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  1. Okay, I’ll bite; what’s the last photo for?
  2. Fair enough, glad it’s not an issue.
  3. Wait... your name isn’t Alvin Prince . Oh well. Seriously though, absolute excellent work. There is nothing not to love about this dagger. Into the inspiration folder it goes.
  4. Looks okay from here. Being right handed I would personally prefer it in mirror image as I often use the ‘slack’ portion of belt at the top and not sure I would like reaching over the machine to do so.
  5. Thanks everyone. I hope to get back in the shop soon and give these a try.
  6. Yes, that would work. Thanks Jim.
  7. Not too worried about magnetic north but new moon and full moon after the equinox seem to be pretty good (if quenching in unicorn blood of course).
  8. Evening all. I’ve wracked my brains and applied my Googlefu but to no avail. Does anybody know how to make a wire spring handle such as those found on chipping hammers? Thanks.
  9. No worries. Post a photo of what you decide to make.
  10. Just do an image search for forge stand. Below is a nice looking one. They are usually quite simple but you can make it as elaborate as you want (bearing in mind it has to be practical). Mine is just a converted trolley. It has some shelves and I can wheel it about. I’d personally not put the bottles under the forge for various safety reasons.
  11. Sorry @Anthony Guarnera, no help as I’ve not made my own rivets like this before but would you be willing to share some photos of your process? It sounds quite intriguing. Thanks.
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