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  1. Charles du Preez

    W-2 Rounds

    Thanks Joshua. Much appreciated. Thank you also for the links (and those within). Those Rybar knives are something else.
  2. Charles du Preez

    W-2 Rounds

    Sold out since 2014 apparently. Joshua, pardon the complete ignorance but what makes Don’s W2 different from others? Thanks.
  3. Charles du Preez

    Forge in at bushfire Forge May 2018....

    Can’t wait
  4. Charles du Preez

    Table knives

    Sorry Garry. Sometimes I just look and enjoy. If I don’t have anything meaningful or funny (in my mind at least) to say I tend not to. Favourite is the top one BTW.
  5. Charles du Preez

    Keeping the flame alive

    Hello fellow forumites I have an idea that I’d like to get off the ground. Following on from JPH’s post: I was thinking about us all getting together to do a kith-inspired fundraiser to help out. I don’t know about you but I certainly have JPH to blame for my wanting to make knives Basically all those who want to take part should make a knife, axe, hammer or any other object you fancy (hopefully with some WIP photos). We then auction them off on the forum over a day or two as soon as they are ready and donate the proceeds via JPH’s go fund me page https://www.gofundme.com/help-finish-my-workshop to help finish the studio. Of course this is the rough idea so I am very open to any refinements. What say you all?
  6. Charles du Preez

    Latest Construction Photos and a Request for Aid

    Will do
  7. Charles du Preez

    Latest Construction Photos and a Request for Aid

    Good luck Jim
  8. Charles du Preez

    Help Identifying Stump

    Thanks Alan
  9. Charles du Preez

    Help Identifying Stump

    Even if Aiden does, I don’t . Mind educating me please? Thanks
  10. Charles du Preez

    The Vanguard

    Very nice Steve. Like the overall shape and those lines on the blade are cool.
  11. Charles du Preez

    New to this forum, not so new otherwise

    Hi Paul. Glad to have you aboard.
  12. Charles du Preez

    Welding in Slow Motion and High Dynamic Range

    Yeah, pretty cool Niels.
  13. Charles du Preez

    My anvil adventure

    Sweet. Worth the drive then.
  14. Charles du Preez

    Messer 2.0

    Congrats Lukas. Chuffed for you.
  15. Charles du Preez

    Damascus lockback wip

    Thanks for sharing.