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  1. Busy day

    That’s quite the collection Garry. Looking good.
  2. DMT for bevel grinding?

    Is Rhynowet still considered the best sanding paper?
  3. Auto Spell Correct?

  4. Longclaw

    Thanks for showing this RW. It turned out well. Congrats.
  5. Trouble getting blade hot enough during HT

    So it doesn’t break after?
  6. Mystery Santoku-ish Chef’s Knife

    Thanks Vern. I do need to find a decent source for scales here. Also, I should have been clearer. The bottom blade was the original before I reground the shape. I meant to ask for thoughts on how this turned out for when I next forge a kitchen knife.
  7. Mystery Santoku-ish Chef’s Knife

  8. Mystery Santoku-ish Chef’s Knife

    Hi Everyone I have finally caught a break in the weather and managed to finish my second knife today. Working on the garden table is a pain sometimes. I have another 4 blades that will hopefully become knives soon. This knife is a Christmas present for a good friend who years ago taught me how to cook. It is made from an old file and taken to 400 grit before polishing for a satin finish. AOL is 12 3/4” (32cm) with the blade 7 1/2” (19cm). Blade width is 4cm (1.5”) and the thickness is 1.5mm (1/16”) at the handle . Full tang with 3 brass pins. The scales are made from flooring off-cuts I was given so I don’t know what wood they are. Mystery steel, mystery scales. I had intended to make a Nakiri type knife but had to change the shape as I wasn’t happy with the original. Any thoughts on this one for the next one?
  9. What did you do in your shop today?

    Finally finished my filing guide. Toolsteel edge welded to mild steel body and some type of hard foam inserts. The next iteration will have harder edgings .
  10. Ladies Crafter

    I dunno. Aesthetics are just fine from where I’m sitting. Well made.
  11. Please be careful.

  12. My latest work

    Photobucket has gone mercenary. Just upload directly to this site.
  13. Back in the game

    Two thumbs up Alan (only because I don’t have more thumbs).
  14. Tanto forged from Gun Barrel

    Thanks Walter
  15. Tanto forged from Gun Barrel

    Welcome back Walter. That blade turned out really well. I am curious: in the last two photos there appears to be a line between the spine and the Hamon. Is this evidence of the core or simply light reflection? I’ve also enjoyed the vids and want to thank you for them. The grinder videos have been of particular help as I recently got a grinder. Thanks. CdP