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  1. I would give the traditional handle and sia a go anyway. Worst case you may learn a thing or two. There are some WIPs around here somewhere.
  2. You could MIG weld a new tang on depending on where /how much of it burned. A photo might help..?
  3. Hur hur hur
  4. Ooh, cool.
  5. Thanks Richard. Your work does inspire.
  6. Thanks Matthew
  7. Very nice. I also like the 'ruff' on the ferrule and how it is complemented by the end-cap
  8. Gerhard, you can upload images directly to the forum using the click to choose files thing at the bottom. Could you post a side view as well please along with the length, width, thickness, etc.? Thanks
  9. Nice
  10. Looks nice Mike
  11. Here's a link to the thread with that video. Also, when you can, I cannot recommend highly enough actually attending a course.
  12. Amen
  13. That sounds amazing. Unfortunately there is no way I could make it. Are there any plans to do a DVD or such?
  14. Well done Lukas. Looking forward to the video.
  15. Catching up after a week away. Awesomeness