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  1. Charles du Preez

    1st Century Roman "Fulham" Gladius and Scabbard

    Seriously wow. Very nice work Patrick.
  2. Charles du Preez

    1st Florida Blades

    Hi JPH. Really chuffed to see you up and running again. Please tell me you are planning on posting the Neo-Vikings on here too.
  3. Charles du Preez

    Shibuichi, Up Close

    How deep does this rabbit hole go?
  4. Charles du Preez

    1st Century Roman Centurion's Gladius with Celtic Embellishments

    Very nice
  5. Charles du Preez

    Tim Jackson

    More just wondering how you get to full integral from there. Do you need to upset the tang width-wise?
  6. Charles du Preez

    8.5" Wa-Gyuto

    Looks good @justin carnecchia. Out of curiosity, what is/are the problems of poplar?
  7. Charles du Preez

    2x72” belt grinder - good or bad

    I think the silence means no-one has heard of them
  8. Charles du Preez

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Last weekend really but I’ve been a bit busy. Melted 170g of beeswax out of honeycomb. Now I just have to dig around the site for a cutler’s resin recipe. Edit: This is good:
  9. Boat still sitting below the tide-line waiting to be floated .
  10. Charles du Preez

    Wish me luck

    Sorry for the late response. Been very busy. Glad you’re out Jeremy and wishing you a speedy recovery.
  11. Charles du Preez

    Came a bit too soon.......

    Sorry Gerhard. Only ever used it to pay out, not receive.
  12. Charles du Preez

    Came a bit too soon.......

    Sorry to hear Gerhard but glad you have a plan. Wishing you good fortune.
  13. Charles du Preez

    Just completed another puukko.

    Thanks John
  14. Charles du Preez

    Just completed another puukko.

    Do you use a belt grinder to shape the handle John? If so, what grit(s) do you use?
  15. Charles du Preez

    Rolling Mill (Pics): Restart

    Congrats Bruno.