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  1. Well I have no idea what metal it is made of but I had a nice variety to chose from and this was nice and flexible. But you think that a lighter wood will look good on the knife? I am saying this because it has a nice gray colour on the knife. Do you think iron wood would look nice because it has that nice red and dark wood colour. As for the mirror finish do you just mean on the bevel or the whole thing and will it overpower the rest of the knife? But I think I will go with the rough look like you said and Maybe have a scotch bright finish on the blade. Thanks for replying
  2. This kiridashi I am making is almost done and I need to make a handle for it can anyone give me a suggestion for what wood I should use also I am in the Northen Territory so would Iron wood be a viable option? PS the knife isn't finished it is just out of hardening thanks.