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  1. thanks for the advice guys. I feel a lot better about passing if that's what you think based on these pictures. I just got overly excited because it was the first anvil I saw for what I thought seemed like a reasonable price. I'mI'm working in turning a piece of railroad into an anvil right now anyway. Do you think that would be a better option to start with until I can find a good anvil?
  2. So I'm in the market for an anvil. I'm talking to a guy on Craigslist that has an anvil roughly 50 lbs and around 14" long, 8" tall. He's asking $150, but I may have him talked down to $125. I'm just curious if the price is right at $125? I have absolutely no idea how to price an anvil. I appreciate the help. Thanks.
  3. Hello to all who read this. I am a brand new member, and am currently just in the process of getting setup to start forging. To be honest, I haven't ever forged anything, it just really interests me. I've always wanted to make my own knives. My question is what type of forge would be the best to start with? I found the following forge online after a little searching and it doesn't seem too unreasonably priced. I've seen cheaper and I have seen more expensive, but I thought one in between would be best. What I'm really looking to get out of my first forge is experience. And I'm only looking to make simple knives to start. I would eventually build my own, but only once I know how they work and how the best way to set one up would be. If anyone has any input on this brand or this particular forge it would be much appreciated. And I was also curious If someone could explain to me the 30k-BTU-burner (is it good? and how long it would last using a 20 gallon grill propane tank?) Thanks to all who comment. I look forward to getting started once I get the equipment that I need. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atlas-Mini-Forge-propane-knifemaking-forge-w-30K-BTU-burner-and-regulator-/112239039717?hash=item1a21f7d4e5#shpCntId
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