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  1. @JenniferP Just subscribed and watched the knife preforms video. You content in that was super helpful. Especially understanding that when the material is bigger than whats needed there is still scope to cut some off and keep working to form rather than running with it and spending ages at the grinder shaping it afterwards. Thanks for sharing your content with us.
  2. Thanks Rob. I've done a bit of stock removal stuff and HT that but forging this little thing was fun. Surprisingly killed my hammer are as I was also smashing down a heap of 12mm leaf spring into small stock at the same time. In conclusion, work on 1 thing at a time. Thanks Alan, appreciate the advice. I have a 2x72 but forging is where I want to get better at. Thanks Randy.
  3. @David Pessall I would be comfortable having no guard, as you redrew it with the blue line, but @jake cleland redrew it was what I was meaning by curving it in order to create a 'guard' type of situation. Its all about what the purpose of the knife is. If your planning on using it in a thrusting/stabbing kind of motion then a guard is usually preferred. Something to stop the hand sliding off the handle and onto the blade edge. Cheers, Chris.
  4. Nice work. Beautiful looking chisel. I got into Forging/knife making because I wanted to start making wood working tools, but to date have only ever made 2 or 3 marking knives, no chisels, or plane irons or anything wood working related. The hook of knife making got me. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Little forged wood marking/kiridashi style knife for a fellow artisan. Completely forged to shape from a file end with forged finish edges. Smoothest forging I have ever done. Pretty amateur work for some of the people around here but I'm proud enough of it to give it away to a mates husband. Bevel was established with hammer then HT and tempered before grinding and polishing on king stones. Single bevel 8000grit edge. Shaves like a dream. Should be a small little handy tool.
  6. Thanks all. The slot is welded, the top arm tong is super rough forged and generally just fabricobbled together The bottom tong will accept 6mm wide stock. Cheers all.
  7. @David Pessall I agree with Garry on that, it looks a little like you were going for a guard but didn't commit the whole way. I no expert by any shot of the imagination but I would either do away with it or make the inside (handle side) more curved to act as a guard? Other than that, good work and good on you for just getting it done. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Looks great. Loving the two way taper. Great Job, and thanks for sharing.
  9. Hey all. Lit the forge for the first time in 18months and decided to get a little hammer swinging in. Forged this little wood marking knife/kiridashi style thing for a mates husband who does wood working. She said he doesn't have one so a perfect opportunity to practice forging before I get into making that "Apple Knife". This piece was a cut off file tang and has been hand hammered to shape. I know for alot of you reading this it's a nothing project but after an hour of forging and checking, thermal cycling and heat treating my arms are toast. I'm tempering it as I type this and hope to grind it tomorrow. Single bevel obviously. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out for my first run out of the gate, does anyone have any feedback?
  10. I really like the shape of this piece. The drop reminds me of a bit of a long cav. bayonet/sword. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Where abouts down south are you Rob? Anywhere near Mandurah/Perth?
  12. Just finished these off... shame I have no gas for my forge. Was keen to give these a try. They are bolted together right now but once I can light the forge I'll use the bolt as a rivet. Any feed back?
  13. Good looking piece you have right there. Love the shape. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Thanks Rob. Im planning on lighting the forge for the first time in forever on Sat morning. Got a few metal options but I think due to the size of the handle I am going to use an small Nicholson file I have already annealed, and use the tang of the file flattened a little as a starting point. Failing that I have some 1075 in 3, 4 and 6mm thickness on hand plus a metric assload of leaf springs.
  15. That's a really cool piece of work. I've always been really fascinated by spears. Ancient recreations with historical accuracy are awesome. Thanks for sharing your work with us.
  16. @Rob ToneguzzoHey mate, Great piece you created there buddy. A lot of hard work that paid off in the long run. Congratulations on a stunning piece. Thanks for sharing it with us. And Jock looks like he's right at home in Darwin's crazy season with a bevie in mouth. Lol.
  17. Stunning piece. Although my knowledge on swords is less than I'd like I find that hamon attractive as hell. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Stunning. Really impressive blade shape. Forging the guard must have taken a lot of planning and forethought. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Pretty cool looking project. Never seen one before. Thanks for sharing with us.
  20. Clean forging. I wish I could somehow speed click a button and squire those skills. In the mean time I'll struggle away. Lol. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Very nice work. It's not my style but I can appreciate the hard work and effort. The attention to detail on that sheath with the feather and other items is great. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Thanks Garry, Ive just cut out a 4mm MDF template and it feels good in the hand. Though I am probably going to shallow the radius on the spine by just a little bit. When held in the reverse grip, aka, slicing the cheeks off of an apple it curls in towards my big hand just a little too much.
  23. Thanks Alex, I only use Australian hard woods, and if possible only Western Australian, as that's where I live. Desert Snakewood and W.A. Jam. Blue gum. Red Gum. Black Butt. Have some really nice figured black butt in some cactus juice right now.
  24. This is looking great. A heap of work you've done there. Congrats so far.
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