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  1. The GF just introduced me to this bit of British culture I missed
  2. Cool. Good start. The folding over at the handle can lead to cold shuts (voids) in the steel. These could act as stress risers, etc. causing failure. You need to concentrate on keeping your hammer blows centred and also flatten these out from the flat side as they develop (hammer on the edge, turn 90’, hammer flat, repeat) to stop this happening.
  3. http://www.horsesoldier.com/products/edged-weapons/bayonets/19946 https://www.cowanauctions.com/lot/36-sharps-nm1859-rifle-with-matching-numbered-bayonet-3927581
  4. No, but this might help: On the main page, top right, click on unread content. This will bring up a list starting with the most recent post. If you click on the black dot (or star if you have posted anything in that thread) between the title and the last poster’s icon it will take you to the first unread post of that thread. Pictures will tend to push that down a bit so you may have to scroll down in some threads but there will be a blue line separating the read and unread content. Clicking the back button used to the also clear the post you have just looked at but now it stays there until you click refresh/reload.
  5. Nice antler Joshua. Just as an aside. Bones and antlers should not be given to dogs as chews. It is one of those old habits that hang around as ‘natural’ after we have learned better. The FDA has this to say about it (bones) and here is a vet-dentist information piece about the dangers of antlers. Leave the antlers to us knife-makers guys.
  6. You’ll get there David Read all the pinned topics in the various sections. Great information there. If you are able, I can’t recommend taking a class highly enough. Where are you based?
  7. I’ve had that bacon too. I think it’s because martensite is a little longer than austenite so the only way the expansion could go was sideways. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  8. Not quite: 1. forge 2. heat to just past the phase change decalescence and allow to cool (recalesence) to black repeat this twice more (Thermal cycling/normalising - this is best done with a baffle-pipe). 3. grind 4. Repeat step 2 once (normalising) 5. place piece in a tube (baffle tube) and heat to just past decalescence (the temperature varies by steel) immediately quench in preheated canola oil 6. place in preheated oven at 180c / 350f (with thermal mass) added for two hours. Let air cool to the touch, repeat once or twice (tempering) 7. finish grind/sand There are some articles on this site about the baffle tube and also on decalescence (the shadows in the steel). You can use the search bar or a google site-search to find them. Good luck.
  9. Nice Garry. Really getting there. Mind you don’t leave anything on the anvil next to it when using the treadle hammer. Things are bouncing and shifting on there.
  10. I realise it’s the elephant in the room but is it meant to be kinked?
  11. Charles dP


    Sorry for your loss JPH. Wishing you the best in this difficult time.
  12. Hi Ben and welcome. Could you perhaps add some info such as dimensions and intended use for each knife? Thanks
  13. Also, the colours are unreliable and can be affected by residues on the blade (Jerrod’s taught me well).
  14. Nothing like being there David. Either way you will learn loads and really climb up that learning curve.
  15. Sounds like a pretty good score really. Welcome aboard.
  16. The safest option (if you can keep the blade cool enough and have the width to do so) is to make a narrower blade. The edge is getting pretty thin and though you may be okay you may also get a crinkle cut edge when you quench. If you do want to reHT, have some heavy pieces of metal half clamped in your vice so you can clamp the edge straight from the quench. YMMV.
  17. This video might shed some light... plus it’s quite cool.
  18. Thanks Brian. Saved me a few bob there.
  19. Wow Maciej. I can see why it’s a favourite project.
  20. Seems to be a lot of blue in that blade. We’re there any Orcs or Goblins nearby? Wish my dad had given me a blade like that... probably best he didn’t . Looks nice.
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