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  1. Pugio sounds like a goer. It'll be my first dagger of sorts and I was hoping to base it loosely on a historical Pugio, however give it more of a horse based theme given the Roman Arthurian Legend and myths. Thanks for the advice @Alan Longmire
  2. Just stunning all round @DanielQ... Love the red handle and the pair with the carving and plate pinned to them. Well done.
  3. Hi all, As stated previously I am entering thus year's KITH. My first thought and initial planning was to do a Harry Potter wand/dagger/needle. The only issue was once I received a 1:1 resin copy I found out that this is not viable as the shaft of the wand is a mere 12mm across and tappers from there. This would be too small in my opinion. Anyone have any thoughts on this? @Wesley Alberson My back up plan is to forge my first ever dagger. Something crusader'y / King Arthur / Artorius (Roman version) however see that this is already being done. Does anyone have any objections if I jump in on this band wagon? I am a huge King Arthur / Artorius. Thanks, Chris.
  4. Loving all those except the last one. The first knives dude are great and i love the sculpting that youve drawn into those handles. Win.
  5. Great tip about the ally angle dude. Cheers.
  6. Thanks mate. Makes sense. Looks like I'm in my bar is around that.
  7. That's a given I would have assumed, if that was directed towards me. I plan on it be perfectly usable and not just a BSO.
  8. Sweet. I have a super sweet idea, WELL Nerdy, but cool. I wont let anymore out of the bag until get the piece i am planning to model it off and then see if it will work.
  9. KITH question: Must the magical edged item / blade be practical or can it be a legitimate edged blade (HT and all) but be more decorative / artsy?
  10. @Garry Keown @Alan Longmirei certainly did drill through and stitched the handles on. A little bit of work there
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