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  1. That looks comfy @Wes Detrick. Nice looking nife, crisp finish. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Gold, pure gold. Thanks for the reply mate. Now i must convince the bank manager (wife) that this purchase is a need, not a want. I wish there was a decent knife parts supplier in Australia, however there isn't so time to take it sweet in postage.
  3. Thanks @Aiden CC. 2-56 has a wider range of cool looking screws, the only thing is the only taps they have are the dearer ones. As i was only tapping mild steel/brass/bronze and wood, i was hoping to go the cheaper route. As for the thread density, in those materials i listed am i best to go with the 4-40's given the slightly bigger threads? As for reamers, whats that all about? Advice welcome.
  4. Mr @C Craft oh and @Aiden CC (you might have some input here) ... I am on USA Knife maker (seems to be the best range) and am looking to purchase some goods, prior to pulling the trigger i would appreciate your input. My thoughts below: Pivot 3/16 with 6-64 screws Attaching handle material to spacers/liners i was considering 2-56 or perhaps 4-40. 1/8 - 3/16 stop pins Does this seem reasonable, given these will be relatively small FF to start with? I have a heap of concept drawings etc which I will share shortly.
  5. Thanks.
  6. Was the wood stabalised? And i am guessing you took it out of the workshop and into the house? Different atmospheric conditions, humidity etc etc can cause wood to do its thing. Even after its dead it still has a life of its own. I too am a novice at all this, maybe 6 months in and only 2 blades down. However i have sharpened a heap of kitchen knives of my own, friends and work colleagues. I use a Scary Sharp system to get to 1000g and then move onto my 1000 and 6000 wet stones. It takes some time, and gets a killer edge on my kitchen knives. Anyway, i am sure there is a whole set of threads about sharpening somewhere, and i didn't intend to hijack the thread or anything. I was just interested in your method. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Hahaha, thanks Brian, hopefully someone jumps in here to shed more light on it for me. I am a novice with HT.
  8. Thanks @Austin_Lyles. I might make the plunge back into the world of social media again, purely for research and visibility reasons. I deleted FB due to all the nonsense etc on there.
  9. Nice Doug. Thanks for sharing. The edge sounds a little 'toothy' when going through that tom. No doubt its sharp, but care to share your sharpening technique? Someone will be stoked to get this knife. Cheers.
  10. Nice. With that much time (6hrs) tempering to straighten, is there a risk of taking too much hardness out?
  11. I am going to jump in here finally. I am off the Social Media Grid as one might say, other than this forum and a wood workers forum, but generally speaking of the big sites, i am off of those. From what i am hearing Instagram is a good tool for viewing and selling products, is this correct???
  12. Nice looking knife. Take a pic of your products all together for the show and post it for us please, it would be good to see all of your work together. Is the washer bronze or brass?
  13. Thanks for sharing your experience. Looks like you had a blast.
  14. They are three good looking little blades. I think makers get away with big blades because of the OOoooo factor, but there is less room to hide mistakes in a small blade like these. The top two are my favorites with the center one being the nicest IMO. Well done, following with keen interest. Not much more to go now?