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    Mystery Steel

    Hey guys, one of my business partners at the golf shop used to work as a machinist, and he gave me a big hunk of steel that he said was tool steel. I've never work with tool steel before but this think barely wants to let the grinder cut into it and the sparks are very minimal and dark orange in color? I dont know if this makes sense either, but when cutting it it feels very "mushy" against the grinder. Thanks, I'll post some pics of the steel and sparks.
  2. Jordan Hunt

    Sword heat treat

    Hey guys, I've made a bunch of knives, finally got set up for a sword and swung for the fences with a monster double edged blade about 38 inches long, made from a leaf spring, my question is I quenched and tempered the same way I do Bowies, and I know the sword should flex and it does with moderate force, but then the bend stays til I flip it over and straighten it. Is it too soft? Not springy enough? Thanks in advance guys.
  3. Jordan Hunt

    Antler Dyeing?

    Hey guys Google was no help, so I thought I'd go to the best source of info I've ever found. I do a lot of antler handles and I've tried wood stain with decent results but was wondering how you go about making that sweet burnt amber color for antler? Thanks
  4. Jordan Hunt

    Black Oxidizing Stainless Steel

    Hey guys, got a question that I need an answer to, and thought you guys would be my best option. I'm wanting to try and put a black oxide finish on stainless steel, the big golf companies do it on putter which are stainless, just wondering an easy in-house way of doing it? Thanks,
  5. Jordan Hunt

    Black Oxidizing Stainless Steel

    Hey Alan, little back story, I run a PGA training facility here in Paducah, KY and we're wanting to cut out the corporations that do refinish work on golf putters, I blacksmith and bladesmith as a hobby and thought heck I think I can do this. The finish were looking at is similar to this: Is this a bake on in your opinion or a hot oxide finish?
  6. Jordan Hunt


    Nice man! Personally I dig the subtle hamon.
  7. Jordan Hunt


    Great job Alex, I've done several blades with antler with that kind of shape and you're right they are surprisingly comfortable!
  8. Jordan Hunt

    New Project-Tudor Dagger

    Beautiful looking guard Gary, can't wait to see the progress.
  9. Jordan Hunt

    Dragon Seax

    Love that carving on the handle and the sheath! Great job!
  10. Hey guys, so I've been forging for several years now and just got set up for forge-welding, I read these forums everyday so I have seen a few posts about what type of steels to use, the problem is I'm not gonna drop a ton of money on steels, I'm mostly a scrap hunter. I want to do a damascus blade, I know normally you go with known metals that will offer a high contrast, I have some leaf spring, some mild steel, a massive industrial saw mill blade, several bandsaw blades and files and some stainless. My hope is that some combo of these metals will create a decently vivid contrast will forge welded. Anybody have a suggestion out of those materials? Sorry for the lengthy question, apparently there is wisdom in wine but only rambling and over-explanation in bourbon. Thanks in advance.
  11. Jordan Hunt

    Napped Finish?

    Hey guys, not exactly a "newbie", but I am finding zero information on how to create a napped finish on a blade; similar to how a flint knife appears. I have seen some work on here with a few examples but can't seem to find any details on how to achieve this result. Any advice you guys might have would be great thanks.
  12. Jordan Hunt

    Napped Finish?

    Thanks Wesley I'll check that out.
  13. Jordan Hunt

    New Bowie

    Gary I love bowies more than any other blade and always look forward to seeing your posts. Beautiful blade, especially the guard and buttcap. Handle checkering is really nice touch.
  14. Jordan Hunt

    Pig Sticking Bowie

    Thanks Hoy! Boar spear would've been awesome.
  15. Jordan Hunt

    Pig Sticking Bowie

    Hey guys, just finished this piece. As an avid hunter I saw an article on hog hunting with a knife by a guy in Alabama and was inspired to create a similar piece. The blade is forged from sawmill steel, the guard is mild steel, the bolster is walnut burl and maple. Blade is 10 and half inches long and scary sharp! The blade is pretty thin but I tried to make it for the simple purpose of thrusting and cutting into hogs, not chopping trees down. Thanks for looking!
  16. Jordan Hunt

    Bladesmith's EDC

    Love that green sheath, nice work on the handle carving as well man.
  17. Jordan Hunt

    First Laplander Puukko style knife

    Knife design I've wanted to try for a while now. The blade is 8 inch forged from large sawmill blade, with copper jigged guard,maple handle with hemp and whitetail antler. It came out pretty good, I cant wait to try my hand at a traditional sheath!
  18. Hey guys I am a new member and just wanted to post to kinda get my feet wet. I just finished this piece. Its a hidden tang chef knife with maple handle and walnut and copper spacers. Went with a rustic look upon the buyers request.
  19. Jordan Hunt

    First post and first hidden tang chef knife.

    Thanks Kris and Sam!
  20. Jordan Hunt

    First Chef Knife

    First hidden tang chef knife. Maple, walnut and copper spacers.
  21. Jordan Hunt

    First hidden tang Chef Knife.

    From the album: First Chef Knife

    Chef knife forged from leafspring. Hidden tang construction. Pitted spine with maple handle, walnut and copper bolsters with a little wood burning flair.