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  1. "Sovereign" Dagger.

    Watched your progress with this on Instagram. Ridiculous. The whole thing looks amazing, but especially the rose roll guard.
  2. Arkansas Knife Show

    By default. Cogito ergo sum does not a cognito make, unfortunately.
  3. Arkansas Knife Show

    I'm sorry to hear that. I'll try to get pictures of the good stuff for you.
  4. The sound of Blue

    I'd wear them proudly, sir. I had an inkling once, but it's been many years and more miles since then. . . .And Master Elodin refused to teach me regarding stone. He said I was too hot headed.
  5. first piece

    I think surface area plays a role?
  6. OK gang, decision question

    My first reaction would be to go for three, but, I'd also like to get my hands on two to see whay it can do.
  7. The sound of Blue

    "Once there was a boy with ruddy hair and fair eyes (so I'm told). The boy had a mother who sang, and a father who played. Between them, they lived everywhere and nowhere with a few others, and sang, and played, and boyed. Sometimes, under the auspices of their lord protector, they were paid to do the same. The boy had all the love his boy heart could hold, and more knowing than his growing mind could contain. All was well. In this well and good, they traveled, and the father heard. The old men telling stories. The young men humming axe falls. The children chanting out the rhythm of their ropes. Behind them all, fractures of a story. A sliver to the east, and a fragment to the north. He gathered them all in a pile in secret, to puzzle them out while no one was watching."
  8. The sound of Blue

    Since I don't have my materials yet, I figure I'd follow the trend, and share a bit of the myth behind my design. There's more to it, but that's all I've got time for right now. If you know the source, please don't spoil it yet. "I would tell you three things: the first is a lie, the second, a truth, and the third I cannot say falls one way or the other. There is a certain inn on the King's road owned by a man named Kote. This much, unknown to his patrons, is a lie. He was not always an innkeeper. This much must surely be true, if only when he was a child. When he was not yet an innkeeper, a myth took everything he loved, cherished and deared. Save one small token, and sadness the size of a mountain. Being a stranger here, I cannot say for certain off there is truth to be had there. But, if you would sit and hear a while, and perhaps spare a copper or two for a bit of cider, I'll share the story I've heard. True or no, you can tell for yourself. Either one or in the middle, I merit it's worth the price of a drink for a blind beggar, eh?"
  9. Arkansas Knife Show

    Are any of y'all planning on coming to this? https://arknife.com Things just fell into place last week for me to be have that weekend off, so barring bad weather, I'll be there. So, if anyone wanted to meet that one crazy guy who's probably distantly related to an actual knife maker, spj and I will be walking around there, getting our nerd on.
  10. first piece

    This is from a test I did recently. The grain is a tad bit bigger than I wanted, but it's close to what you want to look for. I did pretty much what JJ suggested, except I'd read to take it just above critical, right at critical, then just below before the quench heat. Either way, it's good practice to look for decalescense.
  11. Hunting Knife Critique

    Each one looks better than the last. Keep it up, man. For the handles, just remember there are no corners in your hands. Nature likes curves, and, imo, handles should lend themselves to as many possible grips as you can reasonably incorporate.
  12. Osage Orange

    This is the big guy. Looks like it used to say black diamond. I've got a few less aggressive options, and a baby wheel grinder as well. Gary, that is some lovely looking wood. The more I see, the more I'm looking forward to making this knife.
  13. KITH 2018 poll

    How did I forget HEX? I've read Soul Music a couple times, I should know that one.
  14. KITH 2018 poll

    And on the other end, you have Doctorow's nanobot-laced goose synthesizing gold.
  15. KITH 2018 poll

    Would this muddy the waters too much? "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."