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  1. Ibor

    ...life...in the forest.

    My cat and mouse too ... she was mine ... hahaha
  2. ... it is not a blade ... but maybe Moderators will not remove this post. I finished the hammer of a Swiss infantryman from the turn of the 15th-16th century. I made it to the museum as an original from the period, so I had to make it. The long one is 132 cm long, steel plus iron plus bronze and black oak.
  3. Ornamental plaques are belt at the waist and then hammered down with a wooden hammer, they hold very tightly. There are no rivets, no glue, etc. Roman belts were probably made. As far as I know this way, the Germanic tribes have just borrowed from the Romans. Here is a photo of a fire starter with a wooden handle, from the same period. They survived in such a wonderful condition because all of them lay in the swamps.
  4. ... and the whole set from the Iron Age: three spears, belt, flint and flint pouch.
  5. That's Alan! ƚliwowica and hammer and Gods in the Forest is this !!! ... and since we are talking about Gods, they have also given such spears, the one with three balls is the early Middle Ages, the other three are Antiquity, Germans, Illerup Aadal.
  6. Thanks Charlez, moonshine from plum.
  7. An early medieval spear forged during the full moon ... so very, very magical .... hahahaha .... The first were prayers to the Gods, then sacrifices, then to light up the magical fire, then to drink the magic fluid % ... and work ...hahahaha....
  8. Ibor

    Greece and Galia....spearheads...

    Thanks gentlemen! Caleb, sleeves are formed by hand, without mandrels. Robert, I want to make some movies, as you write .... but I do not know much about a computer and my son must help me in this ...
  9. Ibor

    Long Celtic lance head

    Length 57 cm, width 4.5 cm, hole 21 mm, weight 480 grams. Tip length 10 cm
  10. From the longest: 45.5 cm, width 28 mm, hole 19 mm, weight 240 grams. 36.5 cm, width 31 mm, hole 16 mm, weight 190 grams 27 cm, width 38 mm, hole 16 mm, weight 140 grams 27.5 cm, width 25 mm, hole 17 mm, weight 130 grams 24.5 cm, width 32 mm, hole 17 mm, weight 130 grams
  11. Ibor

    Celtic Iron 3

    A long and straight stone whetstone.
  12. Ibor

    Celtic Iron 3

    ...do you mean a final polisher, matte or flash?
  13. Ibor

    Celtic Iron 3

    And here's all ... what I have
  14. Ibor

    Celtic Iron 3

    O.k, there is no trouble ... I misunderstood.
  15. Ibor

    Celtic Iron 3

    ... I'm not a ninja ... and I do not like anyone mocking me !!! Thickness of the rod 20mm. Initially 27 cm with the sleeve ..... stretched to 40 cm length of the entire spear.