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  1. Great pictures Alan! And thanks for all the info! I think i saw a short video on youtube of one of these runs actually! This is the design i am looking for, as my goal is to produce tamahagane. How much oar and charcoal did you guys feed those furnaces? I think in the video he said something about a 60 pound bloom!?! So should I keep my tuyeres low as seen in the pictures?
  2. Ok was not expecting the furnace to run that fast. I was planning for a 12 hr run haha. I would be happy with a 20 pound bloom with a 5 hr run! I might end up running double the ore and coal and go with my original dimensions, but then again I should probably keep it small for my first smelt. I was planning on running the tuyere about an inch into the side wall so its not sticking through and doesn't melt. Is this not a good option? I think I've read couple posts where people do this.
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the input JJ. Sounds like the 9x9 chamber is the way to go unless I run more material. Great tip! if the ore i get is too fine I will definetly keep that in mind. How long did you run the furnace for with 6 minute charges?
  4. Hey guys! First post here on bladesmith forum. I have been reading a lot of posts here and have doing research for my first Tatara smelt. Would like to hear what you guys think of my plan. Open to any criticism. For some reason i could not upload a picture of the plan i drew out, so i will describe it the best i can. Inner Dimensions: 10" wide/ 15 1/4" long height: 48" The dimensions are based off of the brick ill be using and the amount of Iron oxide/charcoal ill be smelting. I am thinking of running about 60 lbs. of black iron oxide sand with about 150 lbs. of charcoal. Does that sounds right? The inside will be composed of a clay/sand mixture to make room for the bloom. The outside will be brick for support. Not planning on using too much clay/sand. Mostly just for the funnel where the bloom will go. The rest of the brick will have a thin layer of clay/sand. should I use clay to mortar the brick together? Or should i just go with a regular brick mortar for that? There will be 4 tuyeres, 2 on each side. There will be 2 tap arches on both sides of the funnel. I am still very new to this so any help/criticism is much appreciated. Thanks guys!
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