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  1. i remember reading the policies a while back, it seemed as long as you market it as a survival, utility, bushcraft etc. (not a weapon) your all good! and C Craft I'm one step ahead of you, i got a slide phone!
  2. king stones are also great!
  3. i love the simplicity of it! well done!
  4. one thing that helps me a lot is filing straight off the blade rather than an angle, and i do the same with sanding so i get straight lines. i only sand to 220 and I'm happy with the finish i get.
  5. you could probably find an over priced used one on ebay
  6. hey guys, heres a knife i just finished. my most favorite I've ever made 1080 steel walnut scales 1/4 copper pins scandi grind decorated tang 8 oz tooled leather sheath advice is welcome! thanks.
  7. here in florida we got it good on knife laws, you can basically carry any blade as long as its not concealed although i haven't checked the laws in awhile
  8. its actually really easy to pop that handle off if you want to make it more perfect, then you'd get some more handle practice before your next knife. and yes a vice is very important! i would not even attempt to make a knife without a vice, but it looks like you did pretty good without one. good luck on future blades!
  9. looks good! love the design on the blade. i learned on mystery steel also, now i use 1080 steel, really its pretty cheap for each knife!
  10. i think you should raise the price to 300$ and buy some real knife steel. you won't even know how to heat treat that blade.
  11. hey guys, i thought of this idea the other day. i think there should be a thread maybe in the beginners category that is for small questions so that one does not have to make a whole topic for just one question. the only problem i see with it is it might get cluttered with people quoting and disagreeing with answers, but still! it would be pretty cool. thanks.
  12. just recently i finally got it to work! really the only thing i was doing wrong was moving the coal around it likes to stay in its spot.
  13. well old + industrial = loud, but i know nothing about those motors. if i were you i would just try to block out the noise and hope it works. good luck!
  14. ouch , glad to see you back. just the other day i got my earbuds caught in the AG