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  1. I need to get yours and @Zeb Camper 's hammers in the mail. Maybe I can get to the post office before they close. I just dont have any ash cut up for handles.
  2. Spent the morning in the shop with my daughter.
  3. Yes I have seen one in action. The person using it was Dan Moss the YouTube Smith. He used it to round up the faces of our hammers at a hammer making class I attended. And yes it worked well.
  4. Fiery furnace forge builds tire hammers. I met him at quad state last year and before that I bought a bunch of tongs from him. I cant remember his name for the life of me though. But he takes pre orders and waits till he has 12 orders then does an assembly line putting them together. I also seen one of his hammers run at a hammer making class I took. As far as casters the 2 hammers i have would blow casters apart. Alec steele set up a 25 lb little giant on large beams so it was somewhat mobile but it did a lot of rocking. I would say try it and see if it works. Worse comes to worse you ha
  5. I purchased this 310 lb french pig anvil also. It may end up for sale or I may end up keeping it if my wife allows it.
  6. I have thought of going mechanical just to eliminate the air consumption problem. A 100 lb weight with a 3800 lb anvil would be extremely efficient. I had my supervisors help me move the anvil in front of the shop this weekend. Now I have to try to move it into the shop and stood up....
  7. This is all exciting stuff!!! My wife is helping me cut up wood for charcoal. I snuck this shot of her with the axe. She would be pissed if she knew I shared it on an open forum
  8. Here is a comparison to the sand I brought home the first time and the sand I got last night. Oh yeah and my mother in law just told me of a source of black sand closer to home. Panning for gold sounds like a lot of fun.
  9. There might be more like 600 lbs. A lot of it is water weight though. I'm goimg to lay out 5 or 10 gallons at a time on a tarp and let it dry little at a time. I have to try and get it out of the truck first though.
  10. Broke quarantine tonight!!! 5 hr round trip for 400(?) Lbs of wet ironsand. I battled lake Michigan for this stuff. The closer to the lak the more concentrated the iron was.
  11. Made charcoal yesterday along with another viking hammer and a diamond peen hammer. Here is the viking and I will get pictures of the diamond peen. Today is another day of making charcoal. I need to make a lot of it to smelt this ironsand I found.
  12. This 254 lb Söding Halbach will be shipped with my anvil as well for my brother who has dabbled in the craft and recently made a dive in and wants and anvil. I gave him my "farmers forge" and a 70 lb Sawyers anvil and he has been playing around. Now he is serious and wants a serious anvil
  13. Ok it's more than a few pages. It is back on page 104
  14. The axe I posted a few pages back that cracked on me I reforged it quenched tempered and a crack appeared again. So did it all over again. This time it looks like everything went good.
  15. Had an aluminum plate plasma cut by a friend and it got dropped off today. Fits perfect!!!
  16. Looks like a nice little rig!!!
  17. How many pounds of ore do I need to start with?
  18. I believe the problem lies in this wheel. I think if you loosen the pillow block bearing closest to the wheel and push the wheel down and tighten it back up.
  19. I have seen a mini bloomery somewhere and a d find it anymore. Anyone have any recollection of where I can find it?
  20. It is indeed magnetic. This is exciting stuff!!! I've been wanting to build a bloomery furnace.
  21. I may have found a source for iron ore. I will take a magnet to the sand I brought home and see if its magnetic.
  22. Can you show a picture from the drive wheel looking down the wheels?
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