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  1. Hello everyone, Some people might have seen this thread about a knife design, now I have made a prototype of it. I experienced many "first times" while making this one: I made mosaic pins for the first time, I used them on a handle for the first time, I tried a simple handle sculpting, and I made a type of sheath I had not done before. Also, as stupid as it sounds, I have never made a drop point blade before. But enough of my words, here is my result:
  2. I absolutely adore that one I have to make a similar one in the future... Did you use a rotary tool or a carving knife for the carvings?
  3. A very fun to read post Jon, and a nice Kiridashi. I remember very well the struggles of my early days, so I can relate to the feeling of great accomplishment after a metric shitton of trouble
  4. Thank you guys for your input, and thank you C Craft especially for your research! Even though i have not yet been able to find a name for this specific axe head type, your informations are extremely interesting and I am again happy to have found this amazing forum. Cheers guys!
  5. Hello folks, I just came back from a trip to Dresden, Germany, and while I was visiting the exiting "Rüstkammer" , a museum displaying arms and armour from the 15th to 17th century, i stumbled upon these two axes here. Well, they are a combination of gun and axe, but i am in love with the axe head shape... There was no further information there exept that it was made around mid 17th century in dresden , does anyone know how this style of axe is called? I would like to to some research about it, and a quick few google searches did not help me out. Cheers!
  6. I use Gimp, it takes a while to get used to it, but it is brilliant once you have understood its features Aiden, I definetely want to implement a choil, but i chose the rounded handle shape without a finger groove on purpose, and I personally like the "pseudo - guard"
  7. Thank you guys for your feedback! steve, it is supposed to be an allround outdoor knife. Im not entirely sure what grind i should choose, Im going to use 3.5 mil O1 Steel, so I dont know if the top right style isn't too thin at the end... Or could I compensate that by simply giving the edge a little more thickness? @Shane Yes this does have a similar look to it! Good to know it performs well @Jacob the choil will be on every design, just forgot to put it on every blade ^^ @Alan Hm, i never thought about it ruining the flow. I wanted to implement some kind of guard, but youre right, maybe it would be enough to leave that section at the width of the blade... @D.Giagni I will try that! Thats an idea I had not thought of, I hope I still like the blade shape after that
  8. Hey everyone, I wanted to show you a knife concept that I worked on for quite a while. I have designed 4 different types of bevels, not sure which one to pick although i tend to favorize the bottom left. Im just hoping for some feedback, input about the functionality of the whole thing and/or the grinds, and the overall asthaetics - maybe someone can help me to improve it! Cheers.
  9. Absolutely fantastic! That sheath is so imspiring... I might want to make one with a similar light/dark brown leather contrast!
  10. Hey Jim, I just recently discovered your works, and I really am speechless. It is such a pleasure to see your beautiful creations, the flow, the look... I'm in love with it! Do you have any tips on how you create these water-like flows, they really look like straight out of a river... Also, how do you finish the wood? Do you polish it with a polishing wheel?
  11. Again, thank you very much Chris! So you think it is okay to use this thread to post my videos? I thaught that most people on this forum already know the "basic" steps of knifemaking that i cover But will gladly follow your words... voliá!
  12. Grrrrrrrrreat knife! But I would also like to know how you antiqued the brass
  13. Absolutely stunning!
  14. Heyho, quick addition to this thread: I uploaded a making of to my youtube channel. I did not film any of the steps tho, I only took a few wip pics on the go I hope you like it
  15. Heya guys, I have owned a Wüsthof Sharpening stone (2000j) for quite some time, and I always used water when sharpening, everything worked fine... One week ago I had the glorious idea of using WD40 instead of water. I did not read very much about different types of sharpening stones and such, and I just now realised that this sharpening stone is meant to be used with water only... Is it true that the usage of oils ruin a waterstone? Because it definetely behaves different now... Can I somehow fix this by sanding down the surface? Can I use soap to get out the oil? I have no idea what to do Cheers
  16. Absolutely stunning! I would love to see a few pictures of your fluting tools
  17. I am using a cutting device, dont know the exact english term, but here's what it looks like: First I cut a normal sized sheet into half and then cut off 3cm strips, it works pretty fast
  18. Hello guys, I just wanted to share with you my method of keeping everything organized when it comes to hand sanding, I build a "storage" out of plywood that has helped me a lot. Maybe this can be an inspiration for some of you to build your own little sanding-storage Cheers
  19. Really awesome! I dont think anyone minds that this is not a sharp or pointy thing
  20. Looks great already! Im looking forward to the finished piece - and happy filing! -
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