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  1. Your post makes it sound so easy. lol.
  2. Nice work man. I love the style. The copper is nice and once it starts to patina i think it will look even better. Keep at it.
  3. Good on you - Winning as a Dad. Wish her my best and congrats.
  4. @Jonas Liebel This is a sweet looking package. Well done. Im currently embarking on something along the same lines i.e. Massive amounts of first.
  5. This is looking Sharp - Pun intended!!
  6. Thanks for sharing. Are those cutlers rivets or just really large rod?
  7. Nice first crack, keep at it.
  8. This is nice, thanks for sharing.
  9. Bummer, i was going to stamp CCS on my blades given its my initials. I havent tried it yet.
  10. Thanks @Alan Longmire and @Jon Cook for your insight on this. Always so much more to learn.
  11. You have me intrigued. Can't wait. Talk soon. Cheers.
  12. @Aiden CC these look nice, though, i cannot see a Markers Mark anywhere?
  13. This looks great, i chickened out of trying this and just went ahead and brought a Mora 164. ... Nice looking piece. Well done.
  14. That looks scary fast, maybe not as fast as a bullet, but still scary. lol
  15. Well done on the knife. A bit of humor to start the day never hurt anyone. Kudos.