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  1. Hey all, LONG time, no speak. I've been away for some 18months but I'm back. Kicking things off with a request from a friend. Her brief "A wooden handled paring knife type of thing that I can use at home or camping. I have a romantic notion of cutting the cheeks off of apples and eating it right from the blade" This is what we've come up with. I would suggest it's somewhere in the grounds of a bird & trout come paring knife. Looking to forge it to shape. Hidden tang. Roughly 20mm at heel, 90ish long with about the same for the handle. Handle will be w.a. Jarrah as she used to work in the Jarrah forests of south western Australia. Thoughts?
  2. Hi @Rob Toneguzzo, Its been a while since I've hovered around here. Good to see your still around and doing your thing. Nice hammer. Must have been a decent sized crow bar. Glad your testing has come up with pleasant results. Thanks for sharing.
  3. That is seriously impressive work. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us. I hope you managed to finish it in time.
  4. Stunning work. I love the period photos. Thank you for sharing your work with us.
  5. Awesome piece. Thanks for sharing it and the history around it. Cheers.
  6. That looks great, love the scalloping on the guard. That must have taken quite some time. Keep up the good work and welcome.
  7. Loving the dovetail bolsters. Well done. Great work.
  8. That's a stunning piece. As a former cavalry soldier (Tanks) I really appreciate all cavalry swords. All models. This one I have never seen before. Its beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  9. Classy and beautiful. Loving the lines of the first one. The handle is cracking also. Great job.
  10. @Aiden CC This is a lovely piece, all the elements look great. I have ambitions of doing an axe/hatchet one day. Really like the shape of the head.
  11. That's a cracking looking piece. Congratulations.
  12. Hey @Garry Keown you have been bashing out some decent quality and quantity since I was last on here. It has been some 18months since I logged on here. Good to catch up with what has been going on. Keep up the good work brother.
  13. Amazing work, and great progress shots. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
  14. Dave, Your work is amazing and so inspirational. I wish you were able to make more videos. I love watching them on youtube. Hand made from start to finish, truly special. Thanks for sharing your work with us.
  15. I have been absent from the forums for quite some time, missed it to be honest, but I am back now... a usable tool, knife, plane blades, chisel, or some other functional blade item would be good.
  16. This is a cracking sword. Well done. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Pugio sounds like a goer. It'll be my first dagger of sorts and I was hoping to base it loosely on a historical Pugio, however give it more of a horse based theme given the Roman Arthurian Legend and myths. Thanks for the advice @Alan Longmire
  18. Just stunning all round @DanielQ... Love the red handle and the pair with the carving and plate pinned to them. Well done.
  19. Hi all, As stated previously I am entering thus year's KITH. My first thought and initial planning was to do a Harry Potter wand/dagger/needle. The only issue was once I received a 1:1 resin copy I found out that this is not viable as the shaft of the wand is a mere 12mm across and tappers from there. This would be too small in my opinion. Anyone have any thoughts on this? @Wesley Alberson My back up plan is to forge my first ever dagger. Something crusader'y / King Arthur / Artorius (Roman version) however see that this is already being done. Does anyone have any objections if I jump in on this band wagon? I am a huge King Arthur / Artorius. Thanks, Chris.
  20. Loving all those except the last one. The first knives dude are great and i love the sculpting that youve drawn into those handles. Win.
  21. Great tip about the ally angle dude. Cheers.
  22. Thanks mate. Makes sense. Looks like I'm in my bar is around that.
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