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  1. I'd love that! As soon as you could get those pictures would be pretty great
  2. I'm gonna swing by some antique stores and scrapyards to see if I can find one in good enough condition
  3. Is wrought iron better than cast? And is it ok in an anvil?
  4. It is a little pricy but it's doable, I'm just curious what your reasoning is? No disrespect intended
  5. Would this fifty doaller set be good for a first anvil?
  6. Is an anvil bad if it's light? Because I'm on a website and it has an Austrian style anvil but it's 6.5 pounds. It sounds like a jewelers anvil or something super small, I'm not experienced in anvils
  7. Could I get the name of the block anvil guy? And thank you for this information ^
  8. Hi my name is Roguen O'Brien and I am fresh getting into blacksmithing. I'm looking for someone in the Houston/king wood area who is generous enough to give/sell/or point me to a steel anvil.
  9. I live in the king wood area just outside of Houston Texas. I don't know if you wanted that information or if you wanted me to make a discussion about it, sorry and thank you
  10. Thank you, we'll look into it. I appreciate the help big time
  11. I live right by a train track and I just went threw and picked up about fifteen spikes and a clip but while out there we saw an old disconnected track. We were wondering if anyone knew how to break it down so I could take a piece to use as an anvil *tried putting in a picture but it's failing*
  12. Hello, my name is Roguen O'Brien and I'm 15 turning sixteen in July. I've been really interested in Blacksmithing since I stumbled upon the YouTube channel "Man at Arms reforged" and soon after the show "Forged in Fire". I've been saving up money from a local job and am putting it towards a cast iron anvil from the harbor freight store and a "satans toilet" forge design. *I want tips from experienced blacksmiths on what tools, techniques, etiquette, supplies, etc... to get me started. I know the basic differences between steels specifically the 1000 range of steels.
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