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  1. Well, the sun rises in the east....
  2. Some interesting ideas in this knife. The free-floating mosaic pin is kinda cool too. As you are thinking about it, I cannot recommend taking a class highly enough. It definitely helps you up that learning curve faster.
  3. Hijack alert Geoff, what do you make springs for?
  4. Not been online for a while and only just saw this. Lost my father in my twenties. I can’t add any words but just a touch in spirit. Well done Dave.
  5. A massive thank you for sharing all of these with us Pop. Greatly appreciated.
  6. Good all round Jake but I like the 2nd and the last best.
  7. Both excellent JPH. Also looking forward to book 4. Might this contain the secret of fossilised Bos taurus ivory?
  8. Oh wow I wouldn’t even know where to begin.
  9. Awesome Rob. Love the design.
  10. Been searching for a keyboard shortcut for that for ages. How do you get it?
  11. Good info on Wayne’s site. Make sure to have a read. I have a lower reading pressure gauge right at the burner (which would be after the needle valve) so I can see what my output pressure is. This is to allow me to have some guide to setting the forge for certain temperatures. At the moment it goes up to 10 bar but I’m going to replace it with a lower rated one as it doesn’t allow for fine tuning.
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