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  1. Chris C-S

    Hussar saber 17th century

    That's awesome, I love sabers!
  2. Chris C-S

    Ideas / Thoughts / WIP

    Pugio sounds like a goer. It'll be my first dagger of sorts and I was hoping to base it loosely on a historical Pugio, however give it more of a horse based theme given the Roman Arthurian Legend and myths. Thanks for the advice @Alan Longmire
  3. Chris C-S

    My lastest WIP

    Stunning so far... Keep it up Joshua.
  4. Chris C-S

    Some recent work!

    Just stunning all round @DanielQ... Love the red handle and the pair with the carving and plate pinned to them. Well done.
  5. Chris C-S

    Ideas / Thoughts / WIP

    Hi all, As stated previously I am entering thus year's KITH. My first thought and initial planning was to do a Harry Potter wand/dagger/needle. The only issue was once I received a 1:1 resin copy I found out that this is not viable as the shaft of the wand is a mere 12mm across and tappers from there. This would be too small in my opinion. Anyone have any thoughts on this? @Wesley Alberson My back up plan is to forge my first ever dagger. Something crusader'y / King Arthur / Artorius (Roman version) however see that this is already being done. Does anyone have any objections if I jump in on this band wagon? I am a huge King Arthur / Artorius. Thanks, Chris.
  6. Chris C-S

    "Regicide" KITH

    Yeah, that's a good one!!!
  7. Chris C-S

    Some concept drawings

    Loving all those except the last one. The first knives dude are great and i love the sculpting that youve drawn into those handles. Win.
  8. Chris C-S

    Arctic Fire Backup Blade Finish

    Great tip about the ally angle dude. Cheers.
  9. Chris C-S

    First axe fo a while

    Thanks mate. Makes sense. Looks like I'm in my bar is around that.
  10. Chris C-S

    More kith questions

    That's a given I would have assumed, if that was directed towards me. I plan on it be perfectly usable and not just a BSO.
  11. Chris C-S

    More kith questions

    Sweet. I have a super sweet idea, WELL Nerdy, but cool. I wont let anymore out of the bag until get the piece i am planning to model it off and then see if it will work.
  12. Chris C-S

    More kith questions

    KITH question: Must the magical edged item / blade be practical or can it be a legitimate edged blade (HT and all) but be more decorative / artsy?
  13. Chris C-S

    Neck Knives

    Thanks dude.
  14. Chris C-S

    Neck Knives

    Thanks Jon.
  15. Chris C-S

    Neck Knives

    @Garry Keown @Alan Longmirei certainly did drill through and stitched the handles on. A little bit of work there