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  1. Still working on this, but onto hand sanding and finish work at this point.. Here are some WIP photos.. I'm pretty proud of this as it's my first, but critique is welcome as it will only make me better! I'm dumb and realized in the last 2 pictures the guard was put on upside down.... When i'm back at home i'll have to retake them, the handle matches up with the actual front of the guard.
  2. I think maple + black walnut would look really good. Especially for kitchen knives. speaking of which, how would you make a kitchen knife handle "food safe" finish wise? Is there some sealant or something i need to put on it?
  3. Ugh thats so far away thats like a 5 hour drive i think haha. i wil check it out though
  4. I mainly use boiled linseed oil for finishing. I use it on my hammer and axe handles even.. I should be able to get maple here pretty easily as well since it's, well, everywhere here. I guess i'll just need to get some more finer grit sandpaper and really start experimenting with more woods.
  5. So i've been woodworking longer than blacksmithing but not so much finish work. I have a few hand planers and can use them well. I unfortunately dont have a bandsaw so i waste ~1/8 inch on every cut with my table saw or chop saw which hurts me if i have good wood :P... I can get Oak (white and red) and walnut fairly easily where i'm at but i also dont have a chainsaw to be cutting stuff off the side of the road yet =[.. I just didnt know if i was looking in the completely wrong areas for good wood to be using.. I've never done tons of finish work with woods, other than sanding / staining chair
  6. Trying to find a place to buy handle material, namely woods and stabilized woods. I'm just beginning still so it seems a little crazy to pay 20-70 dollars per 1 block of wood for making a handle. Am i just looking in the wrong places currently? I'm trying to find some woods that look good and will be decent for handles on knives. Maybe i'm shooting too high for starters but i dont think i could justify spending that much each handle when i can forge the actual blades for much much cheaper. Maybe i just need some direction, let me know what you've done for scales and handle materials.
  7. It was an older hammer and i thought going into it it was 1045 but my instructor (was taking a blacksmithing class when i started it) suspected it was probably D2 because we could hardly move it under a hand hammer :P.. we actually had to use an old crank press with a fullering bit on it to get it to move much, and use a a sledge for the other times... I spent tons and tons of time hammering to move this thing around, like an unreasonable amount of time which kind of led me to believe it might have been that. Honestly i cant say for certain what material it was but I suspect it was D2. I just
  8. Just drifted bigger. started with a 3lb hammer head. Believe it was d2
  9. Which part? I'm still uber new ~3 months into forging. I drew the metal forward to the blade and flattened it, then peened it down ward to make the beard. The back end i just made a square pyramid. nothing fancy, nothing tricky (as i dont know those ways yet :P)
  10. Needs a wire wheel pretty bad this was right after i put the edge on it. i lost the chuck key to the grinder that has my wire wheel attachment so i'm stuck until i get sometihng htat i can get the current bit out wiht
  11. it's actually smaller than it looks in this picture. its about the size of a one handed hatchet. it does have some beef and a sharp angle to blade though
  12. My first bladed project. Hardened and sharpened yesterday. pretty happy with it. making the handle from hickory today.
  13. Subscribing, would love you to keep doing how to videos for beginners like me
  14. These are awesome looking blades. how do you get that pronounced edge close to the handle? is that really shaped after forging or put there during forging? I would love to be able to create something like this at some point.
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