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  1. Here's what the set-up looks like. I used a blower that I got from a grooming salon that went out of business and did things a little different due to power access. My burners started life as Zoeller sidearms and I just removed the mig tips and plumbed the air right into them. There's an air dump just before where the line splits that has an added boon of giving me a great place to stand when I get a little too warm. span widgepan widget
  2. Just converted from a venturi to blown and woah buddy, it made a huge difference in the temp I'm getting. I was able to get steal up to melting with ease. (May or may not have been intentional.) Looks like I'll be relining the forge this weekend.
  3. Sharing a link to a cool little hammer. The maker has given permission for people to make these for personal use. http://www.hammerfireforge.com/cricket.aspx
  4. I was also thinking nuts in the hammer handles for the set screws to lock into.
  5. I figure all hammers would have to be modified to fit into the receiver. I was thinking this could be used for light work, or if he learns to use the other hand for hammering this could be modified for holding tongs. One of the reins goes into the receiver with a strap attached to the other that could wrap around to a hook. He lost the index, middle and ring fingers.
  6. Ok this one is a little out there but here goes. Since getting involved in the smithing community I've started talking with a smith who lost three fingers on his hammer hand. Needless to say he was devastated. Since then I've been thinking of ways to get him back in front of anvil that won't drain the bank account. I've come up with a design that I'm hoping will work. I wanted to toss it out here before I moved from the design stage to the prototype build stage to see what feedback I could get. So here it is.
  7. Fellow Washingtonian here. I've seen a few popping up on craigslist in the are. I know there is one out in Monroe that is pretty banged up. If you don't have any luck let me know, I have some rail chunks and could get you set up with one to at least get you started.
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