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  1. Thanks For the comment Daniel but I have already bought steel from artisan supplies and because I am in Australia texasknifemakers would probably cost more in shipping.
  2. Thanks man I think I will just stick with high carbon and tool steels for now just makes life easier and cheaper.
  3. Oh yes I see I do not think I won't to keep it hot for an hour and a half I do not have enough gas or sub zero temps. Do you recommend I do not get a stainless steel and just stick with high carbon and tool steels ?
  4. Thanks guys I am going to get my metal off artisan supplies the metal I am selecting is 440c for stainless steel, 1045 tool steel square bar and 1095 carbon steel. Thanks so much for your help.
  5. I have been making knives out of mystery steel for about a year now and I think it is time I should invest in some good quality steel. I do hot work and cold work depends on what I am doing but at the moment mostly cold work. I am trying to find a place where I can buy o1 tool steel. The problem is I live in Darwin region Australia and I can't buy specific types of steel locally. I was told to look at online stores in America by another knife maker because it is a lot cheaper but I am not sure what site I should get it from. Sorry for being so difficult in finding metal but it would really help if I found a good site to get steel from. Dan
  6. hmm efficient thanks a bunch guys helps a lot Dan
  7. Finally one last thing how would I heat treat something that would not fit in a toaster oven but the knife I am making now obviously does but say if I were to make a machete
  8. Thanks a bunch mate that's sounds real good I can probably find one at my local dump shop
  9. Oh ok thanks man so does a toaster oven still use a lot of propane or is it fairly propane efficient
  10. Hi I have just quenched my blade and I need to temper it but all the methods I seem to find are to whack it in 300 C heat for a couple hours. I am just wondering if there is another way because that uses a bunch of propane. I have heard about watching the colour of the steel and the spine turning blue and the blade turning into a wheat colour. Just wondering about suggestions and also if the colour method works do I have to heat the metal up for a couple hours still thanks.
  11. Thanks mate so zirconia for the main grind and rough grits and alumina oxide for finer grits and polishing cheers.
  12. Hi I just got a belt grinder and I have used the belt that came with the auction I am wondering what type of belt I should get. I am leaning towards the zirconia belt because the life is a lot longer but I just want to hear a professionals thought or someone with experience with a belt grinder. the belt size is 50mm by 914mm. thanks a bunch, Dan
  13. Well I have no idea what metal it is made of but I had a nice variety to chose from and this was nice and flexible. But you think that a lighter wood will look good on the knife? I am saying this because it has a nice gray colour on the knife. Do you think iron wood would look nice because it has that nice red and dark wood colour. As for the mirror finish do you just mean on the bevel or the whole thing and will it overpower the rest of the knife? But I think I will go with the rough look like you said and Maybe have a scotch bright finish on the blade. Thanks for replying
  14. This kiridashi I am making is almost done and I need to make a handle for it can anyone give me a suggestion for what wood I should use also I am in the Northen Territory so would Iron wood be a viable option? PS the knife isn't finished it is just out of hardening thanks.