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  1. Just finished making my mark, it is a monkeys foot. I don’t have my forge set up right now so I can’t test it on steel yet.
  2. I have to admit I was a bit quick on the first comment, when I said I would buy the 2x42, I did not put myself in your shoes as a beginner. I started out with a file jig. I made plenty of great knives with it, and I never ruined a single knife. When I upgraded to a 2x42 I got very frustrated with how many knives I ruined, and if I had been a beginner I may have given up on the hobby all together. listen to The others above, they gave you some great advice. Mason
  3. I would say a 1x42 is faster, but a filing jig would get better results. If I were you I would buy this sander https://www.ebay.com/p/Dayton-6Y945-Belt-Disc-Sander-1-3-HP-120V/15010154899?iid=252669438720&thm=10 it’s a 2x42 for $150. I have the same one and love it, I’m not planning on upgrading any time soon. A 2 inch belt works a lot better than 1 inch, keeps the blade steady and removes material faster.
  4. Here’s a pic from the princess auto reviews.
  5. Just to let you know, they have a 66 pound version of that anvil on eBay. they might not look exactly alike but if you look at the photos in the reviews for the princess auto anvil, they are in fact the same anvil https://m.ebay.com/itm/Round-Horn-75-LB-Blacksmith-Forged-Steel-Anvil-Rugged-Welding-Heat-treated/391995042242?epid=834909958&hash=item5b44b9a9c2
  6. I use JB weld. On my first couple of knives I used the 5 minute stuff, and the handles are falling off of all of those knives. I haven’t had a problem since I switched.
  7. Yes it looks like mine is washed out. Thanks for the info!
  8. it’s strange it looks like early Vulcans have thinner feet and a wider waist. later Vulcans have thicker feet and a narrower waist, but mine has thin feet and a narrow waist. Also I can’t find any without a Vulcan symbol
  9. Just cleaned it up today. I did find an A above the weight.
  10. There actually aren’t any numbers below the heel, The only castings on the entire anvil is the weight.
  11. I finally got an anvil! Its an early 100# Vulcan with absolutely no chipping got it for $275, probably a little much for a Vulcan but I knew with anvil prices skyrocketing, I could sell it tomorrow for more than I paid. there is no Vulcan symbol but I think that’s how the early ones are, right? thanks for looking!
  12. Man that things crazy! I remember seeing that same type in a post awhile back, don’t know which one though.
  13. Well Vern... most of us are gawdawful desperate for an anvil
  14. If anyone’s looking for an anvil, this looks like a pretty good deal https://greenville.craigslist.org/atq/d/100-year-anvil-78lbs-really/6497685173.html
  15. Here’s the thread made by Geoff Keyes all about alternative anvils As for belt grinders, the cheapest decent ones are craftsman 2x42, Kalamazoo’s, or a used 2x72. hope this helps!
  16. Thats awesome! I was looking for a coal supplier here.
  17. Yep Vern is correct . if you like anthracite coal then it’s great and cheap. But since then I found bituminous coal at Barberville pioneer settlement for 35 bucks for a 100 pound bag, it’s great stuff. http://www.pioneersettlement.org/blacksmithing--coal
  18. Thanks for the info guys! I will post some pics of the new shop once it’s finished.
  19. That’s exactly what I needed to know. an electrician will be doing all the work, just making sure i was getting what I need. thanks.
  20. Hey guys. im getting ready to build a new shop (a real shop) And I need some info on what kind of outlets I need, I’m very uneducated in this area. The only equipment I will run that will need a higher voltage outlet are a welder and a belt grinder... so wouldn’t that be 2 phase outlets? And a 2 phase outlet means 220v? If anyone could inform me in this that would be great. Thanks!
  21. On iPhone Just go to settings > general > keyboard then switch off auto correct
  22. I will definitely have to check that out. It will be nice being in a place that there are a lot more blacksmiths, not like here when you tell someone your a blacksmith you get the “uh, wait what?” Response, or “oh there’s a show about you people now!”. I will probably be able to find a good anvil to
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