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  1. I just made two broaches after hours of trying to fit hidden tang knives into wood. I made one out of a thin sheet of 1095 and I made a thicker one out of an old lawnmower blade.
  2. Fighting dagger for sale! details below Details: Type of steel: o1 tool steel Handle material: black G10, African mahogany and two other unverified woods. Dimensions: total length: 37cm Blade length: 24cm Handle length: 13cm Blade width: 4.5cm Handle thickness: 3cm to 5cm Handle height: 2.5cm to 3cm Type of grind: flat ground then Sanded up to 1500 grit and then buffed on wheel. Bevel height 4cm on each side. Stumping Iron makers mark on the blade electrically etched in. Ergonomically flat facets on handle and coated with marine grade decking varnish. Sharpene
  3. Thanks a bunch Vern the reason that it takes so long to make is just because my belt grinder is 2/36 and I can only go up to 120 grit on the belts so I have to do 7 hours on hand sanding alone that's the only time consuming part.
  4. Say I am making a recurve fighting knife style blade and I have sunk 15 hours into it already and I estimate I will spend another 6 hours on it I can't really charge by the hour. With the material cost coming in at 70 dollars Aus, around 55 US dollars. I will double that which will come out to 140 Aus or 110 USdollars. Now If I work for 7 dollars Aus an hour or 5.50 dollars US an hour that would come to a total of 290 Aus dollars or 226 US dollars is this a reasonable price or should I lower it. You can but your absolute honest opinion here. It is made from O1 tool steel here is a photo o
  5. Yeah the problem is I have a 2 by 36 belt grinder with it not being possible for wheel attachments so I can't really do a fuller unless I get some good quality sand paper and start hand sanding a good groove in there lol
  6. Really that thick how would you even swing that
  7. Hi everyone I am not sure if this is the right place to post this topic but it seems like the right place. Anyway I am getting ordered to make a kukri for someone and I just need some help getting the dimensions down for it and what sort of steel I should use. Anyway I was thinking of having the overall length being 40 to 45 cm 16-18 inches. This seems to be a general size. 12cm for the handle and 33cm for the blade. Now here is the part I need help with. What thickness of metal should the blade be and what type of steel should it be. Thanks a bunch again sorry if this is the wrong thread to p
  8. Hey zeb I am from Northern Territory Australia
  9. Thanks a bunch mate but would you have any idea on what sort of steel will be suitable from the distributors because it is so complicated the way they have the specs for their steel. Like instead of 01 or L6 they have 300light or something like that.
  10. I need help in pricing some huge spear heads I am going to be making and what sort of steel I should make them out of. I am being commissioned to make some spear heads that are huge about 35cm long and 2 cm thick in the middle for hunting pig and buffalo. I have never made a sharp object this thick before there fore I do not know how to price it. Should I go to a dump shop to get some old leaf springs for the metal? I am going to forge down the main bevels and then grind the rest flush. I only need to make the heads and not the handle. I will be commissioned to
  11. Thanks a bunch because I have made a Bowie and the person that wants it asked for a leather sheath
  12. How much extra should I throw in for a leather sheath
  13. Skinning knife all finished details below Details: Type of steel: 1075 high carbon steel Handle material: Unknown dense red wood Dimensions: total length: 16cm Blade length: 7cm Handle length: 9cm Blade thickness: 0.5cm Handle thickness: 2cm Blade height: 4cm Handle height: 1.75cm Type of grind: hollow ground Sanded up to 1000 grit and then buffed on wheel. Bevel height 1.75cm Four pins and an eyelet. Acid etched on the blade flat. Stumping Iron makers mark on the blades flat. Anso pattern on knife handle. Sharpened on a coarse and fin
  14. Price drop to 160 Aus $ plus shipping
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