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  1. Sheath completed, a simply pocket sleeve. Hand saddle stitched and buffed with some paste wax. Simple and tidy. Stamped with Makers mark and blades serial number. Yep this makes blade 11 finished. That completes the build. Thanks so much for following and commenting.
  2. Knife all finished out. High grit sanding to 600g, and finished in danish oil. Copper polished on buffer. Sheath and sharpening on stones left to go. Tear drop hand shaped handled with balance point right on the bolster. Feel good in hand, three finger grip or pinch grip for some kitchen work. I think it meets the brief spot on. What's your thoughts?
  3. Amazing what a bladesmith can forge out of so little stock. Nothing wrong with stock removal makers, I've done it and am comfortable doing it (due to poor forging skills) but I often think how wasteful it is doing stock removal. There's more forging in my future.
  4. Bahahahaha done that many times. Kept running out of paper towel though. Facts!
  5. Thanks Rob. A quick slip a she created a nice flap. Good thing about a clean cut is they heal really well. I always have a box of good quality bandaids on my bench. Lol. Didn't help with the angle grinder to the leg job a few yeara back though...
  6. Is it a leather stacked handle Geoff?
  7. So today I managed to fit a hammer textured copper bolster, finish polishing out the blade up to 800g, then on a buffer wheel. Wood faced off and fitted. The wood is Western Australian Jarrah. I have the grain running vertically so as I sand the shape into the handle there will be a topographic style of wood grain showing on the sides. Should look pretty good I think. Oh and just through hand sanding and a minor slip she bit me. But that's knives right?
  8. That is some tidy work there. Well done. I take it you now have the bug? Thanks for sharing.
  9. Nice blade, sheath and nice photos. Pretty sure I'm going to be emulating this as close as possible on my next knife attempt.
  10. It's a beautiful knife and sheath. Thanks so much for sharing.
  11. I'd like to see someone with actual skill make a set. Mine are just fabricobbled together. If you lads make a set be sure to post them so I can see?
  12. This is my beast @Rob Toneguzzo... home built 2x72. Seen here with a fresh 60grit ceramic belt which got some use today. Not much mind you as it removes metal and scale super fast. The problem I have is lack of time standing in front of it and trying things outside of m skill level, I.e. sweeping plunges, lol.
  13. Cheers @Rob Toneguzzo... I normalized 3 time also. Oil quenched, no good, reheated and then water quenched. Havent done anything with that blade other than temper. The 1075 blade is coming along nicely though. It is a smidge smaller in lenght but other than that and no sweeping plunges it's coming up mint.
  14. Profile completed, and bevels ground to 220 on belt grinder. Bevels the hand sanded to 120 on each side. Knife making fitness is Zero, and finger cramps have prevent further work today... in summary, forged, heat treated, profiled and bevels established. Lessons learnt, tried sweeping plunges but dug in too hard and had a hell of a time establishing back to flat bevels without raising bevel height too much. Also as blade was forged to near size but not until profiling did I notice I hammered the bevels higher on one side. As a result in I tried to correct with grinding but one side is still a smidge higher than the other. It shows on the forged finish with one side being 2mm or so higher. However knowing my friend she will like the uniqueness of the forged finish.
  15. Hello ladies and gents. Today I started on a friends "Apple Knife" ... i tried to forge these into some form of 'preform' from the two pieces of starting stock, being a Nicholson File and a piece of 1075 I cut up from a previous project. The heat and beat trying my best to forge to shape and thickness. I have a lot to learn but as @JenniferPshowed us in her performs video I tried my hardest at this point to get the thickness and tapers down. On the 1075 blank that started with no tang I'm happy with how I did there. I stamped my MM and then HT'd both. I couldn't get a file to skate on the Nicholson from oil quench so went with a water quench on that one. It work out so far, we'll see if there are any cracks once I get to grinding on it I guess. Thanks for looking.
  16. Well now I'm even more impressed. Your work is beautiful and now I know it's for the better part all done by hand and in the climate you live in I really have no excuses. I'm off to Bunnings to buy a couple of files tomorrow, I need a half round file, can't seem to find mine. Never thought of buying a file card though. Thanks for your prompt reply buddy and keep up the great work.
  17. This piece is amazing and I'm sure the photos don't do it justice at all. The carving work is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
  18. Hey Rob. Love a good Pukko style knife. Leather handles rock also. Not that you need it but I totally approve of this build. Do you always do bevels and shaping by hand? Do you not have a grinder? And if not what files do you use? Bunnings ones? Cheers in advance. Chris.
  19. This is a cool little knife. Thanks for sharing.
  20. This looks great. I really like following all the work done by you talented smiths that recreate historical works. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Really nice. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Like I said on the chisel post @JenniferPgreat work and thanks for sharing. For us newer at smithing I found it super informative. Cheers, Chris.
  23. Cool project and progress shots. Would love to own one like it one day! Thanks for sharing.
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