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  1. well old + industrial = loud, but i know nothing about those motors. if i were you i would just try to block out the noise and hope it works. good luck!
  2. ouch , glad to see you back. just the other day i got my earbuds caught in the AG
  3. welcome! thats an awesome knife! i also love the contrast in the frame
  4. hes afraid people will think he's a wuss if he protects he's lungs... thats the kind of guy he looks like. such an idiot.
  5. man nice work on the stand! mine is just on a log with some RR spikes driven in all around the steel, so its kinda wedged in (wobbles a lot) i probably would not hammer any rebar in that, it would probably split the wood. and it looks pretty much perfect to me, so no suggestions here!
  6. nice! i love the curly oak one and the last one. i have some curly oak like that that i found out in my field, but it has a bunch of insect holes bummer.
  7. the belt sander is a good idea, and don't forget about the tongs! i would probably buy 3 sets. other than that... just look around. good luck!
  8. lets drop the bar even more! i just got my own setup in the beginning of 2016 so not much to show, but heres my favorite
  9. thanks for the info! good to know about the linseed oil. could i possibly sand with linseed oil to fill the voids? I like to use the same oil for all my applications.
  10. wow, this is my favorite yet with the ones you've shared lately. love the handle texture! and that guard is sweet! nice job!
  11. hey guys, i need some advice with finishing my knife handles. my current process is sanding with 400 grit paper then soaking it up with mineral oil, some handles have turned out nice some have not, it really depends on the wood I'm using. so i gathered up some info from the internet and found that i should sand with 600 grit then soak in water and rub down with steel wool to remove all those little (hairs) repeat this 3 times, then oil with boiled linseed oil and finally buff. does this sound like a good process? anything i should add? i do not want to do any wax or any coating. and id like to skip the buffing process, i don't really like that shine. Thanks
  12. very nice! i love that sheath, and the antler guards. what type of dye did you use on the sheath? thats an awesome color.
  13. heres a photo i found same email, same . between the first and last name, and sometimes my security won't even open my email! so i think it sounds legit. but still any random email like that is kind of weird. good luck!
  14. i love old fasioned straight grained scales, I'm sick of all the burl!
  15. nice job, i actually like that shape more! what kind of wood is that?