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  1. Charles du Preez

    Refractory suggestions

    You might want to look at the following post Kiya: I built a coal forge some time back. Dave from Glendale forge welded up the firepot for me. He is in Thaxted but I bet any local forge will do it for you.
  2. Charles du Preez

    Dad's design

    That’s a great sheath. Good collaborative package overall .
  3. Charles du Preez

    New Santoku-ish Chef's knife

    See what you mean about the handle but that’s fairly minor. Good work overall I think.
  4. Charles du Preez

    Damascus falchion

    Congrats Matthew. That looks like a high quality sword that is meant to be worn and used.
  5. Charles du Preez

    Frame Handled Fighter (been some time since I posted)

    Bit late to this party but just to add my appreciation of this knife too. Great work Wes. Your brother will be chuffed to bits.
  6. Charles du Preez

    Scabbard lining advice

    Hi Larry I’ve not attempted one of these before but @peter johnsson did a good WIP about it:
  7. Charles du Preez

    Bangin' & Jammin'

    I just stumbled across a band called The HU. Only two songs on YouTube so far, Yuve Yuve Yu and Wolf Totem. Should be good to pound metal to.
  8. That turned out well Shane. I love your stone tumbler.
  9. Charles du Preez

    Tribute to Farriers...A knife for them..

    Really good work from concept to finish. Well done George
  10. Charles du Preez

    The smallest knife I've ever made

    Nice work Zeb
  11. Charles du Preez

    Quenching my first knife

    Just remember that Liam Fuller on FiF burned his shop down not closely watching the turkey fryer he was using to heat his quench oil.
  12. Charles du Preez

    What I might make

    That’ll work. Got to stretch yourself though.
  13. Charles du Preez

    Todays grind

    Love the ‘Ready-drawer’ idea Garry.
  14. Charles du Preez

    Celtic Iron 3

    Definitely. What Alan said.
  15. Charles du Preez

    Completed Mosaic Bowie

    Very nice Gary. If I ever get over the pond I’m going to have to make sure to get to one of these shows.