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  1. Antique Wakizashi signed Sukemitsu

    Shame. I also wish I could have this as a start to my collection.
  2. No. 4.

    Thanks for the input/advice and the picture really helped too. Much appreciated.
  3. No. 4.

    Thanks for the advice guys. It's deceptive as the touch mark is 13mm so that gap is not so large but point taken. I think I reasoned it on instagram the order was for a 3in UK EDC legal carry, so can you give me some advice on how I could have gone about it differently? Perhaps no gap and had the ricasso meet the guard. Oh the guard is 17mm across. Still too big?
  4. No. 4.

    Hi all, please see images of my 4th knife which is also a commission (swap for hammer) from a UK YouTube blacksmith. 1075HC 3.4mm thick 3"UK EDC legal cutting edge. West Australian Desert Snakewood/Ironwood. Please feel free to comment.
  5. Farther Son Pair - Completed

    Except it's not for my father, it's for my 8 year old son. But I guess it could work either way. Perhaps a 3 generation set.
  6. Farther Son Pair - Completed

    Thanks Adam. Appreciate it.
  7. So who is forging an elcipse blade?

    @Doug Crawford you know, that would make a pretty cool sword. No where near historical (to my knowledge) but wicked nonetheless.
  8. 52100 San Mai

    OK, i swore i commented on this one, but obviously not. Perhaps because i thought words wouldn't do it justice. Very nice looking piece. I love that subtle harpoon point, not too over the top and the symmetry with the pins.
  9. Scottish Dirk

    "OMG Beckky, Look at that Butt!" - Sorry from a song, hope you get the humour. That pommel is grouse, (aussie slang, look that up also). Well done and great work.
  10. Grinding Wood

    Hi all, thanks for your input and suggestions/knowledge. Next time I'll get onto the slack belt and give it a go. Didn't have too much burning, more gumming of belts. Thanks again all.
  11. Grinding Wood

    Hi all, So after completing my latest knives, i did most of the wood shaping by hand with rasps and sandpaper however I am chasing some advice on using my grinder for this task. Speed and type of belts in particular. I did a small project with my son on the weekend and used a 36gritceramic belt which shredded the wood (pine) but now the belt is burnt in appearance and looks useless. Hence the nature of this question. Any suggestions/help will be useful, thanks in advance.
  12. Damascus skiners

    Those are very nice pieces. I also love the sheaths that accompany them. Leather is something i am hoping to get 'right' with my knives. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Still a few spears and javelins ....

    Lovely forging. Well done, and thanks for sharing.
  14. Damascus pipehawk WIP

    Looking good.
  15. UlfsmóðR - The Wrath of the Wolf

    Beautiful. Also +1 on inlays.