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  1. Indeed. Like the entire bible. Is it heat treatment via oil and different temper stages you mean? Which would make commercial manufacturing costly because of the time each batch would take? On a side note, I was asking; like an idiot, to get simplified answers because I am just a welder and sculptor; have made two knives so far. One out of re-bar (which looks awesome but has no strength whatsoever) and one out of spring steel which I effed up and haven't bothered with finishing it. I am really into blacksmithing and very fascinated with it, being an Xth generation of blacksmiths (most farmers in Iceland had some manner of blacksmithing in the routine) but I can't afford power hammers and my elbows can't hammer for shit, so I'll stay with sculpting steel with files and angle grinders for now. I do enjoy reading on here while resting away from Alec Steele's experiments (for instance) on youtube. Thank you for your answers.
  2. I called it a Damascus effect because of the strain made by rolling the material over on itself over and over, like the folding technique in Japanese sword making (or maybe that has been disproved as a factor) and wondered if that was a part of it. Because a lot of good smiths have taken it upon themselves to try and find the method without success. Steel industry developers have exhaustively tried and invented all of the metals used today without any quite capable of the Richtig features that don't have some kind of super alloy to them.
  3. I was wondering about the strength of the Richtig blades. Would it make a difference if he made them with the "Damascus" effect while using sheets of the same steel? A pattern probably wouldn't show but the strength would possibly increase because of the method? Or maybe it wouldn't make a difference at all. I am just a welder but I thought I'd ask.
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