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  1. Where are the best places to get wood for handles? Ive had mixed results on eBay. Id like to experiment with some stabilized wood.
  2. I'm still a little confused what to look for in a band saw that will cut metal not wood? Its sad ive used band saws for both, but they were all huge industrial and I never knew the details of them, just how to use it.
  3. Alright, I am getting really tired of hand drilling and using cut off wheels to cut material. I would like to start keeping an eye out for a drill press and band saw that will cut or survive drilling .5" thick chunks of steel. What are things to look for in these tools such as engine hp, speed, etc. ?
  4. Would two flat plates the size of the knife work or do you need it setup so as to over correct ?
  5. Thanks for all the replies guys. I have a long ways to go lol. Not that I didn't expect that, but wasting materials that are somewhat expensive considering shipping is always a bummer.
  6. How do you go about quickly straightening it without cracking it? Doesnt the steel become very hard but brittle before the tempering part of the process?
  7. Thanks for the info guys. I just realized this time I didn't preheat the canola oil. I did clean off the blade in am area before the file test, but the file still left marks on the blade.(not deep ones) Unless that is normal..
  8. Worked on a couple blades today and lets say it didn't go so well. Made a 5 inch blade and a kukri ish style blade ) probably 16 inches long) out of 1095. Managed to crack the big one during hardening and slightly warp the smaller one.....and singe my beard when forge went out and reignited shooting a perfectly timed flame out. Not entirely sure where I went wrong with the process. Started with the long blade. Heated just above non magnetic, and quenched in canola oil....didn't seem to pass the file test. Put through a normalizing run and let it cool for a couple hours. Then did
  9. Yeah with the handle pins I made them all perfectly centered with relation to the center of the curves of the handle, not each other. Next time I will do them all in a straight line.
  10. Alright so I finished my first knife and sheath a little while back, but with moving things have been a little crazy. For the mods if my pictures are too large or wrong take this down. My laptop got damaged I'm the move so I cant edit sizes from my phone. This was my first attempt at any of this so constructive criticism is welcome. The blade is 1095 steel. Sheath is 3.8 mms leather (used brown and black dye for weathered look to hide color imperfections in the leather) Blade length: 5.75" Width: .156 Handle is figured black walnut.
  11. Thanks they are 3/4 inch burner pipes. As for psi I'm not entirely sure as the regulator does not have a pressure gauge. The designer of the burner said he runs it around 12 psi. I'm wondering if its too much, or maybe the wind or maybe my burner tube depth. The pipe I insert the burner tube into is 1/2 inch into the forge body, but there is another inch or so of inswool and kastolite.
  12. Alright, so I ran the forge for the first real time actually using it today. Heat treated a knife, annealed a couple rasps, and everything seemed all good. Then decided to try and melt down some brass in a crucible. It was taking awhile but the brass was finally starting to melt, when one of the burners was starting to get hot and discolor. I shut the forge off because it was starting to nake me nervous. Heres a link to the forge It was the first burner in the line that started turning blue. Any ideas if and what is wrong? Maybe not putting them deep enough into the forge or too
  13. Alright so I finished my forge, and picked up a crucible that will fit it it. I plan on melting down some scrap brass to make some bolsters and guards out of. Is there anything I should know going into this ? Ive seen ingot forms made out of graphite and clay, but will say a steel or stainless steel mold work to pour into?
  14. I used the insulations recommended and purchased by Wayne Coe. (Inswool, kastolite, and metrikote)
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