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  1. I did a search in the forums for quench oils but didn't get anything. I was wondering if anyone has a good source for buying #50 or parks 50 quench oil. I was recommended to use this type from a local bladesmith but can't find anywhere to but it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for the advice guys! Seems to be curing nicely now! Just one more coat and some ITC-100 and I'll be ready to start a practice blade!
  3. Ok so at what point after I place the next coat on should I fire up the forge to cure. Should I leave it dry over night again?
  4. Also when I fire up the forge it seems to smoke unless it's just water vapor. Or is it burning the satanite?
  5. Thanks. I mixed to the consistency of sour cream. I probably applied about a fairly thick coat for the first two coats. I have another 5lbs bag left to mix and apply.
  6. Hello guys newbie here. I recently built my first forge and am now to the point of coating the Inswool with satanite. I put my first coat of satanite on and let it dry for a couple hours and then fired up the forge for about 20 seconds. It seemed to have burnt it and left a black mark under the burners. It was real hard then so I decided to put another coat on. I let it dry for about an hour with my propane heater next to it until it was dry to the touch. I then ran the forge for about 15 seconds. It seems to have done the same thing. Am I not letting it dry long enough before firing up the forge. Should I start over or let it dry overnight and then do another coat? Just want to get this done right the first time. I've only done two coats so far. Thanks
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