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  1. They don't have a lot in stock right now. Do you have any other websites?
  2. Thanks for your advice. I'm chasing stones for Knife sharpening most of the time. Thanks, I'll go check them out. Appreciate the lead.
  3. Hi all! It's been a hot minute since I've been on this forum and well in fact since I've done ANYTHING Knife/sword related. I've moved 4 times since I was last on this page and well a lot of my stuff has either been sold or lost between moves. What I'm really looking at doing is getting into Japanese Natural Stone Sharpening/polishing until I can get my Forge and grinder set back up. With all that said, there is A LOT of information out there about JNAT stones and well it's all confusing as hell to me. Does anyone have any good reassures that breaks it down? Does anyone know of any good suppliers of JNATs? I can't find where these stones have their "grit" ratings, and well some sell for AUD$4000 and some for AUD$100 so I'm really lost as to where to start?! Any advice would be helpful. Currently using crazy sharp sandpaper on glass + 1000/6000 KING Stone.
  4. Now that's a knife. What a beast. Nice fit and finish too. Thanks for sharing.
  5. That's a beautiful piece of work. Love the shapes involved in that dagger. Needed to zoom in to appreciate all the little details filed in around the head. Thanks for sharing.
  6. That's a nice tidy looking package. Well done and thanks for sharing.
  7. These came out great. Nice work. I'm sure they'll be treasured. Cheers for sharing.
  8. This is a real cool looking t.hawk. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Loving those detailed photos. Thanks for taking the time to take them.
  10. That's a sweet looking little knife. Love the carving on the handle. The blade came out nice with that wrought spine. Cheers for sharing it with us.
  11. That looks great. I like the shape of the revised handle and the curves to the guard are spot on to the eye. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Nice one. Came out great. Thanks for sharing.
  13. You've been busy my friend... great looking work as per usual.
  14. Thanks Jennifer, at handle junction was 3mm tappering from there. If I were to make it again or something similar I would make it thinner. It's sharp but doesn't slice as nice as I'd want it too. Customer was happy though and that's important.
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