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  1. That's quite cool Steven. The in between looks a bit like wrought iron but not.
  2. Hi JPH. Awesome piece. Your "down time" is so far past my expectations of "up time" it just blows my mind. Always a great experience, thanks. Couple of questions if I may: Not familiar with SLTT acronym (newby). You said in another post that you were getting on a bit but WOW The Bos Ivory is amazing. I would love to hear your story about the game warden (and sure all of us would) if you would be so kind. The transition from fuller to false edge in the same line is truly awesome. You keep inspiring, thank you. Cz
  3. Thanks Maciej.
  4. Congratulations. By the way, what do you use for tempering? My kitchen oven would be a bit small.
  5. Thanks Maciej. Now I have a new question if you would be so kind. Once you have carved all the bits, how do you make the 'tree' bit in the middle that connects them together for casting? I assume everything we see in the first picture (which I honestly thought was an ornamental tree statue at first) is the shape of the lost wax (?). I would like to try this at some stage but honestly at the moment don't know where to begin. Could you also perhaps recommend any good books on the subject? Many thanks. C
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing that if you'd be so kind. Not sure in which section to post it though. @Alan Longmire, could you please point us to the right place or is it perhaps possible to add a section to the forum (without blowing things up) where people can post related work such as shields, armour, etc.? A bit like the photography section in essence? Thanks.
  7. Thanks Jonas.
  8. Wow Salem. Coming along nicely. There is something so eminently satisfying about a restoration.
  9. Very nice Jonas. I do love that groove in the handle and the mosaic pins came out really well. Also the blackened edges of the sheath with the slightly dark red-brown body of it are very pleasing to my eye. Couple of questions: What is the reason you decided to put the back pin the other way around from the first two? Also are the black marks on the right of the handle cracks or grain (can't always tell on photos)? Thanks for showing another gorgeous knife.
  10. Thank you @Garry Keown. I might have to make one when I get my shop together .
  11. That's quite a nice jig Garry. If I may ask, how did you get the constant angle on the resin base?
  12. Nice blades. Any chance of a couple of more shots of the second blade? Thanks.
  13. Hi Everyone. I have a couple of end bits of MIG wire from when the roll runs out. It is 0.9mm 0.035" flux cored. Just because I hate waste, does anyone have any good uses for these? Thanks.
  14. Nice Ondrej (sorry, can't do the accent on the r). The blade, of course, is very nice but the handle and carving really complement and complete it. Personally I also prefer the leg design you used compared to that on the brooch.