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  1. Thanks for that video on scandi grinds.
  2. I guess what I mean my machines is large hydrolic presses and such. I could care less about small electric tools like grinders, thank you for letting me try to clerify that. I realized I made assumptions in that statement. I'd like the blade to be hand hammered into its base form. I'm also poor and cannot afford Tomas's work (or even want to use something that expensive in the field). I want something very plain, made with experience to use for a long time and possibly pass on to my kids as my "first knife" when they come of age.
  3. Let me first start by saying the picture is a knife made by Tomas Rucker. He is one of my favorite artists/knifesmith. The image is for reference only for the style / blade profile as an example of what I'm looking to be made. I am looking for a bladesmith to craft my very first "real" knife. I am not a collector but will use the heck out of it as a "bushcraft/EDC knife". I really like the blade profile of this blade where the belly on most bushcraft knifes are fat, I'd like to have it a little more slim like a french trade knife. I am trying to find something around $150-200 US. Again I'm not looking for art persay. Here is a list of the specs I'd like to see if something can be made for this price. Full tang 4-5 mm thick 1095 highcarbon steel 5.5-6in long cutting edge scandi grind I'd like the knife made without a machine - i love the hammered marks of the steel plus I feel more connnected that a human made it by hand. 90 degree spine for striking a fero rod 1.5in blade width?? small drop point (not exaggerated) walnut handle shaped like below lanyard hole 3-5 pin Acidwashed?? Simple wet formed leather belt sheath It will see a ton of use in the outdoors. I'll take any advice on steel or grind etc. The above is only justified by my likes and the small amount of knowledge I have.
  4. Hello, First time poster here but I was wondering where to post If I wanted to get a custom blade made?
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