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  1. Lovely package Jake. I think that ferrule/bolster and spacer finishes it off beautifully.
  2. That looks awesome John (though a foot-switch option may be required). Financially speaking it’s probably just a pipe dream for me at the moment, but I would definitely want to know the price of one once you have it sorted. Thanks.
  3. No jigs as far as I’m aware but my grinder was made by Alistair at Downland Engineering and I’ve been perfectly happy with it.
  4. No ideas but watching...
  5. Not if you use it on bird and trout, no
  6. Hi @Rio hendiga. Sorry for the late reply. Hope these might help (the second one is a closer match): Good luck.
  7. Late, I know, but congrats Gary. Very well deserved.
  8. Any update on this, Eric? I’m curious.
  9. All good suggestions. I don’t (didn’t) like Brussels but the GF loves them. We settled on this recipe for Christmas (which I do actually like - especially with some Frank’s Buffalo Hot Sauce on). Nice knife Austin.
  10. Cool. Let us know how you get on.
  11. Nice work Faye. Lovely knife that I for one would love to own. One small point is, I believe, the blade is a trailing point. I’ve always gone by the diagram below which I found a few years ago when I first started making knives.
  12. Cool. Are you going to polish it?
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