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  1. Beautiful work, the colors of each component complement each other very well throughout the whole set, a true piece of usable art. I hope you are able to find a place that will allow you to continue your knife making. Congratulations on your academic achievement! God speed.
  2. Is any of this wood still available? I do lapidary, what stones and cabs are you looking for?
  3. I'm new to knife making but have been around metal most of my life and i gotta say that grain looks like wootz to me... Hopefully someone with better metallurgy knowledge than I will chime in.
  4. Decided to remake my edc and use this new block as the scales, not sure how I will cut them yet, I might cut at a slight angle.
  5. I only have a few pieces of wood leftover and had been trying to figure out a way to use it the most efficiently so today I decided to sand them into blocks and glue them all together. I made a letter opener handle, a kitchen knife handle, and a block I believe I can cut in half and use as scales.
  6. Well still a bit of clean up on the blade but it's getting there!
  7. No worries it was funny and it happens to me all the time and reading it now you could have been rhyming and im just goober that doesn't have any social skills!
  8. Well its not perfect but i got it straight and re quenched it and it has a few pits from it but all in all it's coming together.
  9. HT went bad it curled like candy cane... I'm going to normalize it straighten it out and try again
  10. Thanks Ayles! (sorry man I couldn't help it you called me Wayne lol), Found some red plastic sheet, I think I might be able to use it for liners and the handle scales I made from a block of teak that I had from my 1926 sailboat
  11. Hello all, now that I have the right idea about knife making, I started making knife #3. It is much smaller so therefore thinner and after #'s 1&2 im afraid to HT this thing, but nonetheless it must be done! So here is #3 let me know what you guys think and please don't hold back the constructive criticism, the more mistakes you make the more you learn.
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