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  1. First crack at it. Needed a bit of help cause of my busted paw. Forge to rough grind. Used spring steel from a Volvo. Welded to a piece of rebar so i didnt have to use tongs. Still a lot of work to do but overall happy with it. Didnt draw out what i wanted it to be beforehand. Kinda let the steel do what it wanted.
  2. Mike D

    Hey Guys

    Hmmm. I wont have to touch the wool if i cut the feet off the forge and just move those! Leave the burner where it is and just rotate the forge and reweld the feet.
  3. Mike D

    Hey Guys

    Thanks for the tips guys! Just ordered some cement! I can close that top vent up with wool and cut a new 10 o'clocker to relocate that burner right?
  4. Luckily these guys are local(ish) for me. They have everything from inswool or kaowool to firebrick and refractory cement. At a reasonable price https://www.rutland.com/p/41/fire-bricks
  5. Mike D

    Hey Guys

    This one was 170 bucks. I wanted something that worked so i didnt get too frustrated before i even started. Theres gonna be plenty of time for that. Now just to focus on making metal flat! 20170310_161704.mp4
  6. Mike D

    Hey Guys

    Any of ya'll have one of those DFS forges? Bought one to start out. Ill build one when i get better. But this thing is awesome!
  7. Mike D

    Hey Guys

    Thanks all! Took 5 stitches in my hammer hand cutting up a spring today! Not happy! Was really looking forward to experimenting on my day off!
  8. Hey guys! My name is Mike. Brand new to bladesmithing, but very proficient in metal work and fabrication. Ive gotta say, there is a lot of knowledge on this site, and i look forward to joining the conversation! Im set up so far with a propane one burner atmospheric forge, 75lb anvil, drill press, angle and bench grinder, and a few different hammers. Working on a proper anvil stand next. Really excited to get to a finished product someday! Cheers!
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