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  1. @C Craft being from Arkansas is a whole other can of worms. The stuff I used is actually e6000, left a 0 off. It has a little less tensile strength than the epoxy I'm using, with quite a bit more elasticity. The idea was to approximate vulcanized paper to create a kind of expansion joint.
  2. I also subscribe to the Douglas Adams theory of English. I.e, one must occasionally poke it in the boob before running off cackling madly.
  3. Sober, but probably not right in the head. Yes, cardstock. Thick, high quality dyed paper of a sort that may be used as a substrate matrix for phenolics. It takes epoxy well, and it will be getting a coat of urethane when it's finished. I went with e600 for extra flex, but I would welcome a second opinion if anyone has experience with the stuff.
  4. Here's the scenario: I've constructed a guard out o a sandwich of aluminum and cardstock with e600 as the petrochemical fluffernutter. Now, my understanding is that this stuff is basically pro-grade rubber cement. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I'm having second thoughts. Should I swap out the fluff for a little epoxifal nutella?
  5. This one definitely made me stop and take another look. Other than a bit of unevenness in the ring, it looks incredible. Not saying I could do better, just saying I noticed it. It has a lot of what I consider classic American feel, and the karambit ring just kicks it up a notch.
  6. Like guard and pommel pieces, estuschion plates, etc. All the metal pieces that aren't the blade. I'm experimenting with using stacked pieces of thinner material for a guard myself, so I can't help much with the specifics, there, but it is a possibility.
  7. Hey, if nothing else, fittings.
  8. Alan, yeah, I should have dug a bit more before saying that. Found where y'all were talking about this very thing in 2010. I'm sticking with canola for a while after reading that.
  9. White vinegar should be fine. Cleaning vinegar is stronger, though, and I think cheaper. Canola works for stuff like 1080, maybe 5160, but Parks 50 seems to be ideal for anything. Get some as soon as you can.
  10. I know of Josephus, but I gave up studying divinity before I got to his work. I'm of vaguely Jewish ancestry, so I've looked into it some, but not much luck finding definitive designs, either. Thanks for the insight.
  11. I haven't seen Jewish iconography show up on knives much. Care to share the significance?
  12. Insane is definitely the word for it. It doesn't even look real. Alien, maybe?
  13. wip

    Ymmv, but I have found that I get about twice the working edge life with a convexed edge opposed to a straight v on my edc.