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  1. No anvil for now

    I really like how Wenge wood polishes out
  2. For the love of dogs.

    My mix pit Duke
  3. The landscape that shaped us.

    Central east Oklahoma I wish I had more land scape pics
  4. No anvil for now

    I broke my crappy first anvil , it was a chunk of rail way cast iron and my forge at the moment isn't up to my standard of heat out put so I have to stick with just plain stock removal at the moment which is proving to be tedious lol these are cut out if 1095 cra, I heat treated them since they are thin I I used motor oil to quench and then in the oven at 440 for an hour , I should have done two separate hours but only did the one , the mini chef knife was still so hard a new file would barely scratch the tip ! I worked out the scratches with 220 wet dry sand paper , and polished up some with wet 500 grit , next I'm going to use a wedge handle on the chef and a bocote for the mini hunter more pics to come later
  5. Getting there

    Oh yeah and some 15n20 to test in a couple months from Aldo , but I'm not expecting perfection with the Damascus plan I have but I will definitely post it for the criticism good or bad
  6. Getting there

    Lol thank you sir and yes addiction indeed , I did get some 1095 from admiral steel just to do some more heat treating and stock removal on good metal , my make shift anvil broke on me lol so I'm gonna get a good one soon and rebuild a hotter forge for some real smithing lol but here is the stock removal blades I did I love it all of it all aspects
  7. Sword after Heat Treat

    I like that design on the blade thanks for sharing
  8. An update on Dad's knife which was also my first knife he absolutely loved it that's one of the reasons why I'm starting to do this yes I just want to make people happy with what I can do with my hands as in shaping some form of art that someone can appreciate


  9. Getting there

    Thank you guys so much for the encouragement
  10. Rapier Blade WIP (Vienna Armoury A572)

    That is really sweet
  11. Getting there

    Thank you sir I still have a leaf spring and a coil spring that I'm going to play with and see what I can get out of those after I anneal them because I really want to work on forging in the bevels as much as possible in stead of stock removal to see if I can better my hammer game lol I've got so many ideas but hardly any time
  12. Getting there

    I didn't heat the oil after I hit the CT temp , but the blade didn't warp or crack and I gave it two cycles of 400f for an hour each and this blade is hard as crap it took some work to get an edge on it lol , I did scratch the ricosso again still learning but this knife was for my dad and for a first knife I know he will never use hell just be happy I made it for him but now I'm studying heat treatment for actual purchased steel wish me luck lol
  13. Getting there

    This is my first attempt at a heat treated blade I was just testing the hated mystery steel , this is a lawnmower blade and maple handle , I learned alot , won't be making the same mistakes again