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  1. Thanks guys for your information, I know of course that my setup isn't the best, I'm working on a better solution right now. I think the entire thing hardened, and i have polished the blade further which revealed an interesting pattern after etching, Its not the hamon, but rather... bubbly? What is that, a sign of overheating perhaps?
  2. Heya everyone, I have recently tried to achieve a hamon on a full flat ground 1095 knife blade. I have done a few hamons before with no trouble on kiridashis, but this time nothing happened. There is nothing to be seen on the etched blade after hardening, and I am not sure where I went wrong, so maybe someone can help me out: Included are pictures of the blade before clay layout, with clay applied and after hardening. The clay outline was about 1mm thick, so not exceptionally thick... I used canola oil for quenchant which was pretty hot, because i quenched two regular blades in it before. After hardening and tempering i could see some heavy scale that went down pretty deep, so I had to grind a fair amount of steel away, but not that much. After polishing and etching there is NOTHING to be seen... Could it be the thin clay outline? The high oil temperature? The grinding away after hardening? I have no clue and Im a bit lost. Hoping for some help! Cheers.
  3. Gorgeous! Cant wait to see it finished.
  4. Its nice to see you all share your first work! There is an interesting story behind each one of them.
  5. Nice! Is the clay pattern going to remain your secret?
  6. Good lord, thank you for this name! So much inspiration to soak in!
  7. Thanks Jake! I'll keep your words in mind. Does anyone know if photos of a similarly carved handle exist?
  8. Hey all, In my latest sketching/drawing session, the following design has been born. In my opinion it looks pretty coolish and fancy, but I'm not sure whether all the handle carving will make it feel weird in the hand. Also, any suggestions for handle material? Im not sure if everything is good for such carvings. General opinions on the overall design are welcome as well Cheers!
  9. Beautiful. I hope to see more of you in the future
  10. Please Sir, feel free to post anything about this beautiful piece in as much detail as you like! I haven't heard of anyone that has died of an information overload. Keep it going
  11. What an outstanding piece! Great job.
  12. Very nice! I love the look of carved and sculpted handles.
  13. Garry, I had thought of this option already, but I didnt like how it looked. A good idea though I have decided to take the third option and leave everything as it is. I have looked up the fonts that you all suggested, but I didn't like the shape of the J using them...
  14. Thank you for your input! The third option is slightly in my favour as well. The font is Book antiqua, but I'll try out the ones you mentioned, so thanks again!
  15. Hello everyone, I have been experimenting with different concepts for a Logo to use as my makers mark for ages now, and I have come to the point where I have 3 designs that I all like, but can't decide which one to use. That's why I just wanted to ask you guys about your thoughts, critique and advice Maybe that will help me to decide on one of them. Thanks! Jonas PS: I have added the original helmet that inspired me for anyone interested, it's a german sallet from the 15th century
  16. Greetings gentlemen, I think that we all remember our first knive very well, and that it has a special place in one's heart. It reflects the early beginnings, the struggles and the will to create something. So, I am hoping that I can hereby start a thread where many people will share their very first work. Maybe with a little story behind it! I'll start with mine: It is made out of a sawblade and has scales from plum wood that was meant to be used as firewood. Looking back, I am very happy with the way it tourned out, especially with the handle. I did not know very much of knive designs and just went with the flow wile grinding it on a small bench grinder. If you look closely you can see the remains of etched lines on the blade, I tried myself in some etching using nail polish as a resistant. Show me yours! Jonas
  17. Thank you for that insight! A very useful technique.
  18. Sweet! What tool did you use to "carve" your design into the leather?
  19. That being said, @larsjacobsen can you tell us what kind of micarta you used in these beautiful pictures?
  20. Very nice for your first! The only thing that caught my attention was your leather stitching, apart from that everything is fine.
  21. Absolutely beautiful. What tool did you use for carving the antler?
  22. Thanks Chris I can only say that diving right into the unknown may lead to some failures here and there, but it is the best way to learn. For example, the leather sheath you see here unfortunately does not fit right , if you shake it you can hear the knife bouncing around Thats because I tried a new design where I put an external belt loop on the back, which takes away the strength needed to form a tight fit around the guard and handle portion. But now I know what to do better next time...
  23. Thank you guys for all the warm words! That's exactly what I was thinking! @C CraftDon't worry, it was of course not my very first one. @Charles du PreezThe reason why I put the last pin in a reversed position is that in the moment of sticking them in I got the idea that it might look good that way, now after finishing the handle I would have done otherwise The "black marks" are inside the grain of the wood, I love them as they give so much character to it!
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