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  1. Thank you Geoff. That was very insightful. Answer for some of your questions... 1. As of now we haven't explored the use and availability of propane fuel. If need be, I am sure we can source it from neighbouring town of India. 2. I have attached a video file of the traditional forge being used. However the background noise is not from the forge. 3. Electricity is not an issue. Supply and connection is stable. (230 volts and 50 hertz). 4. Yes, I have been exploring videos on you tube on various forging hammers and personally I am more for fabricating and building one than b
  2. Hi, I am not sure if this is the right forum for my queries. If not pardon me. Well, first of, I am not a blacksmith/blade smith. However I have been entrusted with a project to revive the dying art of traditional sword and knife making in Bhutan (a small himalayan kingdom). It is not just preserving the art but also to promote as a viable livelihood. The last of the master craftsman is in his 80s. The attempt is being made to train some younger folks to take up the craft. However, to do it in a traditional way, the younger folks are not interested. It is considered dirty, physically
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