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  1. Hi Dan, While I am sure I could find my answer on google, that would not nearly be as fun . Can you please explain what the re-melting process entailed. How did you increase the carbon content? I assume (and wrongly no doubt) you used small peices/dust and added to hot charcoal?
  2. Vet as in - Animals or Vet as in Veteran. If it's the later, its how we 'vets' get to deal with sh*t... lol
  3. This is the dilemma that we Aussies face. Hence why a lot purchase from the US. Unfornunately I am in a position of not having a high disposable income at the moment and why I am making do with whats out there. Essentially all the more common 'out of stock' items come and go so quickly to the well know "IN" group that the remainder of us, "small guys" don't get a chance, and therefore need to make do with stuff which isn't what we need.
  4. Unfortunately / fortunately in some respects there is only 1 comprehensive store in Australia for all your blade needs... Gameco or Artisan Supplies (same store). Literally everything you need. Go check it out. There are a couple of other places that do bits and pieces but these are far and few between, and to be honest they usually source all there stuff from, you guessed it... US o A. Therefore the Straya sub-forum would have one link,
  5. I have to stop looking around this awesome forum. I haven't even finished my second knife yet and my "to forge" list is over the top... Nice work.
  6. Having a mate who was an Australian Commando in the veit and post era I know he would absolutely love something like this. His original issue is mounted on his wall. This looks good. I like the mild steel gnarly looking guard. I am new to knife making and I think sometimes me and no doubt others look for premium materials instead of what is readily available.
  7. Good luck with the build mate. I just got out of a coal forge into a gas one. I had it in the driveway and the embers burn the neighbours car. $440 later for cut and polish job... :/
  8. I think we hijacked the thread, but... Rex wakes me up when i have my night terrors, but turning the light on would be super handy. Sometimes I wake disoreintated and afraid but I have learnt to associate Rex (and his licking) with its OK. Thank you sharing your personal story about your dog with me. I wish I could take Rex with me everywhere, but as he isn't an Official Assistance Dog I can't.
  9. What does your PTSD service dog do for you, if you don't mind me asking? Rex isn't trained as such, but I think he just knows when I'm having it rough and provides me the comfort and support it need at all hours without question. I'm currently going to DVA now get my entitlements but it's a long drawn out process.
  10. This is my handsome best friend. I rescued him off of a farm some 81/2hr round trip from where I live when he was 14months old. He was not working the sheep the way he was ''supposed" to so I rescued him. What he doesn't know is he rescued me, as not more than 1 month before I got him I was diagnosed with PTSD from my 10 years service in the Australian Army. He wakes me and night and holds me/lies on me at night when I am crying and shaking in the dark. This is my Rex...
  11. I think this is so unique and lovely piece. I would be lying if i said i will not be copying this form in one way or another!!! P.S. Hi All, this is my first post on this forum, and was excited by just how many great makers subscribe and post here. Well done to all.
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