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  1. 3 minutes ago, Alan Longmire said:

    Tire irons are fine.  Lowes doesn't sell anything bladeworthy except files, but their "weldable steel" is okay for practice and is the same stuff as that piece of pipe, minus the big hole in the middle of course.  You can get it cheaper from any welding shop.  If you want real blade steel, you can order some 1075, 1084, or 5160 from Aldo Bruno, newjerseysteelbaron.com for a few cents more than crap steel from Lowes.  If you insist on scrap, find a spring shop and ask to buy thier unused drops or cutoffs.  used leaf spring and coil spring can work, but there is a chance of fatigue cracks, and you won't know if they're present until it's too late.  Leaf springs are also wider and thicker than you may want at first, but you will learn to move tough steel!

    Awesome! Thanks for all the help, and patience I'm sure lol! I'm going into this as a hobby not anything super serious, at first,  so I'd like to repurpose some items just for the uniqueness. I've seen knives made from railroad spikes, files, horseshoes, etc that people had laying around and thought they were neat. 

  2. It's free to me is the only reason I am going to use it starting off. I'm not worried about the knife holding an edge, or hardness right now, just trying to get the fundamentals of moving metal around into a knife. I have an old tire iron I was going to use as practice also, maybe that's a bad idea too?

    What would I look for at a Lowes for a knife metal?

  3. Ok, just found out that it's Carbon Steel ( A106 Grade B ) schedule 160. Anything I should know about it other than that or any tips/advice on how to work it? 0.30% Carbon content (good/bad?)  


    I have plenty of patience, lol. My outside hobbies are my only 'me time' with two kids and a wife B)  Thank you for the reply!

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  4. I'm just starting off, and I mean literally as in this evening I will start my first knife. Depending on the answer to this question though, lol. 

    I have a small pipe to use but I'm not exactly sure what it is or if it's even useable for a knife. It's stamped "3/8 S160 A1068 S W 21397". Now the A1068 could be 6B or 88 it's kinda hard to make out and the W after the S is really compressed so it may be just a shape that to me looks like a W. What metal is it and is it okay to use to make a knife? I have access to a plentiful supply of it, so hopefully it is lol

    And before I get possibly reprimanded for using a pipe, since I don't have flux, this it just a knife to get a little hands on time making lol. I have just basic tools for forging/knife making, no fancy pneumatic hammers, power tools, etc and a DIY forge I have thrown together (and used before just melting aluminum cans but it will get to temperature for a lot of other higher melting point metals, I've done it before out of boredom/curiosity lol). 

    Apologies for the long post!


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