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  1. Love the shape Wes and that handle is a truly beautiful.
  2. A weapon is only a weapon if used as such. The blade in the hands of a surgeon saves lives, the hammer (or any other tool) in the hands of the killer takes them.
  3. Not just the USA C Craft; the "modern world" I'm afraid.
  4. Amazon UK has one left. Pretty pricey. EDIT: Use GEzell's recommendation. Much cheaper than here
  5. That's a beautiful little knife Austin
  6. Also just watched the video you put up. Excuse the noobness but could you please tell me about that power hammer you are leaning on or at least what it's called so I can get more info? Thanks.
  7. Congrats James. This aired in the U.K. 2 days ago and I just finished watching it. Well done.
  8. You just got me Googling "faltering hammer" . Flattening hammer. Thanks Karim; I've seen them on e-bay it times. I take it is is either a two man or crotch-vice job.
  9. Ah. Thank you Wes. So for a smoother Brute de Forge finish, should I be looking at something like a roller press to finish with or will this not work? I'm afraid my hammer work is still quite far from giving a smooth finish
  10. Hi peop's Not sure if this question should be here or beginners but here goes anyway. My search attempts seem to give me much too non-specific answers as I do not know what terms to tell the engine to search for. When you buy mild steel, its outer non-cut surface is that blue/grey colour which seems to offer a fair amount of rust protection. Is this ferrous oxide, a coating or what? Also is it possible to reproduce this type of coating either on mild steel or tool steel without some sort of industrial setup? Thanks for the help. Cz
  11. That is one beautiful knife. My precious
  12. Illegitimi non carborundum
  13. Finished watching it yesterday. Thank you Jesus for posting this for us to see. I am in awe.
  14. Beautiful James. Like the St. George in pic 3
  15. Welcome Christian I do have a concern about fire inside a wooden box. The flames coming out of the gas forge if you are running it in a reducing environment (dragon's breath) have to be taken into account when positioning it. Make sure you check out the safety section of the forum. There is a pinned thread on tong making in the tools section. As a first project I made a pair of tongs from reading and YouTube videos but 2 days ago I went to a local blacksmiths to show them what I made. They quickly relit the forge and in about 45 minutes taught me more about technique than the videos ever could. You can make a set of tongs from a relatively long piece of mild steel by forging either end of it and then, once drawn out, saw them off, refine the heads and voila. I have a coal forge and anvil under barbecue covers in the back garden so am at natures mercy for forge time.... until we buy a home.