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  1. Charles du Preez

    HeartLine S290 Stainless San Mai

    Very nice
  2. Charles du Preez

    Latest Construction Photos and a Request for Aid

    @Caleb Harris I’m sure JPH’s impact is hard to quantify but finding ‘The Complete Bladesmith” was the catalyst for me going from ‘I wish I could make knives and swords’ to realising I could. I’m sure others have come unto this path through the same means. He creates excellent swords, knives, daggers, etc. Use an image search for some of his blades (sorry Jim, your own photos suck ). As for the thief, I hope he loses at least one testicle in a freak tool-carrying incident.
  3. Charles du Preez

    Starting a New Bowie

    Strap in boys and girls. Here we go
  4. Charles du Preez


    Hey Josh. Very nice. I’m quite liking number 3. Could you perhaps enlighten us a bit about these carpentry axes? Are they for different uses or individual preferences? Thanks.
  5. Charles du Preez

    Veðrfölnir, the "Storm Pale"

    Lovely work. How did you do the grooves on the handle-slabs? They look very smooth.
  6. Charles du Preez

    Starting a Pair of Bowies

    Very nice work as always Gary. A pleasure to follow the journey. I take it that is simply a reflection and the escutcheon on the front Bowie hasn’t fallen out .
  7. Charles du Preez

    Real old wrought

    Thanks guys. Alan, it is bout 2.5” front to rear as she lays and is quite light weighing only 81 grams
  8. Charles du Preez

    Real old wrought

    I found this on the banks of the Thames. It’s either real old wrought iron or a stick that holds a magnet. How would one go about salvaging this if at all possible? Also found another interesting ferrous object near it. Thanks
  9. Charles du Preez

    San Mai Camp Chopper

    Nah, you just started the scales for another project early
  10. Charles du Preez

    Japanese Fusion blade for my son

    Cool knife. He must love it.
  11. Charles du Preez

    Integral Damascus Bowie

    Haha. I just thought of old finotiob this morning too when I was reading Geoff ‘s post.
  12. Charles du Preez

    2 Slinky Fighters

    Nice knives Gabriel. I do like those handle-shapes of yours.
  13. Charles du Preez

    Hand finishing hardened L6

    Sounds like a finotiob nightmare. Good luck.
  14. Charles du Preez

    Drow Short Sword

    Very nice Jake. I like all the detail. The clean ‘brut de forge’-like texture you added to the face caught my eye.
  15. Charles du Preez

    Help with forge

    You really are an incusophile Jeremy