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  1. I recently started getting this error sporadically. Reloading doesn’t work, nor does the email on the message.
  2. Hey Gabriel. Been wondering what you’ve been up to. Good things I see. Congrats man.
  3. Thanks Garry. I’ve also been meaning to make one. I like your design and will have to ‘borrow’ it
  4. Gorgeous work as always. What did you finish the maple with to get that lovely contrast?
  5. Man I wish I could. Unfortunately I already have plans for that weekend. I’ll have to try next year.
  6. Good work there Steve. Very organic look to her.
  7. Thanks Adam. I enjoyed this thread immensely. Lots of great info and the knives turned out superbly.
  8. If you click on this link it should take you to his profile page. If you click on the envelope icon it will let you send him a personal message (sometimes for me it doesn’t show so I have to click ‘back’ on the browser and then click the link again). Stuart, if you use the @ symbol then start typing the name it should tag the person but I think they only see that when they log in. Like so: @Giovanni Sartori
  9. Bit late to this party but just wanted to say I really like this one. Good work there.
  10. Love the shape Gary and the flowers came out really well.
  11. Hmmm. Video doesn’t seem to be working for me.
  12. Looking good Garry. Also liking that clamp of yours.
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