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  1. Skull of wild boar in camouflage and sandstone for whetstone.
  2. Javelins,based on Germanic findings from Jutland swamps.
  3. 25 spears ... light and dark.......mostly Germanic ... Vimose, Nydam Illerup etc. The longest is 39 cm, the shortest is 18 cm. They all weigh ... like the picture ..... less than 5 kilos.
  4. Germanic spears based on the Vimose finds. The longest with an octagonal sleeve is 48.5 cm and weighs 330 grams. The other two have rounded sleeves, 39.5 cm and 38.5 cm long, and each brew 300 grams. The knife is a Germanic standard with a Vimose pattern from a single-edged sword. Blade 19 cm long, whole knife 30 cm.
  5. Przeworsk culture,spear,decorated,length 26.6 cm, width 3.4 cm, 2 cm hole, octagonal sleeve, weight 198 grams. And belt,Szurpiły, Poland,Bogaczewo culture,Roman period & spear,Nydam, Denmark. The belt is ... 13 cm wide! Spear, total length 29.5 cm, max width 4.5 cm, eight-wall sleeve 1.9 cm, weight 200 gram plus ornaments.
  6. Bogaczewo culture,warrior set plus oryginals. Main belt + knife + whetstone + spear with tip + two javelins + ax.
  7. Germanic knives. Smaller 24 cm, larger 32 cm. Leather + elk antlers + badger bones + bog oak + iron + linen twine + decoction of walnut leaves and oak bark. Pattern on a larger, one-sided, made by a stylus, hand-drawn, taken from an original dug in the interwar years near lake Jaśkowskie in Masuria, dated to the Roman period.
  8. The whole set,Germanic tribes,Roman period ...
  9. This time, Germanic hinged buckles from the first centuries AD and also a Germanic tomb set in production: knife,belt end, scissors, four-piece buckle, firestarter, spear.
  10. Small sickle utility knives & fibula, Roman period, the Baltic Sea basin. Iron fibula in the shape of blacksmith ticks, Marzabotto type. Fibula 10 cm,knives,largest 6 cm, the smallest 11 cm.
  11. Ibor


    Two knives from the Celtic-Germanic world ... "Brothers" ... both forged from one rod of welded-fibrous iron, of good quality, not delaminating. Both have cold vaulted cutting edges, to improve hardness ... as in an era. The decorated ridge is longer, 23 cm long, weight 126 grams. The shorter one has a square handle fully decorated, length 21 cm, weight 116 grams. Photos present individual stages of work. Hammer and file ... zero power tools!
  12. Thank you Alan! This is Germanic ceramics, Przeworsk culture.
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