300for the hammer and it has a 57# hammer weight.
  18. I have pretty gnarly wagon tyre I can send ya if you need it.
  19. I have a frosty T burner that a friend of mine built and I am able to run it all the way down to under 1500°f. This is important when thermalcycling and quenching. Oh yeah....nice vice!!!
  20. Forged this horseshoe liquor rack for my wife
  21. WOW.....excellent work!!!!
  22. My brother bought a blade from etsy when he was drunk one night. He finally got it and just pulling it from the package the handle came off. It was described as a antler handle chopping blade. Some seller out of Italy. I will get a picture in a bit. Needless to say in the end he came to me to try and fix it. now were making a new blade from canister Damascus!!!
  23. I need to get yours and @Zeb Camper 's hammers in the mail. Maybe I can get to the post office before they close. I just dont have any ash cut up for handles.
  24. Spent the morning in the shop with my daughter.
  25. Yes I have seen one in action. The person using it was Dan Moss the YouTube Smith. He used it to round up the faces of our hammers at a hammer making class I attended. And yes it worked well.
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