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  1. This looks like the kind of project to make a man dig deep into his vocabulary whilst doing it. Well done for pulling it off well. How did you do those decorative rivets? Or are the inlays? In which case, how did you attached the handle to the tang?
  2. Now THIS is how necrothreading should be done
  3. Congratulations Josh. Very well deserved mate.
  4. The weight plate is a good idea. I plan to roll the vice around on the edge of the disk to move it. My ‘table’ is about 6x6” but I’ll be making a bigger one on the new stand! Might even add a rod around the edge to hang tongs, etc. on come to think of it. Add: thanks Alan, that’s good info and photos will be great.
  5. Hi Gilbert. Nice find. I’m going to make a new stand for my post vice and am keeping an eye out for the parts. Basically I’m planning on fixing a post onto a cultivator disk (when I find one) and then mount the vice to that. That should allow me to tilt and roll it if I need to move it. Someone suggested I use a tire rim instead but I prefer the domed disk idea as I should be able to easily put a foot on it to help hold it steady if I need to.
  6. Hi Ruggero. Coming along nicely. What are you using to punch in the runes?
  7. Cool. Keep us updated with your progress. We may have some useful ideas yet
  8. Hi Kerry. I’m afraid I don’t have any useful input. I just didn’t want you to feel ignored
  9. Have a look down in ‘The Business End’ under Discussions. There are quite a few discussions on platforms to use etc. You’ll have to sift through it a bit though.
  10. I thought he did horror movies
  11. let me hear you say that once the bug has truly bit
  12. That quench must stink more than getting the goat horn shavings.
  13. Well, this is kinda an ‘or’ situation. More air flow is ‘hotter’, less is ‘longer’. There are a lot of fire management videos on YouTube that are worth a watch. A couple of photos of you current setup may help; both cold and clean to see the firepot and also one or two in operation.
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