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  1. Definitely. Thanks for sharing the ride Gary.
  2. What Joshua said. That really works.
  3. FWIW, I’d say go for it
  4. That came out quite well. In some photos the handle looks a bit blocky but not so much in others. It may just be the way the light reflects in some photos. Again, it might just be the light but I like to pull the sheath stitches in hard so the compress the leather and sit slightly below the surface. It stops them rubbing and fraying. All in all good work.
  5. Hi Cal. What sort of speed were you grinding this at? I tend to have to stop shy and go to hand tools as I melt my spacers a little on the grinder. Nice knife BTW
  6. Thanks Joshua. Very interesting watch.
  7. Hi Dallon. Unfortunately I can’t help and I guess a lot of people are kinda busy with Christmas. Perhaps @timgunn or someone else who knows about these things might stop by. Have you contacted Auber directly? I seem to recall someone saying they are quite helpful with technical enquires.
  8. Thanks Joshua. Happy solstice and prosperous new year to you and yours.
  9. Thanks Brian. Hope you have a good one. Same to everyone else here. Hope you have a great Christmas period in whatever way your definition of this might be.
  10. Gerhard, can you get rhynowet sanding paper over there? It is about 4 (or more) times faster than the big box store brand. I’ve only used the standard but apparently the redline is even better.
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