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  1. This is a piece of old leaf spring laying around I think is 5160 that I forged, heat treated, and hardened and am about to go into the temper. This is only my 6th knife and my first heat treat and quench that I was fully aware of what I was doing and not getting my metal too hot.
  2. Vern thank you so much that helps a bunch hopefully I can still get access to a welder and make this thing in a week or 2.
  3. Thanks Vern I will try to do that and yes the high end is harder to judge for me, hopefully practice will help, and some time with Butch. Looking to order some kawool and itc100 have an old empty 20lbs propane tank I could use as a body. Do you think that one forced air burner would be enough to heat it?
  4. Thanks I plan on making some changes and refining my burner and possibly making a forge body soon, I ordered a dedicated forge blower from blacksmith depot. I also just heard back from Butch, he is busy for a few weeks but thinks he can have me come over in mid to late July to show me some stuff! Until then I plan on practicing my forging and trying to learn how different metals react and the color changes. I also have a set of nicholson files that should arrive Wednesday. Never considered one of those laser thermometers but may have to give it a try, I think a big thing for me is trying to learn to get a consistant heat.
  5. Yes Geoff I actually pretty much copied your burner but am using a shop vac instead of a dedicated blower. Honestly it was something the old man and I have been toying with. I followed all of the safety precautions and with my old man there (retired shop teacher and quality control manager for machined parts) safety was his first priority too.
  6. So I went and got some pipe for in my charcoal forge and decided to try a forced air propane forge to see if it would even work and was able to make a simple crude firebrick forge (video of testing attached). I am also going to reach out to a blacksmith/bladesmith by the name of Forest “Butch” Sheely of beaver creek forge I found via Google that is only 20 miles from me and see if he is willing to let me come and learn a little. Thanks for all the tips guys very helpful learned a bunch! 20180609_204253.mp4
  7. Well it was 3am after a 12 hour shift I may have been a little delirious lol
  8. Would it possibly be better if I made myself a firebrick and blown burner forge? Did lots of reading on the forums at 3 am and that seems to be the reccomendation on here.
  9. Thank you for the tips guys does anyone know of a bladesmith in northwest Ohio or southeast michigan? I know I shouldn't be hitting cold metal but can getting the metal too hot and forging be bad for it? I know my forge doesn't get up to welding temps just high enough to get the metal a nice bright yellow color. I do work the metal in the shade of my garage with no lights in so I have a better idea of the color, just for safety reasons my forge is outside. I have seen carbon monoxide poisoning and 3rd degree burns too many times to pull it into the garage, I'm an ER nurse to add some explanation.
  10. This is really helpful guys for me as a begginer. I try to do my forging in mid morning because I have close living neighbors and at night they aren't to happy with me hammering like crazy. I may just have to go to night forging so I dont over heat my metal or work it too cold. Or atleast when I do my heat treat and quench. But I think I need to maybe start smaller and work up or something because it sounds like in all the thing I was most proud of was a piece of shit from start to finish.
  11. It was in sunshine and by eye, your probably right I got above the true normalizing temperature.
  12. Here it is lined up how I had forged it
  13. Here are both pieces right at the break.
  14. Yeah the anvil was cold, I will have to get a picture of the grain pattern when I get home from work.
  15. I failed in the quench, I had done 3 normalizing cycles before hand, and I quenched in canola oil. I didn't have any dedicated quench oil for 1095, didn't think I heard a ting or ping, but picked up a warp in the blade and when I set it down on the anvil to see how much space I had it just snapped like glass. Sorry like I said it was only my 5th knife and my first known steel my other knives were rebar and scrap steel that I just practiced shaping and leveling. I'm very much a noob, this was my first real knife, only started really forging in mid April. My set up is a brake drum lump hardwood charcoal forge, an old beat up 70 lbs anvil, a home depot hammer, a 1x30 grinder, and a hand drill. Just so you guys have an idea of what I'm working with. I really appreciate the critiques guys it is helpful, I'm basically self teaching, nd finally had something more than a lump of steel with an edge to actually show.
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