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  1. Charles du Preez

    Simple Sgian Dubh

    Man I’d love to see that one IRL. Looking good.
  2. Charles du Preez

    In todays post

    I second that. Nice Garry
  3. Charles du Preez

    Help me finish this. Carving/lil bushcrafter WIP (edited)

    Best to temper straight away to relieve stress in the steel. More important in Damascus but still good to do in monosteel.
  4. Charles du Preez

    Another W.I.P. blade in the works...

    I’d like to see a poll on how many of us are “outsiders”
  5. Charles du Preez

    A bunch of pattern weld kitchen knives from this year...

    Bloody hell Salem. Thank you for posting those. Man oh man those are nice.
  6. Charles du Preez

    Another W.I.P. blade in the works...

    I agree with Billy. Since you have all the equipment you need at the moment, use your next cheque to get lessons of some sort. Acquisitus is all fine but you now need to acquire knowledge. I suspect I learned more in one lesson than I would have taught myself in 10 knives. Probably more.
  7. Charles du Preez

    Integral Chef forging WIP.

    Is that a new pinning-time record? Keep it coming Salem, thanks.
  8. Charles du Preez

    Carving knife WIP

    Darn. Well there goes my joke
  9. Charles du Preez

    Carving knife WIP

    Cool. Looking forward to seeing this one complete.
  10. Charles du Preez

    "The Moose Hunter" - Multibar Hunter

    Nice. Definitely suits the knife well.
  11. Charles du Preez

    Best beginner steel

    Lol, you never know: Worcester, Massachusetts; Devon, Pennsylvania; Birmingham is in Alabama .
  12. Charles du Preez

    Refining Bloomery Iron into Hearth Steel with Hurstwic

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting Emiliano.
  13. Charles du Preez

    Best beginner steel

    Hi Jason Unless there is an Exeter Devon in the US I’m assuming you are in Devon U.K. Our steel has different names/classifications to the US steels and (to my mind at least) make a lot less sense that the US version. EN42J, for example, is equivalent to 1075 and not a terrible steel to start with. 1084 I think is CS80 and is often recommended for beginners. I had an article by @owen bush bookmarked somewhere which gives the U.K. equivalents but can’t for the life of me find it. eBay isn’t bad for finding anvils and bits. It seems half of them are in Cornwall anyway. If you search the internet for ‘en42j steel’ you will find a few U.K. suppliers.
  14. Charles du Preez

    I want to be a knife blacksmith.

    Welcome Sejin. I’m looking forward to seeing you progress.
  15. Charles du Preez

    "The Moose Hunter" - Multibar Hunter

    Very nice again. What does the inscription say?