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  1. Auto Spell Correct?

  2. Auto Spell Correct?

    On iPhone Just go to settings > general > keyboard then switch off auto correct
  3. My latest and last work for awhile

    I will definitely have to check that out. It will be nice being in a place that there are a lot more blacksmiths, not like here when you tell someone your a blacksmith you get the “uh, wait what?” Response, or “oh there’s a show about you people now!”. I will probably be able to find a good anvil to
  4. My latest and last work for awhile

    Burnsville, right outside of Asheville. We will be in the mountains so it is cooler than most of NC. At least I will actually have a winter!
  5. Anvil I.D.

    I wouldn’t say that... if it’s got good rebound and works as it should, then it’s a good anvil! You don’t really need the brand to know if it’s good or not.
  6. My latest and last work for awhile

    1080 steel, bocote handle, egg aged copper fittings. this will be my last knife for awhile due to us moving out of Florida up to North Carolina, Finally getting out of the heat!
  7. Tanto forged from Gun Barrel

    That’s pretty slick! Thank you for Your vids they have helped me a ton, I had no idea you were on this forum.
  8. Help picking out my next hammer

    I use a 42 oz estwing blacksmith hammer for everything (no I dident buy it just cause it said blacksmith) I bought it because I love estwing... yes it does have a fiberglass handle, but it has been great. with the sizes you already have, I would go with something a bit heavier.
  9. Platen(sp?) cutting Q?

    I have a 2x42 craftsman. All I did was jb weld a hardened peace of 2” 1080 steel on top of the old platen... it’s likely the platen on yours is mild steel, so you would need to eventually upgrade it to a hardenable steel anyway. If you want to keep it with the original platen, then it really depends on how rounded the edges are. slightly round edges will give you a nice rounded plunge line, although I prefer square edges then use a flex belt to round the plunges.
  10. Water hardened drill rod

    Darn UPS always causing problems!
  11. New design

    I’m liking the lines of it, i wouldent ad a guard as it would break the lines like Joel said. It looks like a mini kukri, which kukris do not have guards either and are used for a lot more forceful tasks. they do however have the contours in the handle. i would not worry about slipping unless you plan on stabbing something or someone
  12. Spearhead

    I usually don’t like mirror finishes, but that one is perfect! I never would of thought it would fit a spearhead that well.
  13. sharpening and polishing

    ^ ^ ^ I second that
  14. Coal forge info

    I use an old rim, you can find instructions online pretty easy. It’s basically the same as a brake drum forge.
  15. Respirators. Which one do you use and why?

    That’s exactly what I’m using right now, seems like it works well. they also have the charcoal replacement filters for more chemical fumes.