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  1. Now that is a knife Matt. If I had the dough it wouldn’t get to the table (and that is with the injustice of the video clip).
  2. Hi Jake Sorry for a slight hijack (I know this isn’t answering your original question; I know nothing about magnetic solenoids) but I have to ask…Your forge is quite an interesting one. So you have 4 offset burners coming in the bottom. I assume the flames pass through the shell and inner lining coming out of the floor. If the floor is level with the bottom of the opening and the holes straight, it looks like the flames will come out in a straight line in the bottom. Is the work heated directly by the burners? Could you perhaps, when you get a chance, also post a photo of the
  3. from: https://i-ate-nt-dead.tumblr.com/post/186312219753/the-eater-of-socks-looked-up-at-the-wizards
  4. Beautiful work Richard. First thought as I started looking was “Legolas will be jealous”
  5. It’s that little step down from the back heading to the tip. Looking good.
  6. The real stuff, mind you. You can also scrub them with half a lemon. It works with blackthorn stains anyway.
  7. Have you tried washing them in lemon juice? Very nice handle.
  8. Yeah. Can see them now. Just like mine minus the hardened edge.
  9. Well done (seriously). Making your own tools is very satisfying. Can’t see the pictures for some reason. Not to rain on your parade, but I think most of us are familiar with them. I have a home made one but it could do with upgrading. I made the body out of some mild steel bits then welded some carbon steel on the guide edge, heated and quenched. Bit more durable edge than plain mild but not as good as carbide. Type the following into Google and it should show you some of the treads for them (also a useful function to find other things on the site. site:bladesmithsforum
  10. I don’t use any sugar either. The fermented peppers are great as sauces (or relish). I sometimes also add onion for a slightly more pickle-taste but I also play around with them after they have finished fermenting. For example, I might add some lime-juice, fresh herbs, tamarind paste, fruit juice, whatever I think will work. I’ve had this restart the ferment though which caused a friend to have chilli sauce across her kitchen floor and half-way up her wall so now I let them sit for a bit longer to make sure there is no restart before bottling.
  11. Now there’s something you don’t see. What a beast. I like it.
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