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  1. what kind of steel is this? sounds like you quenched it to hot but it all depends on the steel.
  2. i think the pizza is more beautiful!
  3. nice! I've been wanting to make a small skinner like that out of an old file
  4. for the anvil id recommend going to the junkyard and getting the biggest hunk of metal you can find, for the forge id say a leaf blower or hair dryer with a pipe running under and into a tire rim through the hole with a cap with holes drilled into it for the filter (use a pipe thats just small enough to fit through the hole, so that the cap will be big enough to sit on top of the hole) this avoids welding. and i started out with just a pair of old pliers as tongs, good luck! oh yea and make sure the pipes or cap are not galvanized
  5. i just tested mine today i get like 10 revolutions and i haven't even oiled it yet! i guess the Russain's make a good forge blower
  6. wow thats a really nice piece, i love how you left some of the cable in original form
  7. i got the stump anvil today, its a little beat up and the sharp part of the spike looks like it was broken off but it still works great! heres the pic from eBay, i was to lazy to take a new pic
  8. i love everything about that knife! its all perfect!
  9. i got mine new from Russia i think its mostly aluminum but i don't know about the gears
  10. it all depends on how YOU like your knife, some like a straight blade some like a curved one. personally i like a curved blade better but tend to lean more towards straight ones because of how hard it is to sharpen a curved blade.
  11. oh i got no problem with it being to cold, I'm in florida...
  12. thanks. it came with the thick stuff in it but it was damn hard to crank when i first got it, ill try the 30wt
  13. Hey guys. heres a knife i recently made up for sale. honestly i almost kept this one! here is a pic and the eBay listing for more info http://www.ebay.com/itm/322422788638?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 price: 200 or best offer
  14. hey guys. i have this hand crank forge blower and i think its about time to oil it... i got last year and haven't oiled it since, what type of oil do y'all recommend? not looking for anything fancy, just something easy that will work!
  15. love the style of the blade! really stands out
  16. thanks for the idea. but actually no need for it anymore! i just found and won a 6x6 stump anvil from eBay for $8.50! (with $15 shipping) but still a great deal.
  17. hey guys, so recently i posted about an anvil asking questions blah blah. anyway i had this idea of upgrading my HB anvil by welding a piece of flat leaf spring on the top, do y'all think this might work? it would just be temporary until i find a used anvil.
  18. Thats a good idea! especially since i never use the horn or hardy. do they still work good even tho they are so light?
  19. Thanks for the info. I've been looking for a used anvil for a while now and they just never come up, seems like there aren't many blacksmiths in my state... but ill keep looking! till then ill just struggle with my ASO... which is not even anvil shaped anymore! haha
  20. Howdy! I'm new here, so anyway I'm looking at 2 anvils right now, one is an NC 70 pound anvil. the other is one from eBay which is 5 pounds heavier, has a better center of mass, has a usable horn, and has a much larger surface area, and 20 bucks cheaper! but I'm a little scared to buy this unknown anvil from eBay. the nc anvil is $288 from centaur forge with 10% off my first order so it would be $259, and the eBay anvil is $240 (shipping combined). so anyway my question is done anyone have any information on this eBay anvil? should i go for it? heres this link. Table Top Shop ROUND HORN FA
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