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  1. Give me eat, come eat !!!!!
  2. The new household member ... is doing well .. Saved from the claws of a Warsaw cat, he lived in the Carpathian forest.
  3. Ibor


    Nice P.S Did you do for her?
  4. Nicely done! There is a lot to see!
  5. Well .... Dear Sir! Salons! Congratulations!
  6. Ibor


    Thanks. Maciek, all the holes are pierced.I'm far from your mastering in welding ... but I'm learning! ... hahahahah
  7. Ibor


    Thanks Gentlemen! Dan,They are forged from modern and old iron.
  8. Ibor


    Antiquity and Early Middle Ages, axes. Four of the engravings are forged from old-welded iron.
  9. Thanks! Beavers are plundering the swamp, so I took some wood from them and did something like that .... Slavic mythology .... "Lel Polel and company" The brothers are 170 cm long ... Guardian spirits 250 cm each. Only an ax and a chisel.
  10. Slavic TRYGLAV 2 meters high. 1 meter around the perimeter. Ash tree. Started with the growing moon and finished today.
  11. In my barn scares!
  12. ... more of my fetishes! Spear & javelin ,island Oland off the coast of Sweden,dated 1 B.C - 1 A.D. Javelin with a hexagonal sleeve and decorative rims,spear hexagonal sleeve. Spear: Length 37.5 cm, width 4.2 cm, hexagonal sleeve 2.2 cm, weight 310 grams. Javelin: Length 18 cm, width 3.6 cm, hexagon sleeve 1.8 cm, weight 110 grams. Angon 48 cm. Spear with one barb, Nydam 38 cm. Javelins from the first centuries of our era, Northern Europe .... Vimose ..... 16 cm - 20 cm, including four with decorated sleeves.
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