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  1. Starting a smithy...

    Before asking, just google site:bladesmithsforum.com gas forge. There is plenty of information here. Please have a look around and read the pinned threads especially.
  2. new pattern

    Whoa. That’s quite something
  3. Three unique Kiridashis

    Nice work there Jonas
  4. Holy burn batman!

  5. Holy burn batman!

    Not tried them yet but: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mechanic-Arm-Sleeves-KEVLAR-14-Heat-Burn-Resistant-Leather-Welding-12/262833747639?hash=item3d321cb6b7:g:-QoAAOSwqrtWom7l
  6. A Scary Day Here at the Old Homestead

    Might want to let them know. Nothing like this to keep one on their toes.
  7. Samples of my work.

  8. Antique Briarwood Walking Stick Sword Restoration (Very pic heavy)

    Excellent stuff James. Very informative. Thanks for posting.
  9. Custom Anvil for Knifemakers

    Aghemm... @Jerrod Miller?
  10. A Scary Day Here at the Old Homestead

    Whoa. Relieved for you Gary. That was a close one.
  11. Ouroboros Sword

    Thanks Peter. Much appreciated.
  12. Ouroboros Sword

    Nice work Peter. Beautiful sword. Amazing scabbard. Do you have a photo of the back of the scabbard? Specifically I am trying to figure out how you wrapped the buckle straps around it. Thanks
  13. Triangular crossection rondel dagger

    Hey Forest. Not a full corkscrew. I meant straight (looking at it end-on) but with a twist. Think putting the blade you described in a twisting jig.
  14. 2x72 Belt Grinder plans

    Gerhard, about that DVD Wayne mentioned and just out of curiosity. I’ve checked the exchange rate so I know that’s about 540 Namibian dollars. What is that in spending power?
  15. "The Art of the Cutler" by JJ Perret

    Hello JPH Congrats. You must be chuffed to bits. Don’t forget your own next book though. There’s a space on my shelf waiting for it... and now this one too apparently. Charles