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  1. Another thing to add is to make sure you heat it a good bit over non magnetic. I usually get it to a bright orange, maybe a little over, And that's in night time darkness.
  2. Thanks for the kind words and suggestions. I finally think my Knives are quality enough to sell just gotta get a makers mark.
  3. Hey guys, here's a little skinner I made. 1080 steel with bocote handle. First knife I've ground on my new craftsman 2x42, what a time saver! thanks for looking!
  4. Check this out http://m.ebay.com/itm/111954164096?_mwBanner=1
  5. Was not planning on it, I would probably slip and ruin the whole thing if I tried!
  6. That thing is sweet! It's pretty funny I'm currently making one very similar not quite as big though. great work!!
  7. Those are a great start! Im sure your first one was not as bad as my first!!! But I'm keeping it as a memory... a very painful memory good work!
  8. Yea it's only about 6 inches tall, so with the bridge that would only be about 4 inches of mass. Thanks for the input guys.
  9. Hey guys. first off I would like to say I'm not in the market for an anvil, I just found this interesting so the other day I found this 66 pound anvil on eBay that claimed it was steel, for only 139 bucks! At first glance I thounght it was just another ASO scam, but the more I looked into it I had second thoughts. Here's a pic and the link to eBay. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Round-Horn as you can see there is a review stating that it is cast 1045 but the hardening is a little spotty and there are some pits in the face, but overall he finds it a good deal. He also says that it
  10. Ok great! I think I'll switch to parks 50. Thanks for the info!
  11. Ok that's good to know! Same goes with an oil like parks 50?
  12. Hey guys. quick question here, just wondering how many Knives can I quench in the same oil? I use veggie oil, a half gallon at a time.
  13. I just use whatever's on my grinder, usually an 80 grit ceramic. I get every thing nice and even and square, then round it out with sandpaper. Works great for me, very quick and consistent. I wouldn't recommend rounding with the grinder, pretty easy the ruin the handle like that... at least at my skill level it is. Oh and of course you probably know that grinding the end grain will leave a burned look on the wood, it might also burn the belt like what happened to you but I've never experienced that. Good luck!
  14. That is a beatifull knife! May I ask what kind of dye is on the sheath?
  15. I modified the platen on my craftsman 2x42, JB welded a steel bar on the side to make it a little more beefy then JB welded a hardened 2" peice of 1075 knife stock I had laying around.
  16. Thanks for the great advice guys! cant believe I missed how long the guard is, I think the wide Ricasso threw me off. luckily this next Knife has a much shorter guard. thanks again!
  17. check out admiral steel if your looking to go the cheap route.
  18. Hey guys. here's my first stick tang, finished about a month ago. i have a 2 things to improve on. 1# no drop between blade and handle, I guess that would be the ricasso? 2# a little more sanding and rounding on the handle. and here it is! Im looking for brutal honesty! Any advice will be appreciated. i will post pics of my second stick tang which has the improvements I mentioned above... just gotta finish the sheath. oh, and here's a pic before glued thanks!
  19. Woah! That's some awesome work... and that Hamon is very clear.
  20. Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on... just wanted to show off my impulsive buy. Here's the pic from ebay its a vintage USA made wen 6" bench grinder 1/3 HP motor. It cost me about 65 bucks, looks like it's in awesome condition for its age, just ordered it so I haven't seen it in person. They seem pretty rare, I couldn't find any info on them. if anybody here knows anything about these let me know, id really like to know what year it's from and if it was a good buy, thanks!
  21. Thanks for the info guys! i already got the new block of wood done, it's MUCH better. I just drilled the hole then finished it off with a needle file. ill upload some pics when I'm done. thanks
  22. Hey guys. im currently making my first stick tang knife and I got a couple questions. 1. I used the burning tang in the handle method, the hole came out way to big, should I start over or does the large hole make it stronger with more epoxy? 2. I forgot the normalize the knife when heat treating, should I re heat treat or would that make it worse? thanks!
  23. that was a steal! for $7.50 you can't go wrong.
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