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  1. I think that is an excellent sheath for a first Chris. You are too hard on yourself. Onwards and upwards.
  2. idea interesante con las asas. Buen trabajo
  3. @Dave Stephens, I was chatting to this doctor I know and he thought the kettle bells could work quite well with another design and only slightly modified:
  4. You’re welcome. The offer stands anyway. I’ve always found their customer service super-helpful and happy to give advice (though I’ve never tested their knowledge on home-forge building).
  5. @Richard Medlock Hi and welcome to the madness. I get my refractories from Vitcas. They are based in Bristol which is hopefully not too far depending on where in Somerset you are. I bought a large box of blanket last time and still have several meters left for future use. You can have a piece but I’m based in Essex so not sure what would work best for you. Give them a call or let me know how large a piece you need and when you can collect. I also have some refractory left but that is much more difficult to figure out how much you will need.
  6. Thanks Zeb. Good to know.
  7. It would take a bit of maths (and I’ve only had one cup of coffee) but you could potentially cast a shell out of aluminium or bronze and then cast lead into a central cavity to get up to weight?
  8. Wat praat julle nou? Dis ‘n baie mooi mes. Practicing my Afrikaans .
  9. Other than the white bar at the top which now makes the logo look a bit ‘stuck on’, I quite like it. Thanks for keeping the site running.
  10. Nothing says quality like standing the test of time. Nice knife to boot.
  11. That is a very interesting chair Geoff and actually looks quite comfortable. What is it made off?
  12. Also nowadays most of my mass seems to be directly under my face. I really need to get exercising again
  13. I love the fact that you have not only drilled more holes for tooling but also left space for more holes. You definitely know how this is going to go. Good on ya
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