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  1. MacCrea

    Damascus Dagger

    Thanks for the kind words all! nsantella the "studs" are available at many leather supply stores, and are hammered together like a rivet. https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/sam-browne-buttons-washers
  2. MacCrea

    Damascus Dagger

    Thanks all! My most time consuming knife and sheath yet, but it sold in the matter of 8 hours. So I'm happy. I was hoping to pet it for a while but no luck there.
  3. MacCrea

    Damascus Dagger

    I made 2 billets - 16 layers 15n20 and 1095 forged out octagonal. Twisted one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. Forge welded those two together after a bunch of grinding, and forged the blade from that. After final grinding, engraving, etc. The blade went back to the coal forge for normalizing and hardening, then onto the oven for tempering. More cleanup and etching then it was time to make up the steel guard, bolster, pommel, and the African blackwood handle. Hours and hours later the veg tanned sheath. Blade length is 8" and overall length 13".videoplayback-dagger.mp4
  4. MacCrea

    Cable billet

    I've made a 3 other knives from the cable alone and seems to hold a good edge. It is EIPS cable(if I remember correctly-lost the link I had saved on it). One of my last knives was a 1095 and wrought iron San Mai.
  5. MacCrea

    Cable billet

    Forged out a 6" x 1 1/4" cable to approximately 20" x 1" x 1/8". Debating 2 knives just cable, or possibly 3 san maybe- cable/ 1095/ cable. Thoughts?
  6. MacCrea

    A couple of knives for an exhibition.

    Both really beautiful knives! I really like the antler handled one. Nice work!!!
  7. MacCrea

    My Mini Hydraulic Press

  8. MacCrea

    6" chef's knife

    Thanks guys! Yes it has a very nice balance. The pewter is cast in place. I carve the wood down so the pewter will act as a band to secure it, wrap area with a piece of index card and masking tape, and pour the pewter. It cools fast and will not burn the paper or the wood. Below is a picture of a pewter muzzlecap on a muzzleloader I built a while back.
  9. MacCrea

    6" chef's knife

    *6" cutting edge, 1/16" thick 1095 steel *11" overall length *Curly maple, pewter bolster & pommel, steel pins
  10. MacCrea

    Wrought Iron and 1095 Hunter

    Thanks all!
  11. MacCrea

    Wrought Iron and 1095 Hunter

    This knife has a 4 3/4" cutting edge and is 8 3/4" in overall length. The handle is curly maple from the firewood pile.
  12. MacCrea

    Tire Hammer Done

    Yes, UHMW polyethylene. The spring has steel bushings on each end and a rubber hose surrounding it. You can buy these plans for $35 (if I remember correctly) from Clay Spencer--- email- clay@tirehammer.com Plans do have a copyright. I believe he will send you a printed set of plans or pdf file once the payment has been made. I opted for the pdf file. He also has tire hammer workshops. Raymond Head (on youtube) has the rights for making parts as well as completed hammers. I did buy a good number of parts off him. Both Clay and Raymond were great people to deal with and happy to answer any questions that I had.
  13. MacCrea

    Tire Hammer Done

    Sorry about the video. I cannot get one uploaded. The guide tube has a high strength molecular plastic that the hammer runs against. I followed Clay Spencer's plans.
  14. MacCrea

    Tire Hammer Done

    Sorry. Only video I have at the moment...Technical troubles with my internet and my knowledge of video uploads.
  15. MacCrea

    Tire Hammer Done