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  1. Looks good from here Philip. Not too sure about the bevels on the last 2. You might want to make the photos a bit larger if you want any useful critique.
  2. Mine meets all down the length but wherever I place something, it grips more on the right so downward pressure makes things rotate.
  3. Looks good. Well done and good luck.
  4. Nerve racking doing something destructive like chiselling on an otherwise finished handle though.
  5. @C Craft, I appreciate this is some serious necrothreading but the link is dead and I also have some slight jaw alignment issues. Do you happen to have a picture of what you were referring to? Thanks if you do, no worries if you don’t.
  6. Wow. That wood is something else. Not heard of it before.
  7. Gorgeous piece. Just one question: the frog?
  8. “If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done.” - Rita Mae Brown
  9. Been a bit stuck for time. Might still make the initial deadline but an extension would be welcome.
  10. It does look used and possibly older than than a few weeks. The handle has lovely grain and I like the colour too. What I meant (and I mean this to be constructive, not negative) is that you stopped working on it a bit early. The false edge on the top for example, looks ‘squashed out’ where it rises above the spine then drops back in line. The line doesn’t look straight or deliberately curved - like you forgot to grind it back straight. Could just be the photo though but you did mention odd curves - I suspect this is one? Also to my eye the file teeth should be visible in a whole area or not at all, not just a few random spots. Personally I think your sheath is very decent for a first. What I really like though is the bolster. That groove is a very nice touch. I found this book quite useful from a beginner sheath making perspective (sorry, I don’t see it on Amazon.nl). I probably wouldn’t have bought the second volume if I’d been able to look through it in a shop. Hope it can help you too.
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