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  1. 19 hours ago, JenniferP said:

    I like it.. what did you end up with for spine thickness?  it really is cute.. :) 


    Thanks Jennifer, at handle junction  was 3mm tappering from there. If I were to make it again or something similar I would make it thinner. It's sharp but doesn't slice as nice as I'd want it too. Customer was happy though and that's important. 

  2. On 2/4/2020 at 7:44 PM, Rob Toneguzzo said:

    Hi Chris,

    I started out with about 11cm of blade about 4mm thick and about 15mm wide.


    Finished knife is 19cm OAL with a 8cm blade 3 mm thick with a tapered blade and tang from where the bolster is. 


    Traditionally the handle should be about the width of your hand (or whoever you may be making it for) I stretched mine out to about 15 cm to allow enough to pein over.


    good luck and looking forward to seeing it come to life.


    Thanks Rob.

  3. @Rob ToneguzzoHey mate, 


    What sized stock did you start out with for this job if you don't mind me asking? 


    I've seen some YouTube vids and some makers seem to use a very tiny piece of stock. 


    Also, if you don't mind what thicknesses did you end up with. I assume somewhere around 3mm or so by 18-22 ish for the blade height? And as for the handle I assume the tang was somewhere in the region of 125mm or so long?


    Just trying to get a feel for it is all... I also visited the PUUKKO thread about forging one so have a general idea about how to go about it. 


    Thanks in advance mate. 

  4. Hey @Paul Carter, your welcome. If you selling them the  onvisouly people like them so go nuts.


    As for the chip out; If you can get over sized wood a small chip out with be removed with grinding/shaping, or as you suggested having it flat against another piece of wood works fine also. 

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  5. Hi @Paul Carter


    As Charles said there is a lot going on.


    Alot of it is very good in execution but not my style. Sometimes we have all these ideas that we want make but this piece feels like you've tried to put all of them all into one knife. 


    I can appreciate the amount of time spent on this project, so thanks for sharing. 



  6. 9 hours ago, Chris Christenberry said:

    That really turned out nice, Chris.  I like these small knives.  Have one designed that I'm going to make some day.


    9 hours ago, Garry Keown said:

    These are the little knives that end up getting the most use and this one is a very fine example of the breed. 


    Your both very kind, Thanks alot for the complements. Definitely always learning but happy with this result. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Rob Toneguzzo said:

    That’s a great little knife Chris and nicely finished off too.


    Thanks Rob. Appreciate it. Going to have a crack at a Puukko now... seen a good one somewhere recently and have been inspired ...

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