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  1. @Garry Keown has some nice short videos on YouTube that will help.
  2. I found it better to drill the hole for the burner after placing the kaowool lining so by looking into the forge mouth I could better see where it was supposed to go. Remember to allow another half inch or so for the KastOLite.
  3. Normally I log in and it’s dark but just had a look. It is daytime and there is a chick rooting around in there. Actually, looks like 2 (sheltering from the wind a bit). Yeah, 2 chicks now being fed some fish.
  4. Good to see you back.
  5. Also, the wind (even if only a bit of a breeze) can do that. Congrats.
  6. My ‘mount’ is simply a close fitting hole through the body of the tank with a slightly wider hole in the blanket. This inner hole is then coated with the refractory which brings it to the same size as the outer hole. The burner just rests in the hole.
  7. Thanks Theo. I must need more coffee. Took me about half a minute to figure out you weren’t referring to hand-files .
  8. Sleeping again. Think I’ve found a new hobby.
  9. Heck Jeremy, someone stole parts of your shirt
  10. Hi Mat. I can’t offer any perspective on the business-owner side of things but I can give you one from where I sit as a hobby-bladesmith. If I were to have to isolate, I can think of no better place than my workshop so will hopefully get some things done. I may even be able to build up some stock as, though people are hanging on to their money at the moment, that money will hopefully be available after this to spend on some nice items (plus the money people will have available from not having to buy all the things they stockpiled ). Of course there will be a dip also due to people not getting money in during this time so market recovery is likely to be a slow process. Obviously one should try not to flush the market with under-priced items when it does pick up but needs must. I think your idea about online demonstrations, hammer-ins, etc sounds great. With reduced social contact we will have to turn to the web to get our fix and though this isn’t as much fun as being there, it is better than nothing. Potentially buying the edited video afterwards could give you (the presenter) another stream of income (though I know nothing of this sector). Every challenge is a new opportunity if you don’t sit and stare at what you lost. By their very nature challenges aren’t easy but isn’t facing and finding creative ways to overcome challenges what we do as bladesmiths?
  11. That’s kinda why I asked. I looked on fleabay and it lists 15 different shades. Made by Liberon. Maybe we have more of a selection (that’d be a first).
  12. Any particular shade/colour Chris?
  13. You might want to replace the @-sign with the word ‘at’ to prevent the spam-bots getting your address.
  14. Hmmm. Let me know how that goes. Personally, as I’m sitting here with my stiff, stained fingers I can’t help but wonder if beer = better hand sanding. Might just try that.
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