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  1. Oh wow. Thanks Florian.
  2. Yeah, that him . Have fun.
  3. Tell Dennis Kriel his cousin says hi if that is where you are going
  4. You'll learn a lot there bru. I can't recommend going on a course highly enough. Where in SA are you?
  5. You're practically native Cornish already Alan
  6. Just make sure you know where those sparks are landing if you use an angle grinder. Hope you heal quick.
  7. Welcome and well done.
  8. And yet another thing to add to my "one day I must make" list. Thanks James
  9. Now that's an excuse I haven't heard before
  10. Hmmm. Also a newb as you know. I like the blade shape and the temper lines are beautiful, especially on the larger one. The plunge line at the ricasso could be cleaner/sharper (mine are no better ). The handles look good in profile but a bit square and chunky when viewed from above/below (this is the only bit that actually 'bothers' my eye). I can't tell if the pins are in line, it may just be the handle curve in the photo making them look slightly out. You lanyard holes have come out very well I think. This is me being picky in an effort to help. Overall I must say I like them. You must be chuffed.
  11. Congrats Chris.
  12. Hi James. Any chance you could add a photo of the wave and the axe head?
  13. Ditto. Looking good Collin.
  14. Thanks guys. Alan, I'll make some scrapers this week/coming weekend if I get a chance. Thanks for the support C. Craft. You are another Charles, aren't you?
  15. Don't wear flip-flops around knifemaking?