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  1. @Garry Keownjust watched a video of that technique, lol. I'll see how I get on. Thanks for the reply as always.
  2. Hey Garry, was not going to put a welt as no exposed knife edge. Was going more for a pocket/holster friction type fit. Have seen multiple YouTube's where they make two pieces the same size stitch and the wet, open and insert (seriously where's that coming from) followed by wet moulding. My question is whether or not 10mm high is too much to ask this leather to stretch, therefore should I make the top piece larger/mould first (stapling to Block of wood) and then fit the back piece. Hope that makes sense?
  3. No, it's copper connector but short on one side so the groove was already there. I just enhanced it.
  4. Beautiful. So lovely and thanks for sharing.
  5. Kudos, and welcome. Beautiful piece.
  6. 7oz leather. 2.5mm @DanM also the clasp knife is approx 10mm thick.
  7. Hi all, general question. I'm making a sheath for a clasp knife, practice before the Two sheaths for father son project. And I am making a two part sheath, see image. Wondering how much this will stretch or do I need to compensate and make top part larger?
  8. Thanks @Zebulon Camper I think that's easy enough to understand metric or not. Lol. I'll keep that in mind. Seems the common theme is the handle thickness.
  9. Thanks Karim. There are flaws, ones I which may not show on photo but I know are there. Clean is what I was going for. Thanks for the complement. Onto some skirts for these ladies now.
  10. @Alex Middleton well in that case the rings were totally deliberate lol... Thanks for commenting dude.
  11. Hey Dan, they are not bad to deal with however if your after 1075, try tharwa valley forge. I've found artisan supplies always out of stock, so ring to confirm. P.s. I'm in aus.
  12. Bugger. Try again huh.?! Continuing to watch with interest.
  13. The tiny dark ring around the pins, is that from the wood compressing or were the holes a touch oversized? @Alex Middleton the holes and copper were the same size, however being honest if you look at the front pin on the right hand side of my knife (big one :P) you'll see an incomplete ring and that's an alignment issue. As for the remainder of the rings, I have no idea, it may me compression as it was a tight fit (insert same joke) however it might be a reaction from the copper and the apoxy? Dunno? Thoughts? I have loaded a video on my instagram of me taking this into the sun to show the grain. It's mint. Where abouts are you Alex?
  14. That's what she said... I do have bigger than average hands for a tiny guy however it is a common critique which I am taking on board, thanks for pointing it out and providing feed back.
  15. Beat me to it @Garry Keown. Was about to say the same thing. The contrast is mint. Good blades, all of them look good.