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  1. Hi Manuel The 2300 should be fine unless you want to forge weld. I take it the lining is 1” thick. The castable I got for my forge went on quite thick, probably about half to three-quarters of an inch so allow for that. Make sure to check the heat rating for your castable too. My forge is about 18” long and I only have a single burner. For a first forge 12” is probably enough. Remember you can only work about 6-8” or so at a time so heating the whole thing is only going to waste fuel. If the bug bites you will probably make several more forges in your life so keep your first forge simple until you know what (if anything) you want to change. Welcome to the madness.
  2. Only thing, I seems to depend on the screen space. Your post looks to me probably what mine now looks like to you.
  3. Loves it. Great stuff Emiliano. Glad you posted that second video. The pattern in the blade is deceptively complex.
  4. Thanks Brian. She bit me a couple of hours ago. It will cut.
  5. I can see the vid and yeah, you got it. You are showing recalesence (phase change on cooling). Alan meant quench just after the shadows are gone on the way up (decalescence); i.e. the very start of your clip.
  6. Okay. Final photo now the sheath is done. Still striving to make the bits look like they do in my mind’s eye but... one day. I feel I can make a long list of things of flaws but I hope whoever gets this will like it.
  7. Ask a simple question around here
  8. “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.” - Eleanor Roosevelt
  9. Sometimes an old object tells a story of the “life” it’s had and the times it’s seen. Restoring it will destroy that. I would vote for preservation by cleaning it up, stabilising everything and the perhaps a coat of renaissance wax to preserve it. On that note @Alan Longmire. What is the best thing to moisturise and preserve old leather and old wood with?
  10. Don’t know for sure but did they look like blisters forming? It may be you are getting the steel too hot. Seem to remember reading here somewhere about it but can’t seem to find it now. Thought it was called dragon skin or such.
  11. I wonder if it could make a descent platen-face.
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